Solavei Vision 2013 Webinar

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formed everyday through a currency sharing, great and small. a smile a shout a text
a hi 5, a like a hug. we know that our relationships make us better, make us strong, make us more than who we are.
Our relationships give us the power to do great things. that what makes Solavei possible. this is an idea worth sharing, so let's share it. the revolution is in your hand, so pass it from one hand to the next and the next after that. connect, share the idea. all it takes is one idea shared between two people to start an
unstoppable movement
The revolution starts here
And it starts now
and it starts with you. You are Solavei
Those of you
that are on this call this webinar tonight
will be leading the charge
and we'll tens of millions of dollars paid to Solavei members this year
for sharing Solavei with friends
their families
and their connections
So how did this revolution start?
it started with
a vision
to see millions of people's lives
positively impacted
a mission to make commerce less expensive
and even profitable for our members
What does that mean?
think of Costco and what they did to create one of the largest buying
centers in the world
they took to the collective buying power of millions of people their members
the drive down prices from suppliers
and pass those savings onto the members
is doing the exact same thing
but not just providing commerce less expensive
but rather going one step further
by shifting the millions of dollars of advertising to our members
for sharing Solavei thus
making it profitable
we truly believe
that Solavei is the first company that fully leverage the social graph to
create mutually beneficial
person-to-person economic relationships.
Solavei today is
leveraging four key trends
and the consumer behaviors is associated with them
to create a multi-billion dollar opportunity
the economy is today in the worst condition that it's been since the great depression
with fifty percent of the U.S. population making
less then thrity five thousand dollars a year.
Social media
has connected billions of people
in natural sharing environment
or mobile phones
have become an absolute necessity in our lives
and the industry direct sales has become a hundred and ten billion dollar industry
because it provides an opportunity for individuals earn
from sharing products
with people that they like and they trust.
a recent survey showed that ninety three percent of people
are more likely to buy a good or service if recommended by friend versus a print,
television, or radio ad
Now as you look at these trends, you can see
that there is companies that have created multi-billion dollar values
based on just one of the individual trends
the economy as an example
what did they leverage what behavior consumer behavior did they leverage, savings
people wanted to save.
the challenge that Groupon has had
is the high
acquisition cost of small and medium businesses
social media Facebook, I could put Twitter in there
billions of people wanting to be connected today, the behavior
is people wanting a natural connecting and sharing environment
the challenge Facebook has had, Twitter has had
is individually monetizing each of their users.
Mobile, AT&T
what is the behavior that being driven? Communication,
people want to talk to each other.
What is the challenge they've had?
Extremely high network infrastructure costs
prohibiting them from being truly competitive in pricing
you look at
direct sales a company, a multi-billion dollar company, like Avon.
What is the consumer behavior that they are actually driving?
they are driving the behavior of
someone wanting to earn additional income
by sharing with the people they know. What is the challenge?
if somebody has a choice between their electric bill
and a good or service, a lotion or a pill
they are going to choose their electrical every single time to get paid. Also an
having to make continued
recurring sale, having to sell it over and over and over again. It's not natural.
had taken those four behaviors
and use them
at the basis for creating patented technology,
built them into Solavei's social commerce platform
which enables our members
to pay less for goods and services
on products that our members use every single day.
it's already a share of their wallet and
our members are able to engage in community
and natural sharing and connected environment. Also
our members
have an opportunity to earn income
based on sharing the things
they like and use every single day.
living a wireless life
has become who we are
it's one of the largest
and fastest growing industries in the world and affects every one of us. Over six
point five billion mobile connections in the world
this year in the United States, there is over three hundred and thirty
million mobile connections
the average household has 2.1 cell phones and
each person's paying an average $71 for their monthly phone bill
over a hundred and fifty billion dollar industry. And then
we have a company have seen
that mobile phones
have become everything to us
and that's one of the reasons that Solavei's first social commerce offering was
and is mobile.
The mobile phone created an economic communication conduit
with all of our members each one of you there on this call
Also, the expense of our mobile phone has become the primary item one of the primary items in our
household budget.
we knew that by partnering with one of the leading mobile operators in the U.S., T-Mobile
that we could provide high-quality mobile service for members
and do it at a price
that is only $49 per month
for unlimited voice, text, and data
on a nationwide 4g network
making it cost less
then what our members have been paying before
and then
by building our social commerce platform
on top of the social graph
and plug into the
social networking companies like Facebook
like Twitter like YouTube, and others.
We could create
an environment
where our members
are directly connected naturally with their friends
and their families.
What do you typically do when you
find something that you like that's a good value you share it
we make it easy through our platform
to share Solavei
and create mobile service for
$49 a month unlimited voice text and data
instead of paying millions of dollars on a retail locations and advertising,
we pay you,
our members the ones
who pay less for their mobile service
and profit for sharing
this great mobile service with others.
Now, this is something that you're not going to find with AT&T
Verizon, or Sprint.
Solavei and our social commerce platform
but now created one of the
fastest growing mobile service providers in history
we launched live across the United States
just about four months ago on september 21st
and since that very first month
in just that four months time growing to over a hundred and twenty thousand
across the United States
not been done before
but more importantly
than the number of members that we have
is that now we are fulfilling the vision of the company
and seeing tens of thousands of lives positivily impacted
we've now paid out almost four million dollars to
thousands of our members across the United States
from individual getting their mobile service for free
to individuals earning enough to pay their mortgage payments
all becuase they said yes to
having Solavei's mobile service and sharing with others.
You know it's the stories
that we hear daily here
that makes us
at Solavei want do everything that we can
to see us hit our goal of paying over a billion dollars for members
for sharing Solavei with others.
Now I thought you would like
hear a few of the
thousands of stories
that are being shared
here to us at the company
on a daily basis.
Let's stop
and let's see if all of you find these stories as impactful
as they have been to me. Hopefully found that video of exciting as we did being
being we weren't able to see
the all the incredible stories that are there.
Heres what we're being told right now,
our lines literally being jammed
with thousands of the people across this country in the amount of bandwidth that's necessary to
roll these with
literally the tens of thousands
of people that are listening to this
uh... frankly i'd i consider this to be a
incredible good challenge that we have
to see how many people are here. Here's what we're going to do
we're going to make sure that we post both
the original video as well as this video
that actually shares with you some of the incredible stories
uh... of members that they have sent in from across the country that I know your going
to be
impacted by seeing
and we'll post them on YouTube so you can see them
up tomorrow
but again to underscore
what this is about, this is about people
this is about individuals seeing thier
um... the groceries being paid for, all because they said yes to a mobile phone
the hundreds and hundreds of stories we've heard, things you probably saw
on Facebook
where member saying
my Solavei pay card paid for christmas
or my Solavei pay card paid
uh... paid or electric bill
it's not about money it's about what money can do
and I love hearing the stories
of our members and the great things
that have happened from being apart
of Solavei today.
Why it so important
and effective
for us who have launched Solavei
into the social environment
because it creates a loud voice
for our brand and vast exposures to
millions of people
If you think about why large brand spend billions of dollars on advertising
they're not trying to create an immediate conversion on sale on that
product to the consumer
rather they are trying to create a mental imprint
so the next time you are wanting to buy,
you buy their brand
it's like when you watch a great commercial from Goodyear
it leaves a mental imprint so the next time you go to buy tires
and are presented with Michellin
or Goodyear
you pick Goodyear.
At Solavei
being embedded
and our social commerce platform being embedded it into the social graph
and you sharing Solavei as you've been on Facebook and Twitter
and all the other social networks
you were creating millions upon millions of mental imprints
a great mobile service
a company that pays you for sharing it
and an opportunity that it positively affecting families lives accross this
when someone is looking for a mobile service
for better value or somebody who's wanting to benefit financially based on
doing what they are naturally doing every day
they'll ask you for Solavei
how loud is your voice
J.D. Powers as many of you know is where most reputable uh...
companies uh... in the United States
that actually
monitors what customers are saying about the largest brands
Well, they also monitor the leading mobile operators across the country
and the number of impressions a number of impressions that
brands have
across online and the social networks
in just the last four months
Solavei has had almost four hundred million impressions
across online
and just the last month
we surpassed
all of the mobile operators in impressions. To think
you did that during the largest promotion and
advertising season in mobile, Christmas time.
To say that you are amazing,
is an understatement.
Intensified the sharing you are doing across social
and just imagine loud
and how many mental imprints we'll have
when we have a million members. Now what else,
J.D. Powers also monitors the net positive sentiment rating
of what everyone of saying about mobile services brand
and Solavei is doing something that have not been seen.
we have a ninety
five percent
net positive sentiment rating
compared to
the largest of the big four mobile operators
this is because of what you're saying
about Solavei. This is because of the experience
our members are having
with incredible
mobile service.
And being involved
with a company
that is setting a new path
and creating a new industry
which we call
social commerce.
In 2012
we launch Solavei
and in very short time, we have had
monumental growth.
We've broken records.
We've set major milestones.
and even moved an entire industry into a place of new thinking
We attracted
hundreds of the very best employees from industry leading companies in technology,
telecommunications, banking, e-commerce, and retail
we developed industry leading technology and the engine force
in the social commerce revolution.
We have attracted well over a hundred thousand members in just four months.
Now as great as
our acheivements have been over the last few months
we believe that 2013
will mark the beginning
of reinforcing our foundation
and our vision
We didn't start Solavei to be a company led by the conversation of sim cards
activation and mobile phones.
we started this company
to be about people
and a vision to make life better for many.
The bigger vision of Solavei was and is to start social commerce revolution
where people are the driving force of change
powered by everyday relationships. Now
we will focus our full
and our time to reinforce the bigger picture and the bigger purpose for what
Solavei was birthed for.
You are the revolution.
In 2013
you'll begin to see what that means
all of you have been the reason that this company with birthed
and here at Solavei
you will be celebrated
you will be recognized and you will be rewarded
we want you're voice to be the driving force a change in America and soon to be
the world
Solavei is going to provide you the microphone
and you
will be the voice. Yes,
Solavei provides leading mobile services for $49 a month
but Solavei
not about just being a mobile service company in nineteen hundred band expansion and
device speeds and
coverage but rather about doing things different.
It's about moving the billions of dollars of advertising by mass media to the greatest
form of advertising we know today, people, you
our Solavei members.
It's time we see what that means
and how lives will be affected positively
by being a part of that change.
In 2013
Solavei's social commerce platform
will fully begin to be unveiled into the market.
your everyday using your mobile phone,
and an economic relationship
has been established.
You've shared Solavei with others and
some of you that have
three, ten, hundreds, some of you have thousands of members already in your networks, where
it's when we introduce our next good in service
and everyone begins using it, because it's
something that they and you use every day
that you will immediately see an immediate economic benefit because
your network will begin using it
it costs less and
you're gonna get paid
your decision to have Solavei as your mobile service provider
could have been that one of the greatest
decisions of your life.
We want our members to experience
the power
for the social commerce platform that we created
the launching
into Q2 of this year
will be Solavei Retail.
What does that mean?
that means where you go out
and you're doing what you do every day
shopping for goods and services.
taking that very pay card
that you have that has been deposited on every two weeks
because you happen share Solavei mobile service with others
every two weeks
another deposit
is happening directly into your Solavei Visa Pay Card
the money is already there.
So, you go to the very places
the hundreds and hundreds of stores and
service providers
like you always do, except
will have created
a relationship with them
whereby those companies want Solavei members. Remember that
example I gave of Costco
what they were able to do by driving
cost down
because of the millions of members that they have
the very same thing here.
The relationship of
the largest brands in
United States wanting to work with Solavei
and in Q2
now when you go shop there
not only are you able to get great value
but those brands
paying Solavei two to twelve percent
every dollar that you buy
being paid back to Solavei
of which fifteen cents of every single dollar gross profit
will paid back to you,
Members of Solavei. So the question is
how big will your network be by Q2
where everyone
everything that they daily has a potential
to benefit you
and you families lives. So
we built our social commerce platform
** -- ** to currency,
and language.
So what that means we have that we can deploy Solavei and our
mobile service offering to other regions around the world
the same network deal that we did with T-Mobile is the same network deal we can
do with some of the largest mobile operators around the world.
Our only limitation is people
and every one of us knows on this phone
on this webinar
someone somewhere else around the world
in 2013
we begin expanding global beginning
with one of the most connected content in the world, Europe.
In Q2
we will begin to phase expansion
and launch
our very first country
it's one
that's connected to the world
one month prior launch
we will notify all of you
so that you can start building
and start creating a wave of momentum in that country unlike anything they
have seen before.
Any of you who are with us saw what happened
several weeks before we launch Puerto Rico
a wave of momentum has to cross that country thousands of people in just that very first
wanted to become a part of Solavei. And now thousands of people
across Puerto Rico are.
Now just imagine
the hundreds of thousands of members
that we will have
when we launch into the next country
where you will all of us will
create a wave of momentum of socially
in that environment
where individuals wanting to be apart
of Solavei. Now
We'll notify you
and you can start building
we'll create that wave of momentum
for those of you who qualify for social networker and above
you're going to be invited
to be a part of our European launch team
to be with us
for the launch events.
I can't wait
to be with all of you then. Now
to align all of our activities,
the expansion of the social commerce platform
into the goods and services categories
and expansion
into the global market
and provide rapid acceleration
of Solavei members networks
beginning today
we'll define the contract fast action bonus as the U.S.
almost service pat
beginning today
the backlash some bonus for all new social members
will be changing two fifty dollars pre-trial
up to
or trios we've been there for sixty days
out is that ok
any of our current social members
currently in their backyard
purity paid on all your previous that structure that's been uh...
we are preparing everything in spite of celebrate
is my pleasure
at this point
the in tradition
appointment become
not just a great friend but someone who i've come to respect
as one of the great minds
because no g_m_ brian
a market a product
as a friend to the community
accross the industry and technology telecommunication
in and out of an innovator
individual that
wire to soul about eighty percent
decades in telecommunications that
a_t_ and t_
e resembled a terrorist business from a couple hundred million dollars annual
revenues into
uh... would have now word eight billion dollar a year
revenue business
in one of the ones response overdoing the item deal with
the job
with a team to be
my great pleasure to introduce you to market a product
allows all day
well it is exciting with all of the time we deliver the world's largest webinar
that we are gathered we tried to deal with very elegant died
lesson learned on that one
example hopefully all you are getting there
um... these right now are becoming a real relevant jobs right now hopefully
hear loud and clear out there caught the country exciting news ride you share
about product expansion about about our geographic that expansion
and it did you get that we got to stop on the so-called called back
let me take you down for a couple things here
first off
just wanna give you a quick update on the network on the mobile network that
we built the popular would make we made a decision to go with chemo here will be
launched up business
and it's really proven to be really smart move
on what we've done what we did in the pool party that we chose
it could change to a naturally in their network team to expand the coverage in
the footprint
and also have made great progress and reforming their network and moving etc
to a treaty unfortunate work that all those millions uh... a_t_ and t_
customers about how you doing
who would love to cut the phone bill in half would love to come to sell and
there for forty eight
kick metropolitan areas now
forty-six metropolitan area that can actually get great free four g survey
aren't all that
give you credit heard of any of these little little town
new york what angeles often chicago aller
spelled biamby the ako atlanta last eight years
just to name a few
we're off to a hundred and twenty five million people in this country
yet three and four g coverage
runs olivetti in those markets
some friend okay
but we have millions and millions of people out there all the phones today
get great rocket mobile service
once all of that
do you have to be excited about that i know are excited about that
got a lot of great content coming your way allied reprogrammed
out of every part of the network
let's go we farm a_t_t_'s customer base
now how about some of the stuff that we don't get a big improvement acquire was
talking about
this is all about the withdrawal up with the member in the senate
we started this business
all this was all perfect
we had to get this thing started were building a whole new concept
holding idea hold the platform rap social comment
and we had to start the fire
with the kindle in the pilot mobile
and appreciate what we did at the end of last year it will be focused on global
service delivery mobile service we we computed white out there
the largest mobile provided on the planet spend more money on advertising
anyone else in the world
i spent most of that around christmas
and we'll aprajitaa add to that attracted already showed you we had a
greater share boys
into social environment
that it doesn't need
now or in the new year now we're really going to get to work on bill the more we
intended to build here to sort of commerce platform network
it's wall about you
we should be right back with your reply
a lot of marketing web site that's going to go live tonight
putting you in the center of the brain because if you remember story there
much better instantly highlight the opportunity of soul of and what it means
to become part of a sort of commerce network
and b dot watchin conniption for five people were more servicemagic but people
in the air
my objective redefining this what within five minutes
accomplice i'd never heard of solely before she don't work out should know
what we're doing it should be excited to join depression the robot students can't
make it a lot easier for you folks to be getting beget new rowly that's going to
get too excited about when people in this new site and service
even beyond that
to preach it should be more into the fray
we're going to be angry or try member contact let me know if the game is
notification to try to post them in the fee and started to post them in face
for alar real-time basis the ability to post that now white into the website
why didn't you write a everybody is
congratulated by people come in and shake and bake
it's going to happen in real time it's going to be showing people what it's all
about the part of the social commerce network
which fossil all about sharing
the about
be able to make out get this concept and then give you the tools you need to go
straight to the words
this social cars flap on the whole status platform is being able to very
simply go out and spread
the word we do a lot of work on iraq which manager a lot of work to go and
build the capabilities within that platform still argue that usually go and
share now we're going to be doing is lighted up with greater contact lighted
up with those member stories whited out with all the details around all the
markets that that people can do the iphone game lighten it up with all the
great stop that that that really will motivate people dot com and want to find
out more a comment to consolidate members
they continue to build your networks keep going to go in he was outreach
manager he wasn't who provided features imagine if we continue to talk about
improving communicating it to work with everyday to make it better and better
and better
general i thought
what although our mobile
you know that i should write out out there you know you've been able to
download that deals with those of you bought homes from what you've got that
out of bed under followed
now also baba's available
underground station
and you know what's great about accidental pictures right here take a
look at right now
what role does
those are ac loads
and i'm just checking that out
asset or a letter and i thought to be out of the oklahoma will experience to
be capitalized archetypal
you just go directly to you
myvimo battle of lake probably arrive at all
you above r dot right on the air on your paycheck character i called strain
and rock-and-roll
your you're communicating you should be michael the expiry armadillo i'm
but you see a chance
there's still a little bit more what about how do i have a look at what
common in march we will now have a mouse
so he will be able to get four five
forty nine dollars unlimited police detective data
arora supportive network
prediction made where i get some of that
uh... they keep displayed that jim is delivered
yet and energy and a bitter
over the top
yes it is an understatement
that is uh... that is not what i i looked at me into the odds every single
antibiotic and a lot about what i'm here with everything that happened product
that region may be some action
for that
job training
increase your that
we begin to recognize you
our objective
is that we did she wrote
recognize statements like never before
we'll celebrate you working milestones of accomplishment
and i want to party and i think geno type kickoff party
already for doing that like to accompany you doing folks you were the ones that
this is all about
i'd like to recognize to individuals
better very short period of time
and in fact the balance of life across a country
positively affecting them
and a have achieved the riots rental company compensation
we recognize code they in
the water miranda from tulsa oklahoma
lab today
and become social network perspiration
a part of our social
director story apart compensation plan
without making thousands of dollars monthly for sharing solely with others
okay are you on the phone
cancer and beauty
i guess she's you know they are just wanna tell you that i am congratulations
do you think social director three today before the uh... women are began
and i could be
more excited and water
that you're part of this company
and uh... had to have you had some water
we go ahead
well and we are so thankful and grateful for their review but what really
happened for a family
we give glory to a wintry beauty describes wrote for bringing that to get
the syllabi to up you know all of you that may not know mediums were at work
here and uh... internet line and we are multi-million treatment also homeier
enough that one and i couldn't be more excited about to be part of fellow baby
'cause when we originally got involved it was because of the forty nine dollars
on limited boy started that ill treatment literally like two thousand
dollars a year that for up to its you know i might be able to use or school
for diapers for different things in our life we'll tell you that we had a lot of
a clinton family that
could benefit from the train services and see the fact that we had to we
started sharing out with a close friend and family that that we we have a round
of and uh... you know in sharing suddenly became are mobile service would
freeze effect within thirty days we had to want a club and we started to make it
work now who knows a month which to uh... that was just huge and uh... now
that we've read and social director three were earning more ryan that we'd
ever made and now we can give more to go to the people yet allowed us to be off
um... you know that one of the student loans hot car loans will give more
torture twitches huge uh... desire wide we'd love to elevate and that means a
lot to work you know the reason do you think the reason wants although they
have become so would be really wasn't real special because were able to help
other people and feed them you know we get out of debt bird feeder lives change
forever so ryan
sullivan thank you so much for doing a good opportunity we're sold so thankful
back to you
lagrangian graduation day
lied about that and i think that one
pablo a great pleasure ab to introduce to you this
nectar that this will do
i'm really everyone across united states uh... that the parcel of a
had come to that
though about police in
norbart leadership
uh... because in this very short period of time in
really lesson
about ornette months
bumper network is growing to over forty thousand people cross country
just tremendous momentum the bill
ever single bed
uh... would be preferable
i couldn't be more and boost in armored that have her
bumping tonight day
uh... all the time of opportunity to do and
and i'm just going to be a bit of a prize
but that the night we all get to collectively uh... congratulate spacing
and uh... and welcome
uh... to congratulate her
we're becoming our very first social executive
in philadelphia
as of today
secured the ranks
social critic of two
i'm proud of you she happens to be sitting here in the bremen tonight there
is a
a group of people bring in the end outlaw
orange county
para chocolate covered strawberries
in a big celebration for her becoming our very first
those who decade in the company and that we're so proud of the state
to uh... a little buddy rich right now because of
the efforts that the chief of the n_ and eighty again congratulations
but first i want they have grateful that i a m deepak bhatt
and around the bike shop coverage dot
and i'm still grateful at first already foreign this incredible network
over a hundred
twenty thousand
people that are passionately building
not mobile carrier not
at the competition with building a revolution that had the potential
it change people of life practically
abt though it may have changed my life
we were paying over four hundred dollars a month for our mobile services
and today
uh... because the money by making obviously this will never happen cell
phone bill again that's not being paid by that purple picard
we started off with kids
twelve really great people
that when i've got twelve people started with a strategy that
uh... we do believe that relationships really could make the difference
and dogs twelve people going out and getting twelve
helped me become a out there in my first
but we didn't stop there we'd
we continued on with this
eight mentality a trio of mentality we just kept saying everybody let's have a
trio of wheat mentality
touch three people every week sheer with them
need to take mike's right now they need the social commerce revolution
and that personally of the last few months at i'd personally by several
direct people interest all of that
uh... constituent today even thinking
that i get my
three people this week
you know
eight i think the followed like everybody else butler
in to post a comment revolution now hearing tonight it's been shopping it
going to be looked at our family got the great thing that i had to go out of town
on paper that money that i really want
i mean socialist on face book and
and social and we'd
i talk to people every day i think i kind of need and what we're doing a
ninety-day bataya launched
i had to be able to look at network that grew just in that short period of time
to over carried out forty thousand
people and to say
you know i don't like to talk about the money but i think it's important for you
to know that
you know making over twenty thousand dollars a month
that life-changing appeared to you i think twenty-five years into excel
haven't seen your biography by bringing a major corporation another entrepreneur
just like everyone else dreaming that of that company that would come along that
we really cookie dough viral
it's not like done for me right now but it's what i've seen it happen and i
liked the film any others you know that
their regional twelve people
read one of them are making over a thousand dollars a month some two
thousand five thousand
even over ten thousand dollar could not get your property
and i a minute
here that he didn't want to be a change for us
at all because of the
social complex revolution
and where we're headed reviewed our phone we share with other people doing
what we already gave everyday
and creating a ripple effect
in my life
you know started with me in my life
now look at my watch and think about that right now
but in fact with me
if removal service
you know how many people you know by now that that would change their life
kind of a change a lot of matrimony except thousand dollars a month would
mean to you
and your family
and that's why we want to hurt you to join the one k club because about them
there with all of that certified and have your mobile pathetically every
month the committee except that one dollar per month for most people that
would change their world
i think that would be a project me and my life
have you read us some so-called revolution give me an opportunity to
reach my world by helping battered
joining the want a club we begin to create that we have bought that have
in their lives of others
you're hearing about something called the one case challenge
wants to challenge it where we take that same ripple effect might that mean my
my world
and we begin to create out there across the nation eventually now we hear
the water oil me your first goal he did you get free mobile thirty slipping into
the first time
involved today make your first golf
began remarkable talent i think we can only nine people have what we call the
it's all ok earned that free mobile service
well my life what did that mean well my life and you become
album daring to join the want a cloud
the campground in your earning more than a thousand dollars per month but she had
felony mobile fed up with others
the qualify for the one case complimentary to the rest of social
connector three
wants twelve-member jury received special recognition
and the word
date forward
well in any might well ultimate challenge
now one other thing that the fact that you always cheerleaders explain to their
rightful a day
it's not about how much they're making it's about how much empowering others
you become out there with holiday then begin creating out there checking your
direct involvement
went out the one k challenges creative strategies to reward people
but focusing in on their team and we do create wealth about that there's no
joined the legacy products
experience exclusive of war
and more
but tonight we are watching the want a challenge program
we want
nooks and a falcon there's created across the world with all of that
what do you have received with the website challenge program you're gonna
repeat email coaching for a ninety-day proven strategies that you'd used by our
top members
you know i'm going to get a challenge roadmap attitude toward and ability
if tap into a autumnal community with other people who have committed to take
the website challenge
interdiction you're going to regard
sparring story
and motivation to keep you going to continue to develop their network
but democrats candidates left for the challenge
argue after not only changed your life but running around impact in the world
around him
will go to my sulekha
right now and commit to the one k challenge
once you've made the commitment
entry of this week made a commitment to tax free all week mentality
and and
he can about india celebrate out there and qualify
without the bearings and a trip
where we are going to create out there there's all caf provoked
and incredible
again congratulations
thank you
but may not be reversed
always remember
the date january at that first day
with forty three dollars you on this web organized comeback and it wasn't that
one of the gold etc
i mentioned to competition here within the party
goldfish bell and the bond album the balcony and i believe not every single
person that is with me on that on the calms webinars
the balcony wrist
in two thousand and they're working
the system the tools
in the process
is now in your hands
tomorrow morning
you're going to see on my pistol avast
the one k
all you have to do
is clear fiat invited
but take the one k challenge
you're gonna love
what you see
and you know all of which are going to be getting on a weekly basis
aged now become
a-one capable of it
challenge member
we look forward to figure out what ford if he joined already beat renderings of
algiers we've across the country
we're growing at the moment of across country to two thousand thirteen it will
we take it life
we will be candid
or death
going life
accross the country the story
wanting our be reversed
three regional
garden with florida
in april
gathered in california imag
building to our national conference
which allowed in
in seattle
in october
and even there
initiate some of the nation's top performing members
your story though
part of the pattern members live
so that are there
receive level for the treatment and rank
whiskey recognition award civil unrest allentown left the ninety day time
extranet on marketing strategies are working for top recording members
and for those of you have attained
the rank of ballinger by that time
eurasia roadmap social a decade trained
pathetically poor though still a breakdown of yours
whereas i think about
what is going to happen
and weary but whether or not
and weren't bruised
many of you know that this week
brought to you on the plane many of the leaders over a hundred people giving on
planes going to
of the people i want a mallet
as we celebrate a lot of the achievement of having the farm
we would've had a new a new foundation today will increase in newmarket enough
and beginning today
we watch
or two thousand thirteen
the balcony a row
but recall me before caribbean away because of the fee
eugene everyone of you
all you have to do illiberal fifty new members
personal connection one
avenue thirteen new members
in your pc two level
perceive the first package
work every additional twenty five new members added to your pc two
you're gonna crude even with more style
they're going to be an exciting time together
uh... in the month of december this'll go between
january one to those of you who have
come on in just a course for the last couple weeks
things that you've already done
are going to count toward your qualifications were between january
and may the thirty first
it is going to be
uh... approach
created many balcony area that we can
make it to the two thousand overcame bruised on the people will preview
if i am
we put the pedal to the metal
to about one thirty
uh... is a time that we will impact nation
we will begin to impact the world
it is it time that we could
jim said earlier today
death on the fire
and to do that too x
celebrate the momentum
and to enable each and every one of you
and not only get your mobile service for free
at shearing sold a with others
but all week
becoming one of the one k club members
and become one of our our names
but if you want to have white unpacking
uh... results by being
uh... like katie and michael band-like many other great topic will be members
we have worsened literally wife altering financial impact
put me in your hand for the time
enrollment fee
you come into baalbek
starting today
dole a will weigh
forty nine dollar roman p
which will significantly reduced
the barrier to entry
personally membership
unneighborly all of our members to rapidly
accelerating global networks bought his country
org o_ r_ objective news
millions of people's lives of papa believe package by coming and being a
part of sullivan
i think we thank you
to getting your mobile service for
forty nine dollars a month unlimited texting aboard sporty nationwide of nine
dollars in part
your part
by believe equated opportunity
it'd surface
state now
would be taken
throughout the world
we all have
the goldman products
all of you today
all of you that are on this webinar
patty opportunity
to be the biggest
but this opportunity
we will have of million members
to adopt one thirteen
will be the march
two one million members
we will create
thousands upon thousands of albany rs
we will have
hundreds of thousands
of individuals giving their mobile service perforated
pondered about and the people
being meaningful
and financially expected awaits chuvas or doing on this webinar tonight
cheering seldane with others
work for and if it works
fifty million dollars to our members into doubt on thirteen
that we've all watched
but when congress tried to avert the financial clip
what i can see on the table and how weak the u_s_ economy is
soul of a and our members this year
are going to show that we have the charger for part of the economic change
i'm putting a platform but company in the hands
of individuals across our country
enabling them the benefit based on what they're already doing naturally every
single day
by the way so there are members this year
will so that we have the answer
and yes i do feel a dream
but i had two thousand eleven coming true
without with upon thousand of our members
will be on the white house lawn
being celebrated for creating be social commerce revolution
turns out that they're trained
it or march
to a million we will be together would know company at ever done before
i couldn't be prouder
be locked arm-in-arm with the chicken
that i wake up
i do want to die
one of the product
that interest rates report
and that is getting to be
all focused on the thing vision
affecting possibly
millions of people blogs
thank you for being on this
webinar tonight
i look forward to the great things that we're going to be doing together
and i look forward to being deterred everyone of you
o'clock this country this year
a great night