Interview with Leticia Bufoni silver medal Summer X Games 2012

Uploaded by BDCiNews on 30.06.2012

We're with Leticia Bufoni, who just won a silver medal…
It’s the first of many… In a little while I’ll be competing in the
Big Air, super park, vert and street.
How are you preparing for these next competitions?
I practice a lot. I’ve been competing in Europe, worldwide competitions, riding my skateboard,
practicing every day… It definitely prepares me.
Right now the BMX competition is taking place in the background but looking at the elements
of the course, which one one was the biggest challenge for you?
Many of them were challenging but I’d say the most difficult was that back there
because you can’t get a lot of speed. But I was able to nail it and that was really cool.
The course is really cool. The level of the female participants is very high
and I'm very happy about it... In this last event I was able to nail everything.
Because I was in third place, first in second, then in third,and in the last event I was able
to jump back to second place.
I'm very happy because the girl who won, there was no way of beating her, she was just amazing.
Thank you! This is Janete Weinstein with Leticia Bufoni for BDCi News.