Chiles Rellenos - Authentic Mexican Recipe (Comida Mexicana)

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We are going to make chiles rellenos, with a picadillo filling. And the first step is to put the poblano chile on the flame so that it burns off the outside shell of the chile pepper.
We are going to leave the pepper here until it is ready to be pealed.
Now that the pepper is staring to darken up like it is here, we are going to turn it over. It takes about a minute for this to happen.
Now the pepper is completely dark and ready to be pealed. We turn off the flame, and we put the pepper into a plastic bag for a few seconds. The steam that builds up in the bag will help to soften the outside of the pepper, and make it easier to peel.
OK, now we have the pepper out of the bag and we are ready to peel it. Use care so you don't get burned by the hot pepper. You can start to peel it. It peels quite easily. In order to remove all of the skin. And when you open up the pepper, you might want to try to avoid touching the seeds directly because they can be very strong and burn.
OK, now that we have finished peeling the pepper, we have to be careful that it doesn't rip. We are going to make a small opening here in the middle, and with care we have to remove the seeds from inside the pepper. To put the filling.
Before beginning to handle the pepper, you can put a little bit of olive oil on your hands, to protect them if the peppers seeds are burning.
OK now the pepper has been cleaned out, and it's ready to add the filling. Now that we have the inside of the pepper removed, and without seeds, we are going to add picadillo filling, to the inside. Picadillo is ground beef, with vegetables. You can add the vegetables you want to the meat, And you can also fill the peppers with cheese that you prefer.
And so that the filling doesn't come out, it's important to hold the pepper together with toothpicks. This way you avoid the food coming out when it's cooking. This is how it should look. OK now that we have the pepper settled, we are going to take flour, and make a breading for the pepper.
We cover the entire pepper with flour, so the egg will attach well. OK, now it is ready to put it in the egg. We are going to use the eggshell itself, to beat the egg. And we separate the yolk. We are going to beat the egg white. If you are going to prepare four chiles rellenos, you will use two eggs.
Now that we have the egg white beaten, we continue beating, and add the yolk. It is important to add a handful of flour, so that the egg foam doesn't go down.
We put some oil in the pan, we are going to put the pepper in the egg, to cover it well. When it has been cooking for one minute, we are going to turn it over on the other side. With care, so the egg batter doesn't come off. Another minute of cooking for each side.
Now that it is cooked on that side we are going to give it turn here, so that it all cooks evenly. This small side will take less than a minute for it to brown. The flame should be kept low so it doesn't burn. Not too low, but low to medium.
Now we remove it from the pan, and we put it on a plate with a paper towel, to dry off the excess oil that it has. We leave it here a while to remove the oil.
Now we take the finished salsa and spread it on top of the pepper.