Deezy D, Sean Bree and Mister E Spit Bars at Lehigh Open Mic

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“Souls of Mischief – 93 Till Infinity Instrumental”
[Verse 1: Sean Bree] See I Spark another bogey to another smooth
song And I’m trying to get lit so I’m packing
up the bong Shorty looking good, but look better in a
thong And I see a little nipple, ain’t saying
that it wrong So I slang a little tree right before my next
class And I cruise thru late, but I’m still gon’
pass Staring at the clock hope the high gon last
And I Kill a little time by staring at her ass
Zip in my pocket and the girl give me looks And my dick like a rocket that’ll keep a
girl shook Flick of a lighter and I’ll get your ass
hooked With a spliff in my book as a book mark
Just another crook that kind of looks smart [Verse 2: Deezy D]
[Verse 3: Sean Bree] So I dipped out of class about a quarter to
3 And I bought a few blunts and put a quarter
in 3 Just another day in the life of me
And I need a little booze, so pass the henny Got a fridge full of brews and safe full of
drugs But all i really was a bej and a hug
And we ain’t packing guns, but we still roll like thugs
So we spark a little ak, them foot long nugs Drinking in the day got my vision real distorted
Deez clowning off of the shit that he snorted Bored kid, use to abuse so we can’t lose
Damn it feels pretty good in our shoes [Verse 4: Deezy D]
[Verse 5: Sean Bree] Now the daylight gone and the bitties flood
the street And I ate a few caps titties bouncing with
the beat Met a few broads, said they really wanna burn
one Read em like a book cause I’m really trying
learn one That’s why we me and big burn every time
we earn some That’s why me and deez keep drinking till
we turn numb Seeking answers that we can’t find
Burning cancer sticks man we losing our minds Time keep ticking it, but we keep kicking
it Find a slut then we get to licking and sticking
“Zion I – Don’t Lose Your Head Instrumental” [Verse 1: Deezy D]
[Verse 2: Sean Bree] It’s the booties or the titties, man, it’s
hard to make the choice right Just popped a bunch of booms right before
our date night Doh boy magic keep us cruising thru the late
night Took a few caps, only supposed to take an
eight rightttt And u know we moving weight righttttt
Can’t stop us now cause u know we rolling deep kid
Rolling on the e and we tripping off the cid Candy flipping on the beat as I spark another
cig Booze and the pills got me acting really silly
man Barred out trying to write bars to a milli
man Twisting up a Philly as I bump a little gillie
man Glyc in my illy got my lungs feeling chilly
man Back on some new shit
Sack full of blue shit Rack full of brews kid
You know who we do it Drinking till we stupid
Spliff it than we stoop it Far from a coup kid
Sean Bree, the new kid
[Verse 3: Mister E] I aint tryna rhyme when I rhyme in my lines
but I drop Eisenhower’s they be dimes every time
I supply these rap fiends when I feed em’ what they fix,
I got em fiending for the verbal nicotine in my spit
when I start rapping and open my throat I cause the TNT inside of me to ignite and
explode, into pros he flows so poetic with the method
wonder where Im going if I get there and where I head it
who is you who is me ive been doing this ish since puberty
so whats this pussy going to fuckin do to me
get through to me nah my parents couldn’t do that
now they looking at the young bull like you brat
you disgraceful you so tasteless smell the booze on my breath because I be
wasted, and I know what yall contemplating,
like what kinda hook could this kid be makin, don’t do it for me do it for your mans sake,
you aint flipping nutin but a mutha fucking pan cake
I could slip a brick in a damn hand shake and you aint movin damn weight you be moving
gram shake
“Vado – Large on the Streets Instrumental”
[Verse 1: Deezy D]
[Verse 2: Sean Bree] Every time I touch mics
Everytime I touch pipes Head headed in a different zone
I be piffing get blown Trying to do it on my own
Looking for a little dome But nah I can’t cop none
Girl got the pills so Imma go and pop one People blowing up my celly
I ain’t listen what you tell me I be pissing watching belly
Eating peanut butter jelly That I copped from the deli
Off the corner of the block With a quarter in my sock
27 in my hand With some weed in my pants
Sway my knees when I dance Grab some titties with a chance
Need some biggie that my jam Always getting so high that I never need to
“2pac – Thugz Mansion Acoustic Instrumental” [Verse 1: Sean Bree]
See I used to have dome filled with nothing but dreams
And now I’m so lost and nothings as it seems Living in extremes, cause everything in excess
And all my actions come up short of success Obsessed with finding a purpose on this earth
Getting further and further ever since my first birth
Everyone around me is focused on they worth But they cloud it with things, so materialistic
Say god got a plan, seems that I missed it Now I all I want is life so simplistic
Part of the realistic few with a pessimistic view
So every night we crack a cold brew Thinking about the people that we knew
And the people that I screwed, shit it coulda been you
Drugs making me running laps in my head Now im hoping that tomorrow ill wake up in
my bed, Dead, but I guess fate won’t let that happen
So In the meantime ill just keep on rapping Trapping like it means something
Making money every time you need something How long can a man procrastinate
Masturbate and spit rhymes about fate When he knows his demise is coming so soon
Pothead, feeling like I’m headed towards the spoon
Looking at drugs saying it’s the easy way out
But for me drugs is what the easy pay bout Deezy take us on out
[Verse 2: Deezy D]
[Verse 3: Mister E] Ive tried study drugs you ain’t even hearda,
vivance aderall even conserta brain had have em all the paint was just murder,
head hanging from the closet door was encouraged, deep down inside man I was so embarrassed
cause I knew my brain biology was so malnourished, I couldn’t take it all this phi kap fake
shit, I had to get off campus and escape it,
and to my own amazement I was laced with hatred, feeling got forsaken constantly shaken
like I have mistaken my vitamin c for inside that just enlightened me,
uh, this ain’t an apology, so don’t acknowledge me
this is knowledge spawned inside of me was mirage me throw my hands up like odds
to beat cut fucking birds heads off aint odd to me,
kit hung himself alone at home so whats god to me,
this kids got be the most potential prodigy like tupac pete rock and big pap
i he procephys obviously but really how hot is he,
probably hot as hell or ever the mojabi be, since a tot I studied big pop and state property,
execs at their desks jaws drop when they watchin me,
sweating like kami kazis popping shots of saki after aftermath of atoms
at Nagasaki he properly ponders post ponin suicide
so its do or die and I gotta stay treu inside I blind side em with my Albert Einstein rhyming
allocating time to take between breathing believe in science
because E really equals mc’s (quared) destroying boys in battles because mcs dared
to duplicate david so I know you gone hate it
that this giant got a helmet and your sling shot I take it,
make ya slim shot shrivel sizzle likes its bacon
because mistakes on my mike is impossible im patient, I hate waiting