FIMO Amor: Polymer Cupid - Tutorial [HD/deutsch] (EN-Sub)

Uploaded by DAoCFrEak on 11.01.2013

In Roman mythology Cupid is the god of love. Often it is drawn as a small boy
with wings and a kind of diaper. Cupid's arrows hit always, my sweet angel has a
bow and arrow.
For Cupid you need little material is best you take Fimo soft. Mix the different
tones with red and white.
The little Cupid consists of six parts, the column, the body, the diaper, the wings,
the hair and the bow and arrow. My Cupid has no face because he is often depicted
blind in the literature.
You know that on the 14th February is Valentine's Day and Valentine von Termi
in the third century had to have his head. For this Memorial Day lovers give flowers
but also my little Fimo Cupid would look good for it.
I hope I could inspire you, by the way half-naked boy with wings hanging
conspicuously often in Catholic churches, all a coincidence?