Jetstar Mock-Up on Video Show - Brazil

Uploaded by jetstaraircraftint on 22.01.2011

Pedro, the protagonist of "Foolish Heart" has a great passion.
Yeah, I know, and I already know who it is. It's na amazing character. Paola Oliveira. 展hat a plane".
Hey, relax! It is also a plane. Really she is very pretty, but I'm talking to another aircraft. A real plane.
Ah, ok. Now I am understanding. My partner, Eriberto Leao, studied for months to make his character.
Going to the airport, knowing the things to actually live the role of an airline pilot.
And we have shots of the construction of the plane where they are living scenes of pure adrenaline in the first chapter of the novel.
Pay attention - exclusively just for you.
"Video Show", there are people who think to make a quality novel is easy.
But look: since I'm the ace of the sky and I'm here without a plane, how will it be ... Eriberto Leao?
Here, at Sao Jose dos Campos, in this aircraft interiors factory, for 4 months have been constructed a aircraft mock-up.
A very realistic aircraft model and now, here on "Video Show" it's time totighten their belts and know everything in detail.
To build the plane, the reporter dug an aircraft interiors factory plant from top to bottom.
This scenic trip, the plane was divided into several parts and to move any of them, the team unity is required.
It reminds us, the people who push the huge allegories of the Samba Schools.
And by large size of these seats, has a first class service in the area.
I know that this aircraft is very realistic, but it does not take off.
To reach the PROJAC, two trucks will be used.
That's right, folks. Our plane that could not take off properly, is accommodated on this cart and travell on the road.
And there goes the entire plane dismantled on the cart, ready to leave theroad outside Sao Jose dos Campos in Sao Paulo to Jacarepagua, in Rio de Janeiro.
And it just arrived in Rio to land the plane in the studio's special effects at PROJAC.
After transferring each 9 ton module of the plane for his latest angar-studio, the finishing work has started.
Then it was only tighten their belts and fly out the novel.
This airplane size includes 18 passengers in business class and 72 in economy.
That is, more than 90 people being transported in "Foolish Heart" ready to flythrough the air towards our small screen. There is emotion.