Robot Basketball 2012 - RoboWorld Cup 2012

Uploaded by BotSportTV on 28.09.2012

Let's watch Robot Basketball
The Robot should grab the ball and put it in the basket
aiRobots goes for 3 pointers and doesn’t miss any of them
Very impressive!
NTUST is also very good but misses one shot
TKU is going for 2 points and scores 4 points
The Chinese team is scoring only 2 pointers
Same for NKFUST
The Chinese WIT add 4 more points
NKFUST is trying to compete with the best robots
by trying to score with 3 pointers only
And it works
NKFUST is playing like the best robots of the competition.
TKU is also playing very well.
3 points!
Only aiRobot can overcome TKU
3 points!
3 points!
3 points!
aiRobots for Taiwan is the world champion of Robot Basketball!