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Namaste! My name is Satyajit Kharkar. I live in Chicago. In March 2012 I visited my hometown, Aurangabad, in India.
While I was at Aurangabad, just by coincidence, I met a young and very talented artist (poet) -- Omkar Vidya.
When Omkar was about 2.5 -- 3 years old, he said 'Mother -- I have a poem, please write it down for me.
At that time I was very surprised. I thought, does he even know what a 'poem' meant
I said ok go ahead and tell me. He said, well first get a writing pad and pen then I will tell you.
Although Omkar is such a talented person he always very modest and never shows off.
He always encourages me to write and improve on my writing abilities.
Is he your big brother?
Yes. When I write essays for school exams I read those to him.
He sometimes smiles and asks me why did you write it like it?
I tell him I wrote it what I could. He wants me to further develop ideas and improve on my writings.
Then sometimes we fight. I ask him not to tell me how to write things.
He then asks me not to be upset and rather think about what he is saying.
[Satyajit] So do you listen to him?
Sometimes! But, mostly, I do what I feel like doing...
[Satyajit] So you do what you want to do? [Vaishnavi] Sometimes...
The coincidence was such that the first poem Omkar wrote was about 'Lord Ganesha'
It had only four lines but it was really nice.
When I was writing the poem down for him, I was very surprised, considering his age at the time to find such an interesting selection and arrangements of words.
I asked him if he heard this poem somewhere else before?
He said no, this is my poem. For a long time I could not believe that it was his poem!
This eventually turned into his hobby. He would develop poem and I would write it down.
One thing I would like to say Omakar speaks English very well, but he cannot spell words.
The reason is that his eyes haven't read a single word but he only knows words as he has heard them.
Omkar knows meaning of each word but, unavoidably, he can't spell words.
I won't use the word 'unfortunately' but rather just say 'unavoidably' because he has not seen those words or written them.
He can also tell meaning of similar sounding words, although, he can't spell them.
We did not know he had Cerebral Palsy.
We knew he was born prematurely, he was slow in his development
We understood it..when he was diagnosed was very difficult for us..why us? and what do we do now?
but all our family and particularly my father in law were very supportive.
He said there is no point being sad about the situation and let's focus shaping Omkar's positive future.
[Soft music playing]
And as he has 'Cerebral Palsy' he could not do things on his own.
He cannot walk, nothing really, he could not go out to play.
He did not have many friends, no -- play dates. For most time it was Omakar and just two of us. That was it.
Then he would keep asking us ..why this happened to me? Why can't I go play with them (other kids)?
Those kids play together, run around, why can't I do the same?
At that time it was very difficult for us to explain it to him..why this happened to him..
His mind needed to be engaged in some other from early on we read him story books, played audio (books)tapes.
He started to enjoy those things.
He really enjoyed Pu. La. Deshpande, Shivajirao Bhosale. Their audio tapes he really liked.
One good thing was, as he was not getting distracted by other things, he used to listen with complete focus.
[Loose translation by Omkar] Poem "My Friend Moon"
Oh dear moon don't you know our relation is intimate. Why aren't you showing up off late?
I don't show up? this is just tongue in chick. I yearn to meet you kids but you have become a T.V freak
T.V. has taken me out of your sight and as they say out of sight is out of.......
If it really happens to me, it would be the greatest plight.
Our relation is an intimate one all of you please be mind full of it for when I meet you
I feel happy I feel up beat, I feel happy I feel up beat.
We started physical therapy since, at that time, it was one of the most effective treatments available for Cerebral Palsy.
That's where we came across Ms.Barpande. She insisted that we enroll him in a school.
We had to decide if we put him in a school for disabled or developmentally challenged kids or a regular school.
Omkar was afraid that other kids would pick fights with him and he would not able to defend himself.
We went to a school called Swami Vivekanand Academy.
They were really nice to Omkar and principal suggested that we enroll him in English language classes.
We were not sure how he would be able to learn English but we decided to try it for two months to see how he grasps the things.
Ms Sathe was his 1st grade teacher. She told other kids in Omkar's class that they all were going to take care of Omakar.
She told other children that it's their responsibility to take care of him.
No one to bother him
She knew Omakar liked to make poems. She asked him if he could make a poem in English.
When he was in the 1st grade he made a poem, the topic was 'New Year'.
It was a simple poem but his teacher really liked it and she encouraged him to develop few more new ideas.
With her encouragement and appreciation he started to like and enjoy his school.
When we took him to funfairs, it was hard for us to carry him in our hand for 2 -- 3 hours.
Our hands would ache and we could not do all activities with him despite of his wish.
These frustrations or suppressed thoughts, he brought it out via one of his poems.
He made poem called 'The Fun Fare'. He made it after we came back from a town fare. The poem goes something like..
[Loosely translated] The Fun Fare is fun for kid but for parents it's a punishment. They take me there only after much resistance
They say let's go there on a holdiday and have lots of fun, but once we get there, they say don't do this and that
you will catch a cold if you eat ice cream
Giant wheel will make you dizzy.. The dragon train goes very fast so you can't ride it..
so finally they let me have one or two rides and they say let's go home, we will have fun next time.
How did you feel when you heard that Omkar is nominated for the national Balshree award?
I was extremely happy, it is impossible to describe those feelings in words!
All his hard work was recognized.
We were ecstatic to know that his dream to meet Dr.Kalam (President of India) was going to become true!
After the award ceremony its a tradition that Mr.President mingles with all the kids.
There was a feast for all the kids. The president was surrounded by kids.
Omkar's problem was that he was on his wheel chair and could not approach Mr.President.
We were with Omkar but did not feel comfortable approaching Mr.President directly.
Later, somehow, we gathered courage and talked his security personnel.
The security person right away informed Mr.President about Omkar's situation and that Omkar wants to speak with him.
Mr.President came and shook hands with Omkar. They chatted a bit.
Then Omkar said to Mr. President - Sir, I would like to gift a poem to you.
Omkar said, Sir the poem is written in Marathi but I would like to translate and recite that for you in English.
Since Omkar has difficulty in speaking so it was impossible for him to recite the poem for Mr. President in a time frame as it would take for a normal person to read...
But Mr.President heard his poem patiently and very compassionately ...
In that poem Omkar says that he (Mr.President)has devoted his entire life to science and the science is his better half..
When I heard his poem the very first time, my comment was, Omkar why did you say that 'Science' is his better half?
In that poem there is one line that "Science is his better half"
Now we all know Dr.Kalam is a monk. He is a renunciation.
so lot of people were surprised when they read the line.
and they said why have you written so? Do you know what it's implications are?
I said ..Please look at it minutely. I said science is his better half, not his wife.
because a wife can resort to divorce but the better half is inseparable.
and science or atomic field is absolutely inseparable
Indispensable as far he is concerned.
so Dr.Kalam also enjoyed the line and he appreciated poem very much!
I had an opportunity to meet Sachin Tendulkar(Cricket Player)and it was one heck of an experience!
I wanted to meet him since my early childhood
So I was waiting for it..waiting for the moment
and it finally presented itself before me
[Satyajit] How was it? [Omkar] It was just awesome!
[Satyajit] What he said to you? [Omkar] He said ..he asked me..
Where do I belong? Do I watch cricket matches regularly?
and which team I like the most?
Which aspects of the cricket I like the most? and so on..
[Satyajit] Very nice! so It was like a dream come true?
Absolutely it was a dream come true!
These two gentlemen Dr.Kalam and Tendulkar
I wanted to meet them not just for the sake of meeting celebrities
I wanted to meet them for the way they carry themselves
and the kind of admiration they get from people
These two people have throughout showed to the world.
That dreams can be chased
and they come true if..
if we strive for their fulfillment!
Next person in my wish list is...
Singer Lata Mangeshkar!
[Radio playing Lata Mangeshkar song]
Poem "My Dream"
One day, God come in to my dream and touched to my skin and I saw the god
I say, oh god please give me the power to self walk.
Then God said to me okay son I listen to you
but first you must try and then I said to God, okay now I will try and touch to the sky!
We were suugested by the "Bal Bhavan" officials to go to Delhi atleast two days in advance prior to "Balshree" competition
and meet with the assigned writer for Omkar
so that they both can understand each other and do well in the selection examination.
So we did go there in advance but for some reasons we did not meet or know about with the assigned writer
exam was next day and we still did not know who was the writer assigned for him?
So we were stressed out and Omkar was upset because he said, if the person could not understand my pronunciation
then how he/she can write it on paper for me during the exam?
So he said I wont appear for the exam but I said no we have to as we come this far.
It so happened that Madhu Pantji --Director of Balbhavan was in Delhi for the next day's opening ceremony.
She was in a meetings but we somehow managed to meet her along with Omkar's teacher Mrs.Pauskar, she explained the situation to Madhuji.
Mrs.Pauskar insisted that he must appear for the exam.
they called Omkar inside the meeting room they asked him to recite his poems..
after he recited one or two poems his teacher Mrs. Pauskar unexpectedly said to the Director that my student is so talented that he can Instantly compose a poem on you!
we were bit dumbstruck when she said so... because to write something about a person you must know at least few things about that person. That was some moment. I felt like running away from the room.
Mrs. Pauskar said okay Omkar go ahead create a poem on Madhuji.
We thought Omkar will probably say I don't know anything about her so I can't do it.
but rather he said give me two minutes to compose in my head..I will say a few lines for her.. so Madhuji said it's okay.. let's hear few lines...
so after two minutes she asked are you ready? Omkar said yes..
His dad and I started looking at each other ..expecting a fiasco
He knew that her name is Madhuji and she was a big official in Delhi. She had a very impressive personality.. so he said
[Loosely translated] Madhuji has a great personality.. She is also a top official in Delhi...
She is the one who recognizes talented children.. Hat's off to her .. Hat's off to her ..
So everyone in the room stood up and they said Hat's off to you Omkar.. this is what creativity is ..Hat's off to you!
The director was also very happy. Next day they honored Omkar by inviting him to lit the lamp for opening ceremony.
[Loose translation by Omkar] A Life..
A Life whose back was pushed hard against the wall. A life that found itself mired in a brawl, brawl with destiny.
The life was too feeble to bare the blows and it seemed that it would become destiny's bunny.
A life whom destiny tried to throttle but god averted the debacle.
Throughout the vigil parents kept their tether, and got around the life that was under the weather.
They stood by the life in the brawl. And soon destiny threw in the tall. The God smiled.
Everybody felt goose bumps God said to parents may they feel gratified your womb and sperms.
God bestowed the life with lyrical power, the life now basks in his gracious showers
...the life now basks in his gracious showers.