Forest & The Evergreens Live Music Concert Episode : CIMU

Uploaded by Cimu2 on 23.01.2013

Hey guys, my name is laura
welcome to another episode of CIMU where every week we bring indie
bands from columbus ohio
and this weekend at Vaughan Music Studios
performing live it's
Forest & The Evergreens!
hey guys
good to have you here
are you guys ready to perform?
so it's going to be in for first song and what is it about?
this first song is called
P Funk
P Funk
and it's uh...
about a woman
from a man's perspective
alright, let's hear it.

Yeah, That was great!
Alright are you guys ready for a question.
This one come from Andy from all the way across this room.
Yes. What's going on you guys?
I was just curious to see how you guys met and
when you first started playing together
how was the chemistry?
who is going to answer the question?
The band has been together for about a year.
I started about six months ago.
everything just clicked as soon as I got in here.
everybody just kinda welcomed me. It's been
kinda a brother
with arms wide open? Yeah with arms wide open.
everybody in here has a dynamic personality they just all contribute to
the music that's being played the energy that is
being put
on the stage, here in this room
so yeah the chemistry has been really easy.
just a click
did that answer your question? that was perfect! Thank you.
Alright so let's see your
chemistry on your other song. Song number 2. What is it? This song is called
miss molly
That's about a woman.
A woman?
From a male perspective.
Alright, let's hear it.

wow I love the energy an the chemistry, you were right
you guys are awesome
so what's next for you guys what's next for the Forest & The Evergreens?
we are going to record some new music in January
February 2013.
this year's uh...
everybody that like your current music current music where can they find you?
we are on facebook
and bandcamp
thank you guys for performing, it was great!
thank you audience for coming out to hang out
and thank you Youtube viewers!
thank you youtube viewers, if that was your first time watching
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and i will see you guys next week when we're going to meet another indie band
from Columbus. See you then! Bye! Thank you for watching!!