Univex BC18 - Bowl Cutter

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Before we begin, I would like to go over a few important safety reminders. When installing
the BC18, choose a location that provides a level stable working surface for safe operating
clearance around the machine. Never put finger, hands or foreign objects under the cover while
the bowl cutter is operating or serious injury could result. Shut-off the power, unlock and
raise the cover to remove the food jam. Only food is to go through the cutting zone. And
finally, never attempt to clean or service your bowl cutter without first shutting down
the power and unplugging the machine, or shutting off the circuit breaker at the electrical
panel. Overview Of The BC18 Bowl Cutter. Your new BC18 bowl cutter is a commercial, countertop
appliance designed to volume cut a variety of food product as well as power optional
Univex power attachments, such as the ALMSC12 meat and food chopper, the VS9 vegetable slicer,
and the VS9H shredder and grater food processing attachments. The BC18 uses an eighteen inch
diameter polished and dye drawn stainless steel bowl. It rotates at twenty two r.p.m.
when the unit is being used. To install the bowl, place it on the unit and twist until
it locks it into place. A safety sensor prevents the machine from operating without the bowl
in place. Product is chopped by these cutlery grade twin stainless steel knives that make
an astounding three thousand seven hundred and sixty eight cuts per minute. To secure
the bowl cover, locate the bowl cover latch at the rear of the bowl. The safety latch
is to assure the bowl cover is in the full down and locked position before the BC18 will
function. Close the bowl cover and rotate the latch clockwise until it stops. If any
of the safety features on the BC18 appear to be malfunctioning, stop and call Univex
for assistance. The BC18 features momentary contact start and stop push buttons. These
clearly marked buttons have a protective booth to prevent food contamination and have a built
in pilot light to show when the unit is operating. These switches also provide low voltage protection
in the event of a power failure. A really nice feature of the BC18 is its integrated
PTO hub. With it you can run any food processing attachment that uses the industry standard
number twelve hub. Meat and food chopping, vegetable slicing, grating and shredding are
all possible with the optional attachments. The BC18 also features a built-in cutting
board. This cutting board is dishwasher safe, removable and reversible. It is perfect for
trimming down product that is just a bit too large. Be sure to thoroughly clean the bowl
cutter before using. Detailed instructions on the cleaning procedure will be shown later
in this video. Make certain this countertop unit is located in a safe and secure position
with easy access to the power supply. It is also desirable to have a prep sink close by
for easy cleaning. Bowl Cutter Operation. One of the main advantages of the bowl cutter
verses a traditional food processor is that the bowl cutter allows you to continuously
process product without having to keep stopping to empty the bowl. This allows for true volume
production. Be sure to clean and prepare product for cutting before starting the bowl cutter
and make sure product is small enough to fit in the opening between the bowl and the cutter.
Operating the BC18 is quite simple. Turn the unit on and begin by putting the product in
the bowl. The bowl rotates at twenty two r.p.m. and each time the bowl does a revolution the
product runs through the twin stainless steel knives; the more rotations the finer the cut.
For a coarse cut, allow product to pass through the blades only once. For a finer cut, allow
product to pass through the blades until the desired cut is obtained. To remove product,
use a spatula or another kitchen tool to scoop product out of the bowl. Shut unit off when
finished. The BC18 is ideal for dishes such as cole slaw. Just add the cabbage, carrots
and any other ingredients to the bowl and in seconds your cole slaw is ready. If you
wish one ingredient to have a coarser chop, just add it later in the chopping process.
The bowl cutter is especially good at chopping pulled pork and making multiple ingredient
products such as chicken salad. Using The PTO Hub. A great feature of the BC18 is the
integrated industry standard number twelve PTO hub. With it you can use optional accessories
such as the ALMSC12 meat/food chopper, the VS9 grater/shredder attachment or VS9 vegetable
slicer like the one shown here. It uses an adjustable slicing plate to slice vegetables
like lettuce, cucumber, carrots and celery. To attach the VS9, first make sure the BC18
is off. Remove the PTO cap and loosen the thumb screw on the PTO hub. Ensure the adapter
is properly installed on the drive shaft. Insert the attachment with a slight twist
until firmly in place and tighten the thumb screw. To insert the knife assembly, first
open the front housing by lifting the latch on the right side of the VS9. Insert the knife
assembly into the VS9 housing and lift the pin on the backside of the unit to allow the
knife assembly to slide firmly into place. Release the pin and close the front housing.
Be sure the locking latch lever closes with the front housing pin and the front housing
is locked into the closed position. To slice product, turn the BC18 on, lift the feed plate
handle and drop product into the feed hopper. Be sure to keep your hands clear of the unit.
While holding the feed plate handle, gently compress product against the rotating knife
insert. Be sure to wash and cut product to the appropriate size before starting the unit.
Any last minute trimming can be done on the built-in cutting board located on the top
of the BC18. For more detailed operating instructions and product slicing applications please reference
the VS9/VS9H instruction manual. When finished slicing product, always be sure to shut the
unit off. The finished product. You can also shred and grate product using the VS9H or
by adding a hub and shaft appropriate shred plate to your VS9 unit. To insert the hub
and shaft, make sure the unit is off and slide the hub and shaft into the housing and lift
the pin on the backside of the unit and slide the hub and shaft firmly into place. Release
pin and close the front housing and secure with the locking latch. To shred product,
turn the unit on and lift the feed plate handle and drop product into the feed hopper. Press
down on the feed plate handle to shred the product. A variety of plates are available
to shred a wide range of product and specialty plates to julienne vegetables and grate product
are also available. When finished, push the off button. The finished product. Cleaning
The BC18. Before cleaning, make sure your BC18 is not connected to the power source
and the switch is in the stopped position. Rotate the bowl cover locking knob, counter-clockwise
ninety degrees to the unlocked position. This will allow the bowl cutter to be raised to
the open position. Remove cutter by carefully lifting it off its mounting shaft. Use caution
as the cutting blades are now exposed. Unscrew the knife shaft knob using extreme caution
not to touch the edge of the blade. Carefully remove the knife assembly. Remove the comb
from the housing and carefully twist the bowl clockwise to an unlocked position and lift
off. These items should be hand washed, rinsed and sanitized. Never put any anodized aluminum
parts in the dishwasher, as this will ruin its finish. The base unit should be carefully
washed with water and a mild detergent. Dry unit and sanitize. Do not rinse with a hose
and never use abrasive pads or cleaners. After the pieces have dried, set the bowl back over
the safety sensor. Twist the bowl counter-clockwise until it locks back into place. Insert the
comb back onto the housing. Carefully, reposition the knife assembly into the notch on the shaft
and secure with the knife shaft knob. Confirm that the knife is in its proper position by
manually turning the shaft. Slide the bowl cover back on to its mounting shaft, close
the cover and rotate the bowl locking knob to the locked position. Confirm the bowl cover
cannot be released. You are now ready to connect your BC18 to the power source.