Classicville Video Reviews - Mortal Kombat (Mega-Drive/Genesis/SNES)

Uploaded by classicville on 02.04.2010

Let's take a second to sum up the past few years in video game controversies. From this.
To this. To this. Did gaming have controversies like this back in the 90's? Heck yes. And
what game could possibly spring to mind, maybe if I mentioned digitised gore and characters
kicking the crap out of each other? Yeah. Mortal Kombat. Quite tame in today's standards,
yet it maintains the position of one of the most controversal games ever made. And why
you ask? Fatalities. Bringing the end to your opponent in some of the most creative and
just awesome ways ever. Let's face it, without all the gore, blood and violence, Mortal Kombat
really wouldn't have done as well as it has done. As the actual fighting isn't that great,
especially in comparison with some of its sequels and games such as Street Fighter II.
Another thing worth mentioning would be the differences in the SNES and Genesis or Mega-Drive
versions. Back in the day, Nintendo had crazy policies and Mortal Kombat no gore, none at
all. And what was we left with? We was left with sweat. Yeah seriously now, if the controls
are MEDIOCRE, and the sound is MEDIOCRE and the graphics are MEDIOCRE, and the only thing
it had going for it is removed, what are you left with? A piece of crap. Okay so it's not
that crappy, but without the gore, which just happens to be great, it's not worth having,
even if it looks and plays better than the SEGA version. As for the SNES or Genesis versions,
choose your destiny. As for the Master System and Game Boy versions, we'll have to talk
about that some other time.