[Interview] Block B Talks about their Comeback, Pirates, Bad Boy Image, and More!

Uploaded by soompi on 20.11.2012

Hey Soompiers! You know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I know a lot of you have been dying for Block B to come back.
And now that they're back, we have an interview with them!
Let's go meet them!
Hello, it's U-Kwon from Block B.
Hi, I'm Zico, and I'm the leader of Block B.
Hey, I'm Jaehyo, and I'm the sub-vocalist.
Hello, I'm Block B's B-Bomb.
Hi, I'm Park Kyung.
It's P.O.
Hi, I'm Taeil from Block B.
Hello Soompiers. Do u wanna b Block B! Hi! We're Block B!
Q: Congratulations on your comeback! How does it feel to be back?
Because our fans waited for us for 8 months, we felt very apologetic.
But seeing how much people waited for us and loved us when we came back, we were very grateful.
Thank you.
Q: What were you guys up to during your break?
In my case, I worked out a lot because I'm pretty small.
B-Bomb and I worked out more than the other guys.
Our leader focused on composing.
As for the others...
I don't really know...
Yes...What did they do~
Well, I worked out a lot.

Q: Tell us about your new album, "BLOCKBUSTER" and the title track "Nillili Mambo."
This album is our full-length album, and it has seven new tracks and two tracks from our previous mini-albums.
If we had to put a theme to this album, I would say it's about freedom.
We didn't choose a specific genre.
We wanted to break free from a set frame, and we were able to experiment freely with different genres .
"Nillili Mambo" is our title track, and we went with the pirate motif.
We got our inspiration from watching "Pirates of the Caribbean."
It's a hip-hop track with orchestral sounds.
Q: Zico, how did you study songwriting? Do you have a mentor?
During my time off, I took some time to learn and understand basic music theory from a teacher.
And I learned a great deal from him.
I also work with a hyung from Pop Time on my songs; he's currently my partner and mentor.
Q: Your visual style has changed a lot. Who's idea was it to go in this direction?
Rather than it being someone's idea..
Since this album was a pirate concept, we all decided that we wanted to come out with a manly and cool image rather than with a light, fun dance track.
So each one of us thought about what kind of hairstyles and outfits would be cool. Every one of us.
Q: What exactly inspired the pirate concept?
When one thinks of "pirates," "One Piece" comes to mind.

Because we haven't seen pirates first hand, we looked at the characters' hairstyles and outfits for inspiration.
For example, Yu Kwon hyung would study characters like Zoro and mentioned that we should be cool like them on stage.
Q: What contributed to the personal growth of the Block B members?
Since we had a 8 month break, which is a lot of time, each one of us had the opportunity to think a lot.
I read a lot of books, spent a lot of time alone and since I got to think a lot like looking back on my past,
I'd like to say that's probably why we have grown.
Q: What do you think about your bad boy image?
Well, our image is.. Our image is to not hide anything and to show everything.
As for the "bad boy" image, although it's not a bad thing, I think we were able to portray it well for this concept.
Q: Are the boys from Block B, bad boys?
Personally, I lean towards a "bad boy" because since I was good looking since I was young,
I experienced turning down a lot of girls' confessions of love for me and it couldn't be helped, but those times were many.
I want to say that I'm a "bad boy."
Q: Zico, how does it feel to go back to the dreadlocks style?
The reason I wore dreadlocks is, well, Jack Sparrow and another reason is because I wanted to wear it again.
Before, I did it with my own hair, but since it damaged my scalp,
Now I've attached dreadlocks onto my hair to protect the health of my head and hair.
After experiencing performing live with the dreadlocks, saw that it would get caught on the costume, fall off randomly
and I couldn't focus on stage because it was distracting.
So, I just took it off. I'm planning to wear it a couple times later on for special occasions like events.
Q: Do you prefer wearing your hair in the dreadlocks style?
Personally, I like wearing styles that stand out like dreadlocks.
Q: Can you tell us any funny stories that happened while shooting your music video for "Nillili Mambo"?
We went to Vietnam to shoot our music video.
The building we were filming in, where we shot scenes at the top,
was actually ordered by the government to be torn down.
But no one lived in the area that we filmed
and since we had to film at the upper part of the tall building..
there wasn't an elevator.
The weather was hot and we had to run up and down 12 flights of stairs. That was one of the hard instances in the filming.
And at night, a bat appeared at the site. And the team members are scaredy cats..
so at night the bat appeared, and it wasn't long after more and more appeared since it was night.
They most likely were attracted to our filming lights while we were working.
So there was an episode where we ran away from the bats.
Q: Which member was the most scared?
We're all pretty much the same.
Ah, our maknae Jihoon is quite easily scared.
Q: What part would you consider the highlight of your music video for "Nillili Mambo"?
Probably the close up of my face while I hold the gun.
However, I end up getting slapped because I didn't have any bullets.
Q: For "NalinA" your signature move weas the "Gorilla Dance." What is the main dance move for "Nilili Mambo"?
For this song, we got be involved in the choreography making. Zico and P.O came up with the point choreography.
Think that there's a drum at the back and just imagine hitting it.
It's called the "drum dance" and it's very easy to follow.
Q: Can you show us your skills with a freestyle rap?
Since our album came out..
Chyea, uh huh uh huh, ch.
We're Block B, and our album came out. We're so happy.
Yah, yah, We're doing an interview right now with Soompi.
I'm a pirate king, yes Luffy.
I'm the best, you're tame. Don't be tame and come over here, show us your 2G.
Yo. I'm not 2G or 3G, but I'm LTE. I'm a VIP. See, what?
Q: What can everyone expect to see from Block B in the coming future?
Us Block B.. So far, we have shown a strong, hiphop image.
We have a many sides of us still hidden.
Just before, I saw that we're labeled as "hiphop idols" online, but rather than being called "hiphop idols" we can take on many different concepts.
That's why, please wait for us patiently and love us more then we'll be able to show you our group with different concepts and genres.
If you're patient and wait for us, it will get really fun.
Thank you everyone. You were with Block B and we were with Soompi. Do you wanna be, Block B! Soompi is the best!