Pokémon Live Action 3 - A Luz da Esperança (Parte 1-E)

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Come on people, is that all you've got?
When will you give me a proper challenge?
It seems today's your lucky day.
Or unlucky...
Seems like you're gonna need some help, partner.
You think I can't take care of both?
Not at all. I'm just bored, you see?
Bored? If I need you, I'll "ask" for your help.
You hear me? Good, better this way.
So? Have you made up your mind?
Dude, you just stopped using diapers, chill, kiddo, the grownups are talking.
Take it easy. Calm down your hormones, okay dude?
Enough chit-chatting. Go Hitmontop!
C'mon, Miguel.
But... I thought you were gonna take care of them by yourself.
I can't do it alone either...
But you're a great trainer!
You saved the world twice.
When I started I was like you. I also lost a couple of times,
but people believed in my potential and I evolved. And I believe in you.
You see that, partner? That's a friend.
"Friend"? What should I be calling you? You're just scared shitless, you know?
- Me, scared? - Grab your damn pokéball!
Mankey, Scratch!
Hitmontop, Rolling Kick!
Throw that guy away from my sight!
Low Kick!
Come back, Mankey.
Rolling Kick!
Yo, Quick Attack!
Hitmontop, use Detect.
Man, Protect!
Mega Horn!
Chief, you're making me lose my heat. It's not fun this way.
Let's see how you do...
Luxio, it's your turn!
Confuse Ray!
Iron Tail!
Thunder Punch!
You see? I told you we shouldn't mess with them!
You're a weakling! Anyone can beat you...
Leave it to me, I'll take care of this.
- Good to know... - Leave it to me. Don't do anything else.
Or I'll beat you myself!
Miguel, let's switch places.
- Just trust me. - Okay.
- Iron Tail! - Shadow Ball!
C'mon, really? Not another one...
Now you'll witness true power...
No, don't do it...
Don't do it? We'll destroy them, since you're always losing, go take care of your life.
You're just pulling me back. I'll eat them alive! Destroy them! They won't get on my nerves again.
Believe me!
A Gardevoir?
That's a chick's pokémon.
I wouldn't underestimate it if I were you, guys.
You see, it's his lady...
Shut your mouth, Zema! Or I'll finish you myself!
Double Team!
Let's get him.
Shadow Ball!
Keep trying, Dusknoir!
What now...?
Is that it? I'll take care of them... Double Team!
You can't finish me with that! Teleport!
Miguel, finish him off.
It can't be... It can't...
Wow, heavy...
After all, why did you come to this place?
Even if I die, I won't stop protecting those who need protection.
I want to use my power to strengthen the bonds between humans and pokémon.
Zema, let's go, c'mon on.
Congratulations, guys.
This is the true power of friendship.
Miguel, are you alright? I've already told you to stay away from the Devastator.
You know what he has done lately.
The Devastator and his little friend... Are history!
And thanks to...
You defeated him in a battle...?
Let's go inside and tell me everything.
Yes, and it was us who took care of it, right Flávio?
So it seems. I didn't know him, but from what Miguel told me,
I thought I should do something to help...
You should be more careful, specially in these troubled times.
Did you even think about the dangers of challenging the Devastator?
Specially you, Miguel!
You actually should be proud of your brother. He did a great job out there, with Flávio.
You see? You have to believe me more.
From now on I'll protect you and the village.
Silly, I don't need you to protect me. Are you forgetting that I'm a trainer as well?
But thank you anyway.
I see you've changed a lot with the battle. And so much optimism actually scares me.
They both learned and grew. They had courage, and together they were stronger.
- Right? - It looks like it.
Of course it was Flávio. I loved to fight by your side. We should do it again.
Sis, you know what pokémon the Devastator had?
A girl's pokémon!
That one was genius, boys...
The mistake you did during your battle.
- What mistake? - You just mentioned it.
About Gardevoir being a girl's pokémon.
- So...? - And is it not?
Here's a tip for you: never underestimate the power between a pokémon and its trainer.
As stranger as it may seem.
- But it was, in fact... - It's a basic mistake...
And perfectly avoidable.
Always respect your opponent. Whoever they are.
- Right. - Right...
Well, what matters is that the village is back to normal. Even though all this
made me a little nervous.
- But there's still something bugging me... - What is it?
The fact that the Devastator showed up here, caused all this trouble,
and the government didn't even capture him.
And I didn't quite understood his intentions.
It's weird...
And now, leaves...
Is my style really that bad, man?
Your problem is too much style...
Who is it? The big bosses?
Looks like it.
So, Mr. Devastator, are there any good news?
Oh, boy, how should I explain this...?
Dude, we were defeated by Flávio Jorge and that little kid.
I dunno dude, they're stronger than us, Flávio Jorge is Flávio Jorge! Right?!
It's not our fault...
Well, your job was to make the village people hand over their pokémon peacefully.
And make them fear them, and see them as a menace.
Mr. Secretary, we did everything we could!
- But... - But...?
Our plan didn't go as it should, you see?
I had been told that your work was actually going in the right direction.
But I can't understand how you were defeated by Flávio and a kid with no experience.
Yeah dude, I'd also like to know that, but those guys appeared from nowhere,
and stuff, and they ruined everything. You read me?
I was expecting more...
What about the...?
The paper?
Where is it? Oh, look...
Hello? Hello?!
- Is it the reception? - Either that or they hung up! Those bastards.
- They did it on purpose. - We've been working hard, and now they don't pay us.
- Imposters. - I think they've tricked us.
For sure...
- What a bunch of bastards! - You've said it...
- Hello. - Is the car working fine?
Yeah, everything's working, thanks to your brother. We needed to charge the battery.
- Luxio helped us. - Good to know. Come on in, are you leaving soon?
Yeah, we'll leave in a while, the car is not a problem anymore.
By the way Miguel, one thing.
Do you know what happened with Luxio and the car?
Yeah, Luxio discharged on your car.
Exactly, do you know why?
It's because Luxio and its evolutions usually accumulate static electricity on its hair.
To avoid that, you can brush its hair with a special brush, to make it go away.
Those discharges are natural, but they can be a pain for the trainer.
But you did a good job, that battle was awesome.
I'm sure it's a good start for your journey.
I'll try not to fail, from now on. I'd like to start my journey.
If my dear sister let's me leave the house...
Maybe she's just waiting for the right moment. I'm sure you'll go on a journey some day.
You silly...
You can do it, Miguel. You just have to believe in that dream.
I just hope that what's going on ends, so you can make it come true.
I believe it will. I believe that Flávio'll make a difference.
- Speaking of the devil... - What's up?
You were speaking of me?
Yes, we were. How are you?
The way you say it makes it sound easy...
But I wouldn't believe in it so much, if I were you.
Of course I do! If you really wish for it, you can do it!
If only it was that easy...
- But you know he's right, Flávio. - Of course it's not easy.
But if it was, where would be the fun in that?
Wise words. Anyway, we have to go.
Can you go up there and get your stuff?
Mafalda, once again, thank you for everything. And I apologize for disturbing.
No problem, I was the one who asked you to stay here.
If you come around here again, pay us a visit.
We won't forget that.
You need help?
See you soon.
Thank you Miguel. You showed me the light.
Uh? What do you mean?
I'll explain you one day.
- See you guys soon. - Bye.
And always believe.
Why did we stop?
Mafalda said that they're patrolling every road near the village.
I don't want more surprises like the one before.
So, what do we do?
Let's improvise.
- Get out the car. - Why?
Just do it, trust me.
What are you going to do?
Even I don't know.
But let's try...
I got something in mind, let's see if it works.
And what's that?
A bandana a friend of mine gave to me, some time ago.
It may come in handy.
What are you going to do with it?
To help you.
Let's see how creative I am.
- And what do I do? - Well, you...
You go in there.
- You're joking... - Nope.
- You went nuts? - No. I have to make you disappear, somehow.
What if they tell us to pull over again?
Come on, let's hurry.
You owe me one...
Are you ready?
Let's get this through...
I'm sorry, but this is the only way. Don't worry, I'm not kidnapping you.
What's up? Everything cool, Mr...? You're all dressed up...
Where do you come from?
From the village.
I'm heading for the city.
I was travelling... I even brought a game.
And do you have any pokémon with you?
No, no, no, no, I don't have any for a long time, now...
It's a sad story, bro...
You know which one was my favorite? It was that green one...
What was its name... You know?
A green one, about this tall...
Oh, yeah, it was Treecko!
Or was it Grovyle...? I don't know... It was a long time ago, so much happened since then.
I lost my grass pokémon...
But I kept my weed.
Do you mind if I check the car's interior?
Not at all, be my guest. You won't find anything interesting, just suitcases...
We've got to be green, right bro?
If we're not, there's no weed for anyone.
And do you know that grass trainer...? He's from around here, you know?
- Good for you. - But they took all his pokémon.
Now he can't...
Fight other trainers.
- What do you have in the back? - It's the tent, bro.
I told you I'm going camping with my girl after the cinema.
Can you open it?
Sure, but it's just a tent, a big one for the both of us, you see? So we can be together.
You know something? It's not working. It won't open.
I should have fixed this before...
Now my girlfriend's gonna kill me.
- Are you joking? - Me, joking?
I'm actually worried, not joking. I can't open this. How will I take the tent out?
- I don't know where's the button... - Let me see before I lose my patience.
Sorry, but this is my car.
"Peace, bro."
Get out.
What was that?
I don't know...
But it seems like it worked. But we're not telling this to anyone.
I won't.
- Forget the car. Change of plans. - Why's that?
Why? Didn't you hear it?
I don't want to take the chance to come across other guys like this one.
And what do we do now?
We'll catch the train, there's a station not very far away from here.
And we leave the car here?
For now, yes. We have to worry about getting to the city.
Let's see what we can do there. I'll come back when I can to get the car.
But don't worry about that.
If you say so. Let's go, then.
We can't waste time.
Flávio, take this one.
Wait... Shouldn't we have some disguise?
Well, maybe it's better if we do.
I may have some stuff for you in my bags.
We'll see when we get to the station.
- You forgot something? - No.
You miss them. don't you?
Your pokémon. I know the feeling.
Flávio, how did you know?
It's obvious... Why would a trainer like you have only one pokémon?
And it was not hard to tell from the way you just acted around that Mudkip.
It seemed something that you had done before. And it felt right.
You've been looking for them, haven't you?
No one is perfect Flávio. We all make mistakes.
I did a great mistake, and I'm still trying to undo it.
To be honest, I don't even know if I'll ever find my companions.
But I still follow every clue, even if they end up being fake.
I still have a glimmer of hope, it's what keeps me going.
I believe they're still waiting for me. Wherever they are.
And I don't want to think, I can't think about other options.
I want to face my mistake.
We'll get them back, together. Friends need to support each other.
Always. Thank you Flávio. You've been a great help, even if you don't know it.
You really are what they say: A special person.
I'm not half what you are.
You're more than anything you could've dream, and nothing will change that, my friend.
Just don't do the same mistakes I did.
But anyway, I'm here for you. In fact, I'm not the only one.
So don't worry. There's plenty of people that can help.
And will help.
- Come on, stop being lame. We have to go! - What "lame", I'm serious.
Let's go then, grab your stuff.
"Having pokémon is a crime."
"Deliver your pokémon today."
I thought we'd never get here...
It's true. But we are.
Home, sweet home. I missed this place.
And what do we do now?
Our priority is to meet the Rangers.
Then, we'll stay with them.
Let's go then, before someone sees us.
Put your glasses on, you can't be recognized.
"To Be Continued..."