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From Lions Clubs International...
this is "LQ--Lions Quarterly."
We begin with Lions making a global impact.
The Gates Foundation has issued
a fundraising challenge to Lions:
Raise $10 million U.S. for measles vaccinations
and they'll donate $5 million U.S.
This matching contribution is the largest in LCIF history.
The money raised will help the One Shot, One Life
Lions Measles Initiative
save the lives of 157 million children.
- We all believe that each child has a right to get vaccinated.
10 million kids of this country
will be vaccinated by this program.
- Measles is one of the deadliest diseases
that can be prevented by vaccination.
450 children die each day.
Please help us save the lives of these children
by donating to LCIF.
This year marks the 25th anniversary
of the Lions International Peace Poster Contest.
Since 1987, more than 4 million children
from approximately 100 countries have shared
their vision of peace.
To celebrate, Lions Clubs worldwide are encouraged
to make this year our largest in participation.
- Our Club has been involved
with the Peace Poster
since the very beginning.
And what has impressed me the most is
the children's portrayal of peace.
- This year's theme is "Imagine Peace."
23 merit award winners will be chosen.
Each will receive $500 U.S.
One international grand prize winner will receive $5,000 U.S.
and a trip to a special awards ceremony
at Lions Day with the United Nations.
Children ages 11 to 13 are eligible to compete.
Full contest details and deadlines can be found
at lionsclubs.org.
Just how far will Lions go to help people see?
For more than 30 years, U.S. Lions have journeyed
thousands of miles
to the Central American nation
of Honduras for
a comprehensive sight mission.
- Our mission is to serve and provide vision.
And as an eye doctor,
that's perfect for me.
- Honduras produces some of the finest coffee in the world.
However, many people live in poverty
and greatly need eye care.
- We have 40 mission members
on this mission from United States,
primarily Indiana and Ohio.
And we are working in conjunction with our partners
in service, the Lions Club of Comayagua.
- It is amazing the camaraderie, the friendship,
extended family, if you would,
that we have developed
with our fellow Lions here
in Comayagua.
- The mission that is centered in the town of Comayagua
attracts many people from rural areas
who make the journey for a chance to improve their vision.
- We had one little boy this morning from the coast
that came about 11 hours by bus.
Some of them know that this is
their only shot at getting
some help for their eye problem.
During this week, we will examine 2,000 patients
for eyeglasses.
- They come in
almost 4:00 in the morning.
And they have to wait two hours to come in. And no complaints.
- [Speaking Spanish]
For many poor people,
it's the only opportunity to see a doctor.
So they are willing to wait.
- This is a life-changing journey
for each and every person who receives a pair of glasses.
- [Speaking Spanish]
I thank the Lions Club of Comayagua
and the Lions that came from the United States
and provide us with the glasses that are so useful to us.
- We had a person on
one of our recent missions that
received a pair of eyeglasses.
His sight so much improved
that now he was going to be able to become a supervisor,
which would give him an increase in his salary.
It means a lot to his family.
- The sight mission is a huge undertaking,
and Lions teams prepare months in advance
to have enough glasses for everyone in need.
- There's a great deal of effort behind the scenes.
We are collecting eyeglasses all year long.
We are collecting equipment all year long.
And then we have to ship it here to Comayagua
via shipping container.
- This comprehensive mission does much more
than provide glasses.
- We will accomplish 180 surgical procedures
with our team of ophthalmologists.
- They treat a lot of elderly with cataracts
but perform a variety of other sight saving surgeries.
This is the second time that Maria has brought
her daughter Alejandra to the mission
for eye surgery she could not afford.
- [Speaking Spanish]
At first, she was unable to see,
and we had to guide her around.
She had learning problems.
But now after the surgery, I'm really happy because she is
more independent and able to manage by herself.
Thank you all so much.
- You cannot buy what you get
when you come down here and see what happens.
People are so, so appreciative of what we do.
That's what makes the trip worth it.
It makes the tears come to your eyes.
They really appreciate it.
- More Lions should come on trips like this.
You're going to make a huge difference in lives.
And it's not only the lives of the people here, but you
will change your life forever.
- Gracias, Leones!
- All children need to learn their ABCs and...
- 1, 2, 3...
- But there are also other skills
they need to learn
to be ready for school.
- I've taught kindergarten
and first grade for 21 years.
We see so many kids coming into the public school
not prepared for school.
Whether it was academically or socially, emotionally,
they just came to us not ready.
- We need to plan...
- That's why a group of educators in Virginia
formed a special Lions Club that puts children first.
- If there's some way to reach a 2 year old, a 3 year old,
a 4 year old so that they have a positive experience
with school, then it's going to make all the difference.
It sets them up for success.
- So many students go to preschool now.
But there was just those few that for whatever reason didn't.
And they were coming in
just so far below
the other children
that it was hard for them to get caught up.
- I thought it would be a good idea
to charter a Children First Lions Club
in Middletown Elementary School to meet the needs
of our community.
- The purpose of the Club is
to work with 3 to 5 year olds
to help them prepare to be successful in kindergarten.
Give them some basic skills, like how to hold a pencil,
how to cut, socialization,
taking turns, listening to directions.
- The Little Lions Preschool is free to children
in the community.
- Annalise had 3 years
with the Lions program.
And she really enjoyed every minute of it.
- We start out with a story.
- Apples up on top!
- And then we do activities, such as alphabet,
comparisons, counting.
We always have a craft and a snack.
Then we also have music because music is a great way to teach.
- [singing] Five red apples
Hanging in a tree...
- They meet in the evening twice a month--
a time that's convenient for volunteers and parents.
- You bring your child,
and the parent stays and works with them, too.
- We're modeling what parents can do.
- The key is parental involvement
as well as the kids coming into the actual school building.
The comfort level on everybody's part has been a huge success.
- I'll never forget
the first experience. They sat down.
It was time to cut shapes out.
And I ran over and said, "No,
"no, no, no. She's not ready yet.
She doesn't know how to use scissors."
And the Little Lions teacher said, "No, it's OK. Trust us."
It opened my eyes, and she did it.
- What I would like for you to do,
if you can get them to do it...
We always send home a packet every session that has
some follow-up to what we've been working on in that hour.
- It was fun, something for us to do together.
She learned to trace her letters.
And I hadn't even, you know, really thought
about teaching her about working with the little scissors.
And she loved it, and she really refined that skill
from that take-home activity.
- I like to make the projects.
It was fun.
- Children are not the only ones excited
to be part of the program.
- Working with these children gives you
such a sense of purpose.
Any Lions Club in any community can do this.
It just makes you feel so good inside.
It gives you warm fuzzies. Ha ha!
- I first started out
as a parent of a 3 year old.
I learned so much and decided,
"You know what? I wanted to help out with this."
So I joined Lions after that and became one of the teachers.
- The parents' feedback has kept us going.
They can see a world of difference.
And when they go to school, they are so successful.
- Good job, Anna! You're a good reader.
Lions, thank you so much for everything you do
for the children.
Anna just loves school.
- Every morning at 4 A.M.,
Satish Rajendran
and his fellow fishermen head
out to sea in pursuit
of their daily catch.
But on December 26, 2004,
a devastating event shattered their world.
- [Speaking native language]
It was 8:00 in the morning,
and we were just returning after fishing.
We could see some big waves coming in
as we were nearing the shore.
We were shocked as we were pushed to the shore.
- The tsunami struck Satish's remote fishing village
at the southern tip of India on the Bay of Bengal.
[Satish speaking native language]
- We lived in huts very close to the shore.
We lost everything--our homes, clothes, and boats.
The entire village was washed out by the tsunami.
- The Lions of Chennai, India, quickly mobilized
to provide relief.
- They lost their belongings
and a lot of lives.
Our Lions wanted to help this community
because they are the fisherman community.
- With a grant from Lions Clubs International Foundation
and land provided by the Indian government, Lions constructed
42 concrete homes for the survivors of the tsunami.
They also planted trees and painted the new homes.
[Man speaking native language]
- We are very happy
with the houses built by Lions.
We are very proud to have a relationship with the Lions.
- These people are living in huts.
There is no safety.
There is no protection for their lives.
After we Lions help them, now they are living
in better conditions with laying roads, everything.
They're living now in very hygienic conditions.
- Lions also provided lighter and sturdier fishing boats
and stronger nets.
- Lions will continue to support forever for this community
to uplift their living standards.
- For Satish, memories of the days following the tsunami
are bittersweet.
While it was a time marked by tragedy, it also marked
the beginning of a better way of life, thanks to the Lions.
- We are thankful to the Lions Clubs for giving these houses
and making the entire village happy.
- Yay! - Whoo!
- Put the bottom in first.
- The Crosby Lions were happy to get local news coverage
after renovating a home.
But they didn't stop there.
- When we have an event
or we're proud of something
and we post that, then we
really see the reaction from people.
- Wendy Bailey maintains the Club's Facebook page
and considers it a great marketing tool.
- With the Facebook, once a day you should update.
Just keep your name out there.
And that will attract more fans to your page.
If we haven't done an event in a while, I'll just go
to Lions Club International's web page
and pick something that's interesting,
copy and paste the link.
- The Club's digital communication started
with an e-Clubhouse website.
- We use a website to promote
all the programs we have going on.
If I can do it, I believe anyone can.
- But with Facebook, the Club can network
with other organizations.
- For them to click and like our page obviously gets
more interest in the Lions Club.
- And tools on Facebook can help them evaluate
their impact...
We posted the parade, and it looks like we got
285 hits on it, so a lot of people are interested...
Wow! Since Saturday. That's good.
We blew a lot of balloons that day.
- Did you want to post something about Sunday?
- Yeah, we got the Rebuilding Together Houston project
coming up.
We need to get out there and tell our members.
- keep members informed, and solicit volunteers
for service projects.
The Club's post for volunteers helped to secure a good turnout
to refurbish the home of Crosby resident Tracee Jackson.
- Since 2008 I had
end-stage renal disease.
So I really needed some help.
- And there was enough work to keep everyone busy...
- We want to start on all the white.
- including the Crosby Leo Club.
- Having Brenda
as our Leo sponsor, it was easy
to keep them in the loop.
I told Brenda, "Shoot a text to your Leo Club
"and let's get them onboard."
- With all the help, they made great progress.
- They have painted the whole house.
- We put trim on all the windows.
- I'm just fortunate enough to be standing here today
just to thank these people, the Lions Club.
- And how will the Club use the events of the day to further
their marketing through social media?
- Big smiles!
- We'll have one of our Lions members take pictures...
- Keep your smiles on.
- of today's event, and we'll post it on Facebook.
- The Crosby Club demonstrates how social media
is bringing people together to get things done
and spotlight Lions community activities.
So post, Tweet, link, and share your Club's stories today.
- It's done. Easy enough, huh?
- All right!
- If you would like to suggest
your Lions project for "LQ,"
send your story
to LQ@LionsClubs.org.
"LQ" is available
on the Lions Clubs International website,
YouTube, iTunes, and DVD.
Lions make a difference
every day everywhere.
Thanks for watching
"LQ--Lions Quarterly."