Kate Micucci extended interview from Last Night on Earth - TableTop ep. 15

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My name is Kate Micucci, and I guess I'm known for playing
the ukelele.
I do acting and music and I'm in a duo called
Garfunkel and Oates.
Garfunkel and Oates started when Ricky and I were writing
music for her musical that she was making.
We wrote two and a half songs in about two hours and we're
like, this is so easy and so much fun.
And that we've never written a song that fast ever again, but
that beginning magic is kind of what really made us realize
we should keep going with it.
There are a lot of songs that we've written that I thought,
there's no way we can sing this in front of an audience,
or anywhere.
And then we do, and I didn't really swear in life.
I didn't say anything that was considered a swear word and
then I started singing them.
And now I say them all the time.
So I guess that's OK.
It's crazy.
I was really shy growing up.
I didn't want to leave my parents' house.
I didn't want to drive.
I never went on a date.
My dad would pay me money to go to the school dance.
Then all of a sudden, something switched in me.
I don't know what happened, exactly.
I started getting into puppets.
I was making puppets and doing puppet shows around town.
And then I realized I liked performing, hiding behind
these things.
And then I thought, maybe I could
perform without my puppets.
It was just a step, really.
Well, there's so much that I want to do, but I feel really
lucky, right now, because I'm getting to do all the things I
love, writing music, performing music,
acting and I paint.
So I wish I had more time to paint, but I do occasionally.
Well I was really, really into the first Nintendo, when it
first came out, in 1987.
My brother and I--
I think it was '87.
I'm sure someone will be like, no it's actually '84 .
But I was in first grade when Mario Brothers--
I say Mario.
People say Mario.
Mario, Mario Brothers.
We played that a lot, and we'd wait for my dad to come home
and then we would see if he could beat--
my brother and I would wait and then see if my dad could
beat us, which he usually did.
We had all these different games.
Top Gun was a really big one.
Skate Or Die II, was really big.
Slalom, which was a really basic ski game.
And when my brother and I would actually go skiing, we'd
be at the top of the hill and do the slalom dance that
happens when you win.
But yeah, I was really into Nintendo, and then we never
advanced our gaming system.
So we still have that basic Nintendo at my parents' house.
And now, the only game I really play is Solitaire, and
I play it every day, like 10 times a day.
I did play few tabletop games growing up,
mainly Clue was big.
We'd play that in our camper.
We play cards now, like card games at Christmas.
And I think I was really more into puzzles, actually, I
don't know if that counts as gaming, probably not.
How would I spend my last night on earth?
Well, I don't know.
I think, OK, I actually-- yeah, I would have a big, big,
big, show and invite everybody to see the show.
Is that selfish?
That's really selfish.
Well, I'd be with my family.
I would make my family come to the show.
Gaming is a great way to spend your Christmas holiday.