improvising on guitar

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greetings welcome back this is anthony with PluckPro's complete guitar course for
now what we're going to do is we're going to create
couple of riffs and when i say riffs I men just like a little musical frase
something you will use in a song or maybe in a solo if you are playing with budies
and you'll be improvising is something that you
it's recognizable
it's distinct
it's not just kind of
a run on sentence of notes
more of a
proper sentence which you have
either common middle period at the end or just a straight sentence with a period
playing music and improvising as musicians
a lot like speaking
nobody likes to hear a person that just
runes on and babbles for ever
doesn't seem natural cuz
normally we have to stop and take a breath
same thing goes for music
if i were to just play
i made sure i played a lot of notes and
maybe think that sounds kinda cool
but it's not very musical in the sense that your expressing something
so when you develop your own riffs or your own melodies
try to express something and i
often think of a sentence in my head
and try to match the rhythm of the words
to the notes that were on the guitar
so if i said
everybody make up a sentence
then I break that down
beat basically
make up up a sentence
and that went
make up a sentence so then I through it on the Guitar
make up a sentence
you see how I just phrase it I phrased that like i was speaking
Its a good exercise to do you can just makeup
any sentence
and try to
breakdown the syllables use those as your beets that you can strike your nots on
like I just did
everybody make up a sentence
sounds pretty cheesy but it works really good
and it really helps to understand
the connection between speaking
language whether the english chinese spanish whatever
its speeking a language
speaking the meat language of music because
many people have said in the past music is a language it can get
past barriers that
our spoken language cant get past
so keeping that in mind lets put together melody
on the tablet remembered now from the the sheet music if using that
you're going to see this melody written up
you might recognizes
that little sound right there has been used a lot
that's something that i've heard maybe i'd
on borrowing it from somebody or something but
that sounds cool so we're going to do that in you'll notice that a lot of
stuff youl right can sound like somebody else's music
we are using the same notes
really hard not to
create its really hard not to create something that nobody else has done so
don't feel bad
just make it your own and make it a part of
who you are as musicians
so the melody we did
fifth threat
B string fifth threat E string
what i do to make it easy is that just bar
by bar i mean hold them both down at the same time with one finger
that makes a lot easier transition
and all i did was go
you'll see later when we start adding the course to it it's going to sound really
good and ill explain why later but
so that's my first little phrase
then i stop and take a breath
then i come up with my next fraise
so i said to i basically
so the first part of a sense
put a comma
and then the second part of the sense with a period
okay next part of that i was kinda like the first part of a sense
then were going to ad another part
so we have
kay so i'm really what i'm doing is using strictly a minor notes
a minor scale notes
putting them putting them together in a way
that sounds good and i want you to do that
a bunch of times by yourself just findings can be hard at first because
your mind at first is going to set up this barrier say well i can't do
really you can just put your mind a side
and just plain notes
i mean don't think about it
that works all I did was three notes over and over again you can use that
so dont be
intimidated by
all these notes and and by comparing yourself to other musicians because
your your own musician
your unique nobody else is like you
you're not like anybody else
keeping that in mind
feel free to just
go with it and and don't
think about comparing with
your buddy that plays the guitar or that guitar teacher that you know
just go and do it for the love of it and have fun
and put all these little barriers aside it's ok just jam have a good time
will do that melody one moor time
K so that was the first part of my melody
and um... in the coming lesson I'l have a special guest with me to
play the rhythm and we'll improvise and will go back and forth we'll
see how that works with courds
but for now
just have fun with that melody if you have a buddy to jam with have them play
the A minor chord, the D minor chord, the A minor
cord and you'll see that it fits really nice together.
so we covered it
a minor scale and we covered one riff
will do another type a rift that uses the A minor scale
and it's a little more
bluesy sounding, its not as kinda spanish sounding
for this one we're gunna be skipping a lot of notes and we're gunna go
that's actually all the same notes that are in a pentatonic, or in a A minor scale but
we're subtracting a few
and we're calling it a pentatonic scale
may have a book uh... guitar book or something and it says pentatonic scale
pentatonic means five note scale
so it really any scale that is using five notes is a pentatonic scale.
so don't be
intimidated when you hear that word at all it means is a five note scale
can be any five notes
as long as they're played consecutively
it's a scale
So my five, the notes im using right now are C, A, D,
oh im sorry, C, A,
G, E, D
uh, D, C, A,
G Okay
and so i just basically
it's pretty easy a lot of blues players do that scale its really good
the blues
blues sound to it
So the way you're going to put this riff together we're gunna go slide
all i did was slide from seven to eight

Ok and ill do that again real slow

what im doing here when i shake my fingers is called vibrato
and there's a lot of different techniques to get
a good vibrato sound the one i use is
my finger
role the tip of my finger
up and down the fretboard don't just shake sporadicly
i'm actually rolling it like that whichever fingers doing the vibrato
im rolling my finger
on the fretboard
good exercise to practice that is just too
roll real slow
with each finger once you get that pretty comfortable and smooth than you
can do it full speed
so thats just a little
spice you can add to your
to your skills and your solos
okay back to that riff
you'll notice that each time i played it slightly different
the one that's written there's a good one for you to learn and use that but
don't stick strictly by it
i want you to
twit tweak it and make it your own i want you to
feel free to
change it completely
everything that i'm showing you is simply a guide
i don't ever want you to just say this is the way it is its something for you to take and run
i want you to just take
and have a blast with it
okay so
we covered a couple riffs and we covered our A minor scale
uh hope you had a good time with it and
as you can see your probly progressing along pretty well you probably have some
good skills and having fun
im gunna go ahead and throw in a little
special bonus here
im gunna throw in little chord progression that has
a riff attached to it that you can do that
you can play for your friends, girlfriend, for your mom
something that they'll probably like a lot
so this is where we're going to do this we're going to do our same skill or same A
minor chord
our same D minor chord or same E
but we're going to make it a little fancier
by adding a couple of cool things so
here we go back to the A minor scale If you remember earlier
in a previous lesson we went one and two
and then filled in with the rift
so this is what the riff is going to be
so i'm going
double time its gunna be a little tricky but just
practice it
so it went E E F E
G F E D. So its
Kay, so what i did for the second part now ill review the first part again when i
landed on that note that was the downbeat at the D line
so i just went F F G F and then i we're going to jump up to the high A okay So
okay so
it's basically like the first one we did in the very beginning but
it's a little bit quicker sounds a little cooler so ill do it again
okay so again
practice really slow
make up your own riffs but use that
and have fun with it
you can even say you made it up i don't care

all right well i hope you enjoyed that
okay again im Anthony
and i thank you for checking out Pluck pros complete guitar course for beginners
have a good time and have lots of practice