Beijo gay na novela - não é tabu, é realidade | Gay kiss on TV - it's not taboo, it's reality

Uploaded by ModeradorLH on 17.08.2011

Gay Kiss
I was just looking through the postcards from our last trip...
I'm leaving.
How come? Where are you going to?
I'm tired.
Tired of what?
I'm tired of you pretending we don't exist,
of you not kissing me in front of everyone.
But people don't want to see it.
This is a lame excuse to justify your homophobia.
It's different, you know it...
It's not different at all. Ratings are the same
for a gay kiss and a straight kiss. And there's men and women kissing
all the time in television.
Let's just wait until 22 o'clock.
Please... don't go.
I'll stay. With one condition.
Without visibility, there's no acceptance.
Open media without censorship helps society to lose its prejudices.
it's not a taboo it's reality.