Neto Bieber.

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This child will become someone great
Oh, a baby
Time passed
It began the casting of the academy
and I have not registered
I'm going to register
I signed, I will practice to have a good voice
What do I do? I'm going to scold
I'm going to hide
child opens the door
not know he was so big my closet
Where am I?
I think it does not follow
I was waiting for elected
Who are you?
I am Gandalf the sandman
What is this place?
This is the sacred and forbidden land of Xoclán
You are here to complete your destination
and I will help in that
What should I do?
It's simple, elected
you just have to return this sacred ancient clock
to the forbidden city and your destiny will be fulfilled
And where is that?
is over there
in the land of Narnia
but what are you waiting for? hurry up
He's going to accomplish. Is chosen
What features will this thing?
I was looking for you
Give it, it belongs to me
never give it to you
today you will die
I beat you
I have what I wanted
I beat you
I beat you
I almost fall
Chosen. Place the clock in the center of the sanctuary
take a long chosen
How did you fast?
It's that came on the truck route 1
Do circuits metropolitan?
No, Route 1, is faster
Where is the clock that gave you?
I took him to the sanctuary
I'll go to search
Well done, elected
Follow me now
Granny came and the dealer
And what was all this?
is that my grandmother wanted to know the time
and buy a clock
and to not get lost in the truck I gave you
And when I sing?
Do you sing?
What are you talking?
It was my mission right?
Oh my friend, I think you mistook a wardrobe
as you know, back when you want
Oh, by the way, listen, I think the amphitheater is over there
and there could sing
but go running
old fucked
He made me lose time
I listen to music
I think here are the auditions
Yes, I hear the music
The end