Rick Ross ft Jay-Z Free Mason (song dispels rumors) PT 2

Uploaded by WeatherMondacicci on 06.08.2010

he is basically dissing the rumors.
and um...I just find it amusing that there are so many people here on Youtube
are saying or actually don't even believe this, that he's actually dispelling the rumors
they're coming up with all kinds of excuses like
"oh you know..he's um...he's um.. he's actually admitting it"
It validates them, it validates, you know, everything that they think is going on with Jay-Z
but um ...or uh that he's still you know, a part of this illuminati crap
and just misconstruing these lyrics...and it's just so...it's just so amusing to me
I think that um.. I think it's like a big clash, it's kinda like, you know, they really really can't believe
or that they don't want to believe that Jay-Z really was just a successful person
and that he made it up there without having help from anybody whether it was sinister or good or whatever
that he actually has um...made it to a very high position
Um.. another thing too I think Jay-Z probably is very well aware of these rumors obviously
I mean he's been interviewed about it
and I think he actually kinda finds it very funny and very amusing
and I know there's going to be people that are going to be commentating
and saying "well what about the 'On to the Next One' video or the song "Lucifer" or the song "D'Evils"
and stuff like that
I listened to "Lucifer" I listened to "D'Evils" and I think both of them really talk about the rapper lifestyle
and how it can be detrimental I guess, I don't know
but um...ah
you know his "On to the Next One" video I really don't think there's anything...demonic about it
because when I watched it, I was kinda like 'Ooh this is very artsy, this is very avant-garde
and um.. you know..um
it's very gothic and it kinda reminds me a little bit of the Dadaist type stuff
it's definately not a typical rap video
and um...you know with people like drinking and smoking weed and shaking their asses in the camera
and all this material stuff and stuff
Jay-Z actually took it to a whole another level and actually did this gothic, avant-garde
music video
now I really probably am not saying the kind of stuff that I really want to say
um.. because it's kinda hard to think on the fly, I actually have to write stuff down and actually think about this stuff
but basically, you know, I just got to say, look at the lyrics a little bit more closely
it is obvious that he is not...that he is saying he is not into this stuff
that he's not a Freemason, he's not a devil worshiper, he's a good guy
but of course there's going to be people that are going to take these lyrics out of context
like they do with everything else
and especially the religious folks out there because they're so, you know, stuck in their own world
and anything that kinda comes in and penetrates it kinda creates a sort of cognitive dissonance
you know I think we just..we just uh...kinda gotta like let this go. You know what I'm saying?
just Jay-Z be Jay-Z
and he's probably more than likely not what we think he is
and..y-you know..if he is...like I said, if he is a devil worshiper that's his..that's his perogative
he's free to do that
I honestly, I don't believe he is. I really, I honestly don't
and I really think that he's gotten so frustrated to the point that when he and Rick Ross collabed
that he really put his heart out on these lyrics
Um..and really was trying to tell people, you know, "Look at yourself before you judge me."
you know
"Look at what you're doing, you're judging me, and you're not supposed to be doing that."
that's where that line, "thou shalt not judge," or whatever, let me see...
yeah "so he without sin shall cast the first stone, so y'all look in the mirror, double check your appearance,
bitch I said that I was AMAZIN' not that I'm a MASON."
and he's just basically just telling people, you know, "If you're going to judge me,
you better make sure that you've got a clean slate."
well as much as I would like to sit here and go on and on about this but I think I've have to get going anyways
so umm...
I know some of my stuff probably doesn't sound straight
but..hey I did my best.
Good Night!