Stephen Gilbert MP - It gets better today

Uploaded by stonewalluk on 04.11.2010

Hi there, I’m Steve Gilbert. I’m a Member of Parliament and
here we are in the heart of the British Parliament and I’m a gay
man and there are literally dozens of other gay men,
lesbians and bisexuals here with me in Parliament. That's part
of the change that that we've seen in our society, a change
from a time when it wasn’t acceptable be out and openly gay
and in parliament to a time when actually nobody really
cares that much. I can remember when I came out, it seemed
to me to be a matter of life or death and it was a big decision
that I had built up in my mind and I was worried about how my
family, my friends, and my colleagues would see me. But I
shouldn’t have worried. My family understood, my friends
accepted me for who I am and my colleagues far from thinking
it was a bad thing, thought it was a good thing. So I guess there
is one thing that as a Member of Parliament I can say to you
that don’t let the fear win. Not only are you entitled to be who
you are, that is how it is supposed to be. And your family and
your friends and colleague not only will they respect you, they'll
value the strength of character and honesty you have shown in
coming out. And I tell you what, there's literally dozens of
friends you haven’t met yet who you will once you take this very
first step. So, I guess all politicians say this, but trust me,
it can get better today, and working together we can make it happen.
Thank You.