Alexandria, VA 's DIY Guide to Water Extraction!

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>> JOEL: Water damage or flooding in your home
can be quite a stressful situation; and because
it is such an uncommon disaster, not many
people are prepared for it when it does happen.
But don't panic, there are many things you
can do to minimize the amount of damage
caused to your home.
The first step to take is to turn off the
main water supply to your home; that way, if
the damage was caused by a plumbing leak,
this will prevent any excess water from
coming into your home.
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It's also a good idea to turn off the main
breaker to your home; that way, if any
electrical components or wiring are in contact
with the water, you're not at risk to being
The next step is to try to determine what
type of water you're dealing with. If the
water is murky, or has a foul smell, it is
probably best that you try to minimize the
contact you have with it. If you have small
children, or people with immune deficiencies
in the home, it's probably best that they
evacuate the property until the damage has
been restored.
You should also take as many photographs of
the affected areas as possible; that way,
it's well documented for your records and for
your insurance company. Once you have
contacted your insurance company to confirm
that your policy covers the damage, it's
advised that you contact a professional water
extraction company to fully assess, and
fully restore the damage.
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While you wait for help to arrive, it's a
good idea to try to locate where the leak is.
This will make it easier for your insurance
company, and for the water extraction company
you contacted.
You can also begin to elevate the furniture
in the affected areas off the ground with
blocks or something else sturdy you can find;
this will prevent any further damage from
happening to it. Do not move the furniture to
a dry part of your home, as this may spread
the damage and cause further contamination
to your home.
If you need help finding a restoration company
you can trust, visit
We provide free estimates, work with all
insurance companies, and we offer a 60-minute
emergency response time.
Just remember whatever you do to act fast,
as mold, mildew and other structural problems
can start to develop within 48 hours.
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