514 NYC 530

Uploaded by cheryllynnvictoria on 20.06.2012

CHERYL: Oh my God! What
the **** are you doing here? [pause]
CHERYL: What are you doing here?! [pause]
ANTHONY: Hey! Surprise, your present arrived, here I am.
CHERYL: How did you get here?!
ANTHONY: I flew here… Duh!
CHERYL: Why? Uh, How?!
ANTHONY: Because I wanted to surprise you.
CHERYL: Oh my god… CHERYL: You said you were working!? Jerk!!!
[pause] [pause]
CHERYL: What are you doing?
ANTHONY: Sorry for your late valentines and anniversary gift. Cheryl,
I’ve planned this for more than 6 months… I don’t know what tomorrow
brings [pause] but I know that I truly love you and I want to share
every moment and every second with you. I’ve been ready for 2 years
and I’m ready to take this next step forward, will you take this step
with me?
Cheryl, will you marry me?
CHERYL: Of course!