Ben Baller S1, Ep. 3 of 6: Rob Kardashian Spends $50k On "Grown Man" Jewelry

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BEN BALLER: My name is Ben Baller.
And you probably recognize me pushing fancy whips, stunting
in the nightclubs, or sitting courtside at the Laker games.
But the rest of the world knows me as the jeweler to the
stars, Ben Baller.
BEN BALLER: Rob, what's up?
ROB KARDASHIAN: Yo, I need to talk to
you about some jewelry.
I want you to come see my new spot and check it out.
Let me know when you're free, my man.
BEN BALLER: I can probably be there like in 20.
ROB KARDASHIAN: Come through, I'm just chilling here.
No doubt.
Rob Kardashian's been super busy since he almost won
"Dancing With the Stars." Rob used to wear a lot of jewelry
that I'd put on the shelf.
He'd buy things here and there for his girl or something.
But with him getting into a grown man, he's not really
wearing crazy diamond chains or anything like that.
So I really don't know what to expect.
BEN BALLER: 'Sup, doggie?
ROB KARDASHIAN: How are you?
BEN BALLER: All right.
Look at you, finally got a little spot.
ROB KARDASHIAN: It's nothing crazy.
BEN BALLER: It's better than having to creep about your
sister's crib.
ROB KARDASHIAN: No, no, no, no, this is--
BEN BALLER: "Dancing With the Stars," I'm
still laughing at that.
I was dying, bro.
ROB KARDASHIAN: I can't-- any time someone says something I
say, thank you, and it's usually from an
old woman or a mom.
I can't even like watch that show.
BEN BALLER: I hate that show, period.
But think--
BEN BALLER: Bro, think, I have had Floyd, I've had Louie
Vito, my boy Apolo won it, and then you came second.
ROB KARDASHIAN: I almost got it.
BEN BALLER: If homeboy didn't burn his face,
you would have won.
ROB KARDASHIAN: You can't say that.
Speaking of jewelry, I'm all about yellow gold, that's it.
And this little chain isn't doing me justice.
BEN BALLER: Because I don't know, dude.
ROB KARDASHIAN: I like real small, classy rope
chain with a Jesus.
BEN BALLER: Grown man.
Like on some Guido, but not really.
ROB KARDASHIAN: But not really, because I'm not about
being Guido.
BEN BALLER: Yeah, yeah, trust me.
Do you trust me or you don't trust me?
BEN BALLER: Anyways, the cross and the thing, somewhere like
around $8,000, somewhere around there.
But don't even trip on that.
Earrings though, on my size, you're looking
like a hundred Gs.
You know what I'm saying?
ROB KARDASHIAN: No, that's going towards a car payment.
BEN BALLER: But it goes dramatically down if we do
like a carat and a half each ear.
We'll keep you like in the $45,000 range would be good.
All right, dog.
I got to go see my mom.
ROB KARDASHIAN: It's good to see you, friend.
BEN BALLER: Like your place, man.
Finally you got your own spot.
ROB KARDASHIAN: I know, Megan, she didn't mess it up.
BEN BALLER: Come on, bro.
ROB KARDASHIAN: See you next week.
BEN BALLER: All right, brother.
ROB KARDASHIAN: All right, yo.
BEN BALLER: So yesterday was Sunday, I
don't work on Sundays.
Met with my boy Rob Kardashian, it's pretty easy.
So I'm going to go in here, talk to Jeff real quick.

JEFF: 'Sup, man?
How's it going?
BEN BALLER: I saw Rob.
He said that Kim is going to go on a date with you, you
guys are going to make a video.
JEFF: Too big.
BEN BALLER: All right, anyways, he wants to get
earrings done, he wants to get a cross.
Nothing big.
He's going to do that size, the cross.
Wants to do like my ring.
JEFF: How much?
BEN BALLER: I told him $45,000 for everything.
JEFF: $45,000 cash?
BEN BALLER: $45,000 cash.
JEFF: With the earring, with the charm?
BEN BALLER: And the chain, do a rope.
Keep it vintage, 18 carat everything.
He just wants to keep it grown, you know?
Old school.
JEFF: Like you, huh?

Ah, man.
You broke my back, dude.
BEN BALLER: So the process with Rob Kardashian,
basically, I just need to find the perfect diamond.
So I need to find the right color, I need to find the
right clarity.
I need to make sure it's not too big, I need to make sure
it definitely not too small.
Once I find the diamonds, we set them into the setting.
And we use a classic Tiffany four-prong setting.
With Rob Kardashian's cross, once it gets cast in the gold
it gets brought back to us.
Then I give it to Chucky, Chucky sets
diamonds into the cross.
We dip it about two or three times to make it a little
darker, because we're going with 18 carat and I wanted to
give it that dark Italian gold look.
From there, a little bit of a light polish.
Bang, ready for delivery.
So I'm checking out this final piece for Rob Kardashian.
Everything looks excellent.
It's a pretty basic, simple piece, but you know, people
up making a bowl of cereal.
So chain is good, too.
Good job, guys.
This ships ekies.
All you guys get Jaji massages later.
BEN BALLER: What's up, RK?
ROB KARDASHIAN: Man, how you doing?
BEN BALLER: Look who's early, man.
ROB KARDASHIAN: I'm always on time.
BEN BALLER: Never, ever beat me to anyplace.
ROB KARDASHIAN: Well, I literally one thing to the
next, to the next.
BEN BALLER: Has your everything finished, swag.
BEN BALLER: You're not ready for this.
ROB KARDASHIAN: Yellow, yellow.
BEN BALLER: Look at the way the diamonds shine, too.
This is so different than I expected.
I love this.
BEN BALLER: Sick, right?
ROB KARDASHIAN: I love this.
BEN BALLER: When you're at Turks and Caicos, Bora Bora.
ROB KARDASHIAN: Shirt off, back tatts.
BEN BALLER: Show a couple of your chest hairs--
all three of them.
ROB KARDASHIAN: I did not expect this at all.
BEN BALLER: You want some earrings?
With the yellow backing just like I needed.
ROB KARDASHIAN: I'm worried that this might be--
BEN BALLER: Listen, this doesn't mean you're gay.
ROB KARDASHIAN: This might look weird.
BEN BALLER: It doesn't mean you're gay, it just means that
Bruce Jenner isn't taking care of you as well as I am.
All right, let me see.
BEN BALLER: Bro, they look like
laser beams, bro, seriously.
Swag, chain, earrings-- did I come through?
I'm not into like the bling-bling.
That's just not me.
I'm more into the classy type jewelry.
Ben's been my boy forever, so I don't really feel
comfortable going to someone else.
So the fact that he got all this done within like a week
means a lot.
But he's my boy, he's always been my boy.
So he's got my back.
BEN BALLER: From all the jewelry he's borrowed, bought,
used for the show, anything, this is probably the best
stuff he's ever used.
He just cut all the fat and put some
gold muscle on himself.
I'm happy at the outcome of this meeting.
It all came out perfect.