Easy Video Suite REVIEW (EVS Tutorial #1)

Uploaded by jameswedmore on 12.01.2013

Hey! guys James Wedmore here and today were doing video makeover doing something very exciting
pretty cool and pretty simple we're sitting here right now over on the download page for
one of my special offers called The Youtube Traffic
Report insides now if you haven't download this and
rather already you need to do it now the link in the description this is the download slash
thank you page for where you can access the report and
as now you can see right here here's a video that have
try a video as much as possible as should you what were gonna do today is will take
only a few minutes is actually gives this existing video
a complete make over you gonna see exactly i mean by that a second where going to use
a fancy sexy new software called Easy Video SUITE that
i absolutely in loved with
so, let's go ahead and get started now okay as you can see right here on my download page
i'm just using a youtube video okay this actually unlisted
youtube video and it auto place when people come to this page and very simple it's basic
right and that's perfectly fine normal on average way
to do thing but you not normal in average you taking things in a next level so let me
show you the next thing on how we can take this video
only on youtube without doing any crazy work to do it
and making this 10 times cooler so let's had on over to easy video suite here i am on the
dashboard area and let see what we can do the first
i wwanna do is click the upload button here now
because this video is on the web i will click the upload from the web button however it
is was on youtube or a ? new video i can upload it from
my computer as will i have other videos talking about the
different between this because it's authority on youtube and i wanna do this is quickly
possible let's click this button okay the next thing
wanna do is simply enter the url of the youtube video
that's very simple i have it already and just gonna paste it in there and click import as
soon as you press the button you really take in this
page and you gonna show a preview of your video
and then you gonna simple click yes to import the video okay all we have to do is find that
exact video here is right here at the top where gonna
click setting in this tutorial were not gonna talk about
profile in easy video suite in a very cool way to save some time and do some universal
settings for future after video ? i'm going to select
default profile click that button and move on to the
next step this is where you gets really fun and really exciting what were we gonna do
is just get create and start doing a cool other a few
cool other thing to our video the first one been the dimension
now what ever you doing the dimension of the video you usually focused on the width because
every video gonna be in 16"9 format or at less it should
be and i'm just gonna type in 500 for my width and now
a height automatically now there's a few other simple setting on here like auto-buffer now
go ahead click yes on it as will as auto-play i'm not doing spent too much time in any other
setting for these first part here i'm gonna go ahead
and click next now on these second options of setting
we get to customize our player and as you can see here there are tune of different player
that we can use i'm gonna go ahead and stay with this
one with the check box and now we gonna go into that
other cool stuff like on mouseover we can display some social sharing function i'm not
do that on this video because is not really my intention
to share this page it is just the download page
that make putting this video unto people download my report but here is something that is really
cool this is the one my favorite function and this
called player entrance when the page load you can have
the actual player of the video do something really cool, action, animation let me show
you an example rule in, fade in & down , pulse, flip
in horizontally or even light-speed in ah let see a
bounce in front left and you look at from the top of your creen i'll do it again and
the player actually bounces from the left i love that i'm gonna keep that
one just like that now as you can see there also funny
little option on this page like adding watermark ou logo of the corner of your video having
a different option of how your control display ? and even
things like these what i really excited about password
protecting your videos you wanna make private protected video you can do that very quickly
very easy that's all gonna do for this one click next
now on these setting page one of the most exciting things
cause we can further customize the frame in which the video player is in composed so we
have all these different cool design and ? you can
upload more in the future i like this one right here
looks like i played inside in imc i can do also in ipod or in iphon setting let's go
ahead click this one and click next and on the next page
of settings is something and even more cool this is the option
on social viro sharing function ability for your videos now i'm ? doing in this video
ah just because i'm using these cool frame and click
yes there's ? i don't really like that ? on my download
page check out what you can do click yes you can drug things like fb then you choose the
url the etc.that you wanna use google+ just do this
on one line tweet button see i tell you what you want to
default tweet be all that cool stuff have all these social sharing function on here
whice i jus love this is something take ? i do some more
training for this in the future but loves continue
to finall page of the setting in order to finalize my video to ask me a question do
you want do you want to add interactive events to the
timeline of your video? what that's mean let go ahead
and find out let gonna click yes okay now i have to types of events or actions that
i can out it in my video in my left add event it means a certain time
of the video something ? which cause on my optin box
accept button and call the etc. to display the one on the right is chapter very excited
to using this because for my training videos my membership
program i can organize my videos much easy when i
have links to chapter people can have ? repeat simple click in a button for this or purposes
? today where we gonna click on the add events one okay this were got really cool were going
to identify what the event is we want to happen
when is gonna be happen all that good stuff so the first
thing i'm gonna do go back to my video here is my number one goals to get people to make
sure to download the free report that i have created
for than so action that have the button appear in
inside the video so i said mention it people can actually click on the video in order to
do that so let's do it now
okay i wanna have to back on the events another thing to pop up this is really cool and i
can select as you can see appear this is my entire video
timeline i see the first one appear and i can edited
this anytime i can go edit this one in anytime free cool i can do these a lot a more i have
a lot cool stuff like intro and in outro okay you
can have redirect when the video is done another web page also really cool for this video you
gonna say why because what type of video i'm doing
this is all i need i'm done guys all i'll gonna do is get all my embed code and your
all need to do that click this button right here
in this product thi is the page wher you can get your embed code and save it to your sites
fun for you just wanna copy these firts make sure to check this what i'm doing i wanna
send my videos i wanna click this and just copy so let's go ahead and lets
check out over on my sites okay now this is my old
version of my download page you can see my youtube video right here i've added the ? at
back in of my wordpress blog my content ? all good to go
figers cross lets we load the page and boom goes the
dynamite as you can see the video clips rigth in there like that i can go ahead and put
a little images and click play to get the most out free report
we go ahead and play it
and as you can see gut my little action comes in so you can download the report from
inside the video how can cool is that okay so once again this was a super short and sipmle
tutorial show you how to create and ? make over
for your videos and make more results out of them now i don't need to scratch the ? of
what is possible with easy video suite we can ? tracking with
can ? social sharing option we can do a lot of stuff
as you saw on more customisation links and actions and organizations inside the video
things you can ? outside of the video likes actually on the
web page on how many images or graphics or link pop up
on the certain time of video on the web page as in the video in the web page optin form
? buttons i and ? about this software right now easy
video suite this is hands down the best software on taking your video and video marketing to
next level it is quickly becoming an essential istable for any one who was using
video on the internet to marketer business you need
this for 2013 there's a link on the description box below on this video to learn and watch
my other video training coming up my tutorials
my reviews i loved every single thing about software i
know the owner personally ? put a lot of time effort, energy and money into the creation
of this product so go ahead click the link below this video
to learn more about the easy video suite ? of what you can do with your videos i'm James
Wedmore thank you so much for watching this and all
want to see you in my next video and make sure to subscribe!