How To Apply Natural Makeup : How to Apply Mascara

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

Now we are moving into mascara for the day look I'm going to use a black a soft black
you can also use a dark brown. Blue, medium, plum could add a little bit of fun, blue and
navy also make the white of the eye look lighter so you can op for that or just a little touch
after you apply your black mascara. Right on the tips just to add a little bit of fun
or brightness to your eyes. But for Carry I'm going to go ahead and use a soft black.
You want to start at the base of the lashes wiggling the base to the tips and again Carrie
has these phenomenon long lashes thick and beautiful already. So I just want to lightly
tap the color for her day look and just wiggle it to the lashes the tip of the lashes. Using
my finger tips and just sweep off the excess and also place them in place and as you can
see from Carrie's eyes the one that has the mascara is a little bit more dramatic a little
bit more polish for day time and now we are going to move over to the other eye. Just
applying it lightly, starting at the base and wiggling the brush up through her beautiful
again the base in the center just a very little at the base of her inside of her nose. Just
want to focus a lot of the tension right here on the outsides just to tweak the eye up and
make them look really bright and fresh for day time. Again just emphasizing a little
on the outside of her lashes opening the eye for daytime. Cleaning up any little clumps
that form on the tips with my finger tips.