Organic Food vs. Conventional Food : Antibiotics in Conventional vs. Organic Foods

Uploaded by expertvillage on 21.04.2008

Antibiotics, antibiotics can be found in conventional foods but they are not found in organic foods.
We all been sick on time or another and gone to the doctor and the doctor will sometimes
prescribe an antibiotic if we have a bacteria infection that our body is trying to fight
in order for us to get better well take that antibiotic to fight that bacteria. Many times
as a prevention measure food distributors will go ahead and give their animals a antibiotic
as a preventative measure to try and fight that bacteria before it occurs. Many critics
are questioning these antibiotics in our food animals because they are worried that they
pose a risk to human health. The reason why they think that it might pose a risk to human
health is because humans can build up a resistance to antibiotics. So if we're receiving an antibiotic
for some of the foods that we are eating then there could be that change that we're developing
a resistance against them. So if that was something that you were not concerned about
consuming conventional foods would be right for you. If it is something that you are concerned
about then organic foods would be right for you. Right now a lot of researchers don't
know about this and USDA and FDA have approved it of being safe so you decide what's best
for you.