Keiichi Nitta 性のタブーを一刀両断!『WE ARE OUT!』第1回 【VICE】

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This year is our third anniversary.
We can't get married
so we want to capture the moment in a different way.
We're stoked about the shoot.
We should put these pictures in our coffin when we die.
- Hello.
Nice to meet you. I'm Keiichi, the photographer.
I want to take photos that make the girls look cool and cute.
But I also want to capture who they are deep within.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian.
It doesn't matter if guys go out with guys or girls go out with girls.
We're all human beings after all.
That's what I want to show.
Hopefully we can change people's preconceptions about being gay.
Which one of you is the "boy" in the relationship?
You should be able to tell.
So you're the boy, huh?
Ever dated men?
I used to only date men.
How about you?
Just once, when I was in middle school.
- From there? - Only girls.
- Just girls?
How old are you?
I'm 26.
I'm 25.
Where did you two meet?
Is it okay to say we met through an SNS?
You mean, online?
That's how.
I found her through a friend.
She approached me first.
I see.
You had your sights set.
You were gunning for her right?
And your first date?
It was in Shibuya.
- We got some food. - And then?
I took her back to my place.
I went to hers.
No way!
Yeah, that's what happened.
I was living by myself, so I invited her back.
We've lived together ever since.
Feel free to look at these.
I can see the love.
We broke up once though.
We split up once.
But we got back together.
We crumbled after the big quake.
Ah, I see.
We were both emotionally unstable then.
What do you do?
I work as a hostess in Ginza.
Those bars are expensive.
Actually it's not that pricey.
Does the bar cater to women or men?
Older guys of course. It's a hostess bar after all.
You're right.
I serve older guys.
And you?
I work as a waiter in another hostess bar.
She works as a waiter in another bar in Ginza, wearing a suit.
Any future plans?
My dream is to make a hostess bar that allows dogs.
A dog hostess bar?
They have cat cafes, right?
An evening version of that.
Somewhere you could bring your dog and drink. With hostesses.
Let's shoot.
Do you ever see your families?
We go back together. Our families know about us.
Your parents?
My mum, dad, and stepdad.
They all know?
All my younger brothers know too.
All of them.
So you're out to your families?
My mom went to a girl's school, so she probably had some lesbian experiences herself.
You think?
Is there anything you find difficult about having a lesbian relationship in Japan?
But we can't get married.
That's true.
People are still prejudiced here.
When we first started going out, people would stare at us on the train.
Old guys would give us double-takes all the time.
One time this grade schooler said, "That girl thinks she's a man".
Kids and old folk stare the most.
We think it's funny.
Everybody seems to have an opinion about our relationship, which is interesting to hear.
Who does the cooking?
- She does.
You cook?
- She cooks a lot.
There's leftovers in the kitchen right now
from yesterday.
What do you do, Julie?
- She doesn't do anything! - Nothing.
Just the dishes.
Nothing else?
Good for you.
You two are really in love aren't you.
Are we?
We fight all the time.
It's always my fault though.
Maybe, but at least you're taking care of the house.
When was your last fight?
A week ago.
I see.
It's completely my fault, so I don't resent her or anything.
I feel terrible.
It's good of you to admit that.
What did you do that was so bad?
Was it a boy?
- No. - Then what?
I did something while we were separated, but hadn't told her.
- What was it?
She hooked up with a friend. The truth finally came to light.
I was like "I'm through with you!"
-With a friend!
-You hooked up.
Guy or girl?
It was one of Julie's friends.
A girl?
A girl?!
I didn't think of it as sex though.
How far did you actually go?
Oh they definitely had girl sex.
By that you mean...
They fingered each other and came.
I see.
Well that's no good!
I'm sorry.
She begged.
I apologized so many times.
Wow, you really do cook!
That's great.
- Don't open that.
- It's messy.
- So messy in there.
It shows that you really do cook.
- So embarrassing.
Who pays the rent?
We pay equally.
It's like we're actually married.
From the very beginning, we pooled all our money together.
We put all our money in a box
and pay our bills from there.
I see.
Do you want to get married?
- In Japan... - Doesn't matter.
The only way we can become family is if one of our families adopts us.
But I don't really care about all that.
I mean, her father still doesn't know.
And my parents have remarried so things are a bit complicated.
If we ask my parents to adopt her, I'll have to change my surname too. Plus we'll have to explain it to her dad.
We did look into whether we could get married abroad.
But we can't.
Because we're Japanese citizens.
But apparently we can have a ceremony.
So we're talking about having one by the time we're 30.
The family registry thing will come later.
It's tough though.
Our parents are worried about our income, plus we have a dog who is like our kid.
Can you kiss?
We may fight, but we'll never break up.
We're family.
The relationship is so natural to us. We're inseparable.
I can't leave her.
That's why there are things we have to do.
Like saving money, growing up,
and getting her dad to accept us.
You face some difficult obstacles as a lesbian couple.
It's the same for gay couples too, of course.
We've got to hang in there.
Do you ever have naked parties together?
What type of party is that?
What do you do?
We have wiener parties all the time.
At my place, everybody strips at the entrance and we declare it a wiener party.
I mean it's all guys, but we all just let it hang out at my place.
He's weird.
We're always fighting.
Whenever we have a bath together we fight.
Don't you scrub each other's backs?
No way.
You should.
Plus, she always takes up all the space.
Kiss for real.
That was hot!

Best shot of the day.
Really nice.
What's this?
A fuck-up.
She got it done for me apparently.
Did you just drool?
Are you getting sleepy?
Is the bed your favorite place in the house?

Let's see your feet.

Did you yawn?
You're always like that.
Do I look at the camera?
Just be natural.
Squeeze tightly.
Thank you!
Thank you!
It's an honor to be shot by you.
We did it!
I want to see!
She wants to have a look.
I was nervous at first, but it was fun.
It didn't feel like a photo shoot.
Very natural.
We'll always treasure these photos by Keiichi Nitta.
We'll use them at our funerals.
We really will.
It was fun.
I really enjoyed it.
They had great energy.
I was nervous going in
but their excitement helped the shoot go well.
They seemed so happy.
I dare say, happier than straight girls.
Hello gays and lesbians of Japan.
We're still looking for more models, so please sign up!