Free Congress from the Norquist Pledge (Professor Robert Thurman's Meme)

Uploaded by jasondundrup on 20.11.2012

Hi, I'm Bob Thurman
i'm making this short video
because i want to start a meme
about those
people in our government
who refuse to cooperate with the president
and with the
uh... more
practical and pragmatic
senators and congress persons
of the five hundred and thirty eight people
serving us at the top levels of the congress and the executive branch
uh... there are some
who are not fulfilling
their vow
of office, their oath of office
their oath of office says
that I hereby
solemnly swear to support the U.S. constitution
and i do so feely, of my own free will
without mental reservation or purpose of evasion,
so help me god, they throw in there
and that the president takes a similar one
and what that means is that once they're elected
to office
that they have pledged to serve the government which is what is created by
the U.S. constitution
and the government's job is to serve the people of the united states
and so
the kind of
radical positions they might take
when they are in the election mode
you know, before they take their oath of office
they you know i will never do this and i'll never compromise that and these kind of
extreme statements that they make
once they take the oath of office they cannot cling
radically and uncompromisingly to those positions
or the government will not function
and that it will not serve the need of the people
and there are
almost like ninety five percent
of the congressmen and republican senators
have sworn a written oath
to someone called Grover Norquist
an organization called "americans for tax reform"
that they will under no circumstances, and for no reason
raise taxes
of any kind on anyone
therefore they have taken an oath to an outside organization
which was not supported by the U.S. constitution
which gives congress the right to
levy taxes
to do the work of the people through the government
but day this is a non governmental organization
it is not elected by anybody. It is supported by big money people who are
making money by not having to pay taxes
and these people have signed a sworn oath
that contradicts their oath of office
and therefore in fact they do have mental reservation
and they do have purpose of evasion
and they are not sincerely taking their oath of office
and if they persist in that
and if they are held to that pledge
by this outside person, who is not a member of the government
then they are in fact breaking their oath of office, and they are not serving
what they swore to serve - the american people
and people
even the sort of the people on the left so-called, critical, liberal people
who're criticizing what they call right-wing people
it's not a matter of right wing or left wing actually, it's a matter of whether they
take seriously
the role of being a loyal opposition if they didn't happen to win the last election
their party
but between elections they have to be loyal opposition which means serve the
so i want this - the seriousness of this
of the government that they are doing to be
out there in people's minds, that's the meme i want to start
i want people to really see that
because everybody wants to be polite and you know I'm a liberal, I want to be polite
and i'm trying to be polite
but this is a really serious thing that is going on which is
paralyzing our government and causing tremendous loss to us
at a time when many people are unemployed, many people are below the poverty line
and the government is there to help those people, that's what the U.S.
constitution asked
when the supreme court
oath is taken by the way they make a specific in that oath, it says without
regard to rich or poor
because i will not favor the rich
against the poor in my decisions as a judge
and that leaves some though about the way they're executing their duty but
i'm only talking now about the congress people particularly
and the senators, senators and congress persons.
americans for tax reform
openly states
that their job is not simply a matter of trimming taxes
and leaving the government functioning
but the head of that organization, mister Grover Norquist
has publicly stated - proudly stated
that he wants to starve the beast
referring to the government as the beast
and so when it's weakened by starvation, he can then drown it in a bathtub
he says
so that means that
the people taking the oath, the oath that he is administering, is an oath taken
with a purpose of destroying
the U.S government. it's a kind of anarchist
it's a pretense that the government is completely useless and should be
therefore it is actually a kind of seditious oath
treasonous oath
people who take that oath
cannot actually serve in the government with a good conscience
because they're real role is to act as a mole and to destroy the government
they are starving the beast
and the expression "the beast" I must say
this appeals to people who are religious people, who take the book of revelations
seriously in the
christian bible
and by taking that seriously "the beast" refers to satan
to the beast, the six six six, the demon
so it's a very negative way of depicting
the U.S. government which is enacting the provisions of the U.S. constitution
so this is a very serious
conflict of interest
that these people have
so, when
President Obama
house minority leader Nancy Pelosi
and any moderate republicans
and hopefully speaker John Boehner who wants to see the government work, who realizes
it's in his own
not in his own interests not to see it work, and i'm of course not sure whether he signed
that pledge or not, but i'm afraid he might have
when he is told by the
the caucus of the extreme members in the house
that they can't compromise and they can't make a grand bargain because they
have sworn an oath
never to raise any taxes on anybody, then
the people of the United States, you people listening to this and me
should rise up
through the internet or through our - we will not be electing,
through impeachment!
urging for impeachment
because this means that they are favoring
their oath
to the americans for tax reform, signed formal solemn oath
over their formal solemn oath sworn
to the U.S. constitution
on the bible they believe is
is the holy book, the one Hindu congress person on the Bhagavadgita

which i think its a wonderful thing
about our country
our pluralism
and so therefore that is grounds for their impeachment actually
and i want them to know that this is in our minds that they are deserving impeachment
if they block
the grand bargain that we need
for example the debt ceiling they cost us billions of dollars
by blackmailing the president and the more moderate members of congress
that they would never raise the debt ceiling
unless whatever they want is enacted
which when you don't raise it you lose your credit rating and then we pay more
interest on debt we have, and therefore we lose billions of dollars
with their supposed deficit-reduction attitude
they're costing us billions of dollars
so that shows they are not sincere about deficit reduction
but actually trying to destroy our government
enacting an anarchic
an anarchists program rather than
upholding the U.S constitution which is not an anarchist document
so this is the meme
i want to convey
and i hope it will spread
and i will say it again and again, i'll make more videos
i'll try to get on jon stewart, and bill maher, and or hell i don't need to get on
they can repeat it
i just want this meme
to go out there
so that people begin to take it more seriously what is happening
to our, to our government, that people who are underlying reasoning is to
destroy our government
are actually
mental reservation and purpose of evasion that they swear they don't have
they are taking their offices
and therefore they are unfit for their offices if they persist
so what I recommend to them
is that in a single body
they all renounce, publically
their oath to the americans for tax reform
they reassure poor Grover Norquist
that they intend to moderate taxes and to
remove waste in government and to do a good job making the government lean
and efficient
but they cannot take that oath
they must renounce that oath in order to retake
their oath of office
without mental reservation and without purpose of evasion which is what
they must do to be reinstated in our good graces as the people of the united
of whom they are the employee
remember even
dear old Clint Eastwood
while talking to the chair
said that the people of the United States own the government
and the people who are paid salaries by the government serve the government and serve
the constitution
they do not serve some sort of NGO thing, americans for tax reform that
wants to destroy the government
they serve us the people, and we need a government to do some things that we
we don't just need them to be broken
by these infiltrators, ok
so this is the meme
and it's loving
i'm not against a single one of those persons individually
I really like the idea of the tea party, we have to remember the tea party
was against the British empire
and against the British east India corporation
it wasn't against the local government of the United States
which you know helping people with their services in their roads and their sewage
and their whatever it is
it wasn't against them. It was against the British east India company
and the British
to liberate the american government that
was then created by the people who
who did the tea party
so let's try to remember that the real tea party
is against
monied interests
and against ruthless corporations
and imperialist behavior on the part of the point zero one percent
it is not against the U.S. government
not, not being a proper tea party it has no right to the name tea party if it is against the
U.S. government
thank you very much
and i hope you can repeat this to your friends
make your own videos if you think i didn't do it right
let's see this spread in a viral way, democratically
thank you very much