Demi Gods And Semi Devils【Ep-22】English Subtitles「2003」C-Drama

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Iron Clown, have I been treating you well?
You've done a lot for me
and treat me very well.
Good, now I have
something very important
that I need your help with.
I will give you a fabulous reward if you do it for me.
I don't need a reward.
I'll do whatever you want.
Now all you have to do is put your hand inside this container.
Then let the centipede inside
suck some of
your blood.
You cannot move
until the centipede has had enough.
This... this...
What, now you don't want to do it?
No, but...
But... but...
Its poison isn't that strong,
and you won't die.
Just now you said
you'd do whatever
I wanted you to.
Now I only want you
to sacrifice a bit of your blood,
but you're unwilling to do it.
Looks like you've been lying all along.
Alright, I'll put my hand in.
I've done it!
This is great!
Put that centipede
into the cauldron.
Be careful!
Don't kill it!
Iron Clown, are you alright?
You guys, get over here!
Iron Clown is dead!
My Iron Clown is dead!
Princess, he's dead,
let's bury him.
You caused my Iron Clown's death!
Give me back my Iron Clown!
Give me back my Iron Clown...
just bury him.
This is no fun at all.
There'll be no one to play with me again after this.
Let's just leave him here. This is tiring.
No, we can't. If the Princess found out,
do you think we would still have our lives?
Don't worry, there are a lot of wolves here.
By tomorrow there'll be nothing left of him.
Then let's get back as quickly as we can!
Iron Clown is dead, I'll have to look for someone else.
How irritating!
What a useless dolt,
I thought he'd never die!
This tome...
I never thought it'd help me neutralize the poison.
Looks like it's not my time to die just yet.
Princess, Princess!
What's the matter?
Why are you panicking?
That... that Iron Clown is still alive!
Iron Clown, I knew you wouldn't die on me!
I'd be willing to die,
after hearing those words.
What's the matter, Iron Clown?
You're not willing? Or are you afraid?
No, no,
Don't worry, I'll be fine!
if I need your help,
would you be willing to help me?
Of course!
I'd be willing even if I die doing it.
Iron Clown, it's your turn now.
Put your hand in.
That's enough, that's enough!
Iron Clown!
You were bitten by a spider,
have you become one as well?
I'm fine now.
Iron Clown, you're great indeed!
Even this spider's powerful venom
has no affect on you!
Looks like taking care of you wasn't a waste at all!
Thank you!
let's go back now.
I will bring you out to play later.
I'd be willing to do anything
as long as I'm with you, Princess.
Get ready!
That's painful!
can't you look where you're going?
weren't you the one who crashed into me?
Alright, alright.
I'm in a good mood today,
so I won't hold it against you.
Purple, where are you off to?
To play, of course!
Give it to me.
Hurry... chase it, quickly!
That's one powerful silkworm.
With it,
my energy is bound to increase!
Find it, quickly!
Stop, I can't!
I can't run any longer!
Why are you standing here?
Go after it!
I'm warning you,
if you can't get it,
don't bother coming back!
Yes, Princess!
I'll catch it for you for sure!
What a naughty fellow,
you went out
without telling me again.
And you only now come back.
Do you know how much I've missed you?
If I hadn't brought you from Kun Lun Mountain
you'd be dead by now.
If you continue doing this,
you'll destroy your own future.
You're just useless.
Hui Jing, Master is asking for you in the hall!
I'll come right away!
Go and ponder your mistake.
I'll come back and punish you later.
I'm coming!
Princess, I've got it!
I knew you could do it!
It's inside this container!
Come, bring it here!
Put it inside,
I want to see just have great it is!
It's absorbed a lot of it.
If I use it to practice my martial arts,
it would definitely be effective!
It's your turn now, Iron Clown.
Princess, you want me to...
Iron Clown, I want you to put your hand inside.
Princess, after you've mastered this martial art
please don't forget me,
my name is You Tan Zi
and not Iron Clown.
I've already remember it.
Your name is You Tan Zi, my most loyal follower.
Yes, even when I'm gone
I will still be your most loyal follower.
What's he doing?
How strange!
This silkworm is incredible!
This time, my energy will definitely increase!
Why has he turned to ice?
Hey you guys,
come here!
Come quickly, is he dead?
He's frozen stiff, there's no way to save him.
He's turned into ice, there's no way he'll survive.
Iron Clown, are you really dead?
Don't worry, I'll always remember you!
You are You Tan Zi, my loyal follower!
You two,
bury him in a place with breathtaking scenery.
Yes, and put up a gravestone for him.
On it...
On it, inscribe
Here lies the Princess' follower, You Tan Zi '
Do it well.
There's no one to accompany me anymore.
Oh, poor me...
One, two, three...
Wait a minute
Where are you from?
The Honour Branch.
All of you,
Senior Sung is well-respected
he's the ideal candidate.
If talks about kungfu
Senior Wu's martial arts are beyond compare.
He's the ideal candidate.
the head of the Chuan Branch should be elected because of his cunning
he's been exiled by our leader.
Senior Wu, you're right.
If he didn't reveal Qiao Feng's secret,
we would still be in the dark about it.
We should let the head of the Chuan Branch rejoin the clan.
Yes, he's served the clan well.
Let him rejoin the clan!
Then we should honour him for his service
and elect him as the new leader!
Thank you for concerning
of the rejoining me into the clan
According electing me as the leader
I am incapable of being Leader.
It's true that the Seniors' martial arts
are greater than yours,
but you're the smartest among us!
Please don't refuse anymore.
I have not rejoined the clan,
so please don't call me Branch Head.
I'm not qualified
Senior Sung!
Master Duan of Dali is here to see you.
Master Duan of Dali?
What's he doing here?
Master Duan, are you here to enlighten us on something?
I'm merely here on my father's command.
I've a message for the Beggar Clan.
Sorry for disturbing
Please go ahead.
A few months ago, when my father was at Deputy Ma's home.
He witnessed Bai Shi Jing's murder.
He wrote it all down on this letter.
It's written clearly
I'm here today
to clear someone's name.
Thank you.
Is there anything else?
Nothing else, I'll take my leave now.
That man looked quite familiar.
He's the one who accused Leader Qiao.
He's the one who accused Leader Qiao.
Oh, that was him.
Do you think
he'd dare destroy that letter?
I don't think he'd dare.
Master Duan, wait!
Master Duan, wait!
Su Xing He invites all skillful chess players
to play at Lei Gu Hill (Hill of the Beating Drum) In He Nan on the eight day of the tenth month.
Thank you, I'll be there.
But how did you know I play chess?
Young Master, I don't think he can speak.
You can be sure both of us will be there!
Brother Zhu,
who is Su Xing He?
Is he a chess master?
I've heard that he's the disciple of Wu Ya Zi, the head of the Carefree Sect.
He's deaf and dumb.
So that's how it is.
He invites a lot of chess players
I think he must be a real chess master.
Young Master, let's return to Yun Nan first.
Then we'll go and play chess with him.
Right, I'll definitely go.
will I see Miss Wang there?
Since all heroes are invited
Mu Rong Fu will definitely be there.
As for Miss Wang...
She'll definitely be there as well!
That's wonderful,
then I'll get to see Miss Wang again!
Let's go!
Senior Sung, that mute guy is dead.
The killer claimed he was a follower of the Cosmos Sect.
The killer claimed he was a follower of the Cosmos Sect.
Why are they here?
We have no quarrel with them!
Maybe they have their own quarrel,
it has nothing to do with us.
Who are you talking about?
You dare oppose us?
Looks like you want an early death.
Over there
You are?
Where are the twenty venomous snakes
and one hundred poisonous caterpillars?
All this time, the Beggar Clan has supplied us with poisonous snakes and caterpillars.
But you didn't prepare them this time,
you deserve to die!
All of you, get into formation,
they're going to attack us!
Beggars, prepare to die!
Run away now!
Who are you?
I'm You Tan Zi
You Tan Zi?
Go and check if those guys are dead!
Sir, they're all dead,
none of them are breathing.
And you're alright?
I'm alright!
He's fine?
This boy has touched the people I poisoned
yet he's unaffected.
I wonder why?
Is he also skilled in the poison arts?
This won't do,
there cannot be anyone
more powerful than I am!
You Tan Zi, come here.
I want to speak to you.
Sir, I have other matters to attend to,
so I'll get going.
Come back
Come back
Let me go Come back
Come and follow me Let me go
He hasn't finished speaking, how dare you walk away!
Let me go, let me go!
Tell me, who's your martial master?
I don't have one, sir.
I didn't mean to kill them,
please let me go.
No martial master?
How dare you kill my disciples!
I really didn't mean to
Please let me go.
Please let me go.
Please let me go.
I can do that,
but you must become my disciple.
I would willingly become your disciple, and follow you wherever you go.
that monk is praying to a bowl of water,
that monk is praying to a bowl of water,
Looks like fun
Brother Bao, what are you going to do?
Let's go and disturb him!
Sir Monk,
just drink up, why are you praying to it?
Sir, I'm praying for this water.
My Master says
there are forty thousand minute germs in a bowl of water.
If I drink it, it would mean I'd have killed them.
Monks are not allowed to kill.
You mean after you pray for them,
the germs won't die?
my master never told me.
You won't understand.
If you pray,
even if you drink up the germs,
but the spirit of those germs will be freed.
I can free forty thousand lives all at once?
I don't have that kind of power.
Sure you do!
Which temple are you from?
l"m from Shaolin Temple, my name is Xu Zhu.
So you're a champion from Shaolin Temple!
I'll challenge you to a fight.
I can't, sir.
I can't, sir.
My martial arts are weak,
I'm no match for you.
I haven't fought in days.
Let's just do some sparring,
it's nothing serious. Are you afraid?
even though I practice martial arts
but I only do it to keep myself physically fit
and not to fight.
Everyone knows that
the monks of Shaolin Temple are skilled in martial arts.
Monks who've just started learning martial arts
are not allowed to leave the temple.
Since you've come down here
this means you must be a formidable fighter.
Please don't misunderstand me!
Are those Shaolin martial arts?
If that's the case, we won't have to go there at all.
Who said you could go?
Brother, leave him be,
just let him go.
Waiter, I'd like a cup of tea.
Here you are,
Master, drink up!
I've heard that
something big's going to happen.
What is it?
Su Xing He
is holding a chess competition. "Zhen Long" chess.
I've heard too.
There's be many great warriors there
so it's bound to be quite an exciting event.
"Zhen Long" chess
I'm sure Master will be there as well.
If I can find this Su Xing He itu,
doesn't that mean I'll find Master there as well?
I'm Duan Yu, how do you do, Master Su?
I love playing chess
that's why I came here
to learn from you.
Where do you think you're going?
Don't be rude!
Isn't this just like normal chess?
Why does it have such a strange name?
That is,
Zhen Long Chess?
Hai, don't talk without thinking,
this isn't a normal chess game,
there's a meaning hidden within it!
Lord Cosmos' martial arts are the greatest!
Lord Cosmos' martial arts are the greatest!
Lord Cosmos' martial arts are the greatest!
Lord Cosmos' martial arts are the greatest!
Lord Cosmos' martial arts are the greatest!
Lord Cosmos' martial arts are the greatest!
Master, we're hopeless,
we've shamed you!
Elder Martial Brother, how are you?
Elder Martial Brother,
Elder Martial Brother...
Why do I always forget
that you're deaf
and mute.
Ding Chun Chiu (Lord Cosmos),
you can insult us
but you cannot insult our Master!
That's right.
You're all good disciples.
Elder Martial Brother.
You can afford to drive away such good disciples,
I truly envy you.
I wanted to make them my disciples
but they refused.
Unlike my disciples...
Elder Martial Brother, you're getting old
yet you've taken another two disciples?
Elder Martial Brother,
why did you choose a monk?
I'm Duan Yu,
I came to play chess with Master Su.
You overestimate yourself!
You dare play chess with him!
Xu Zhu, why are you here?
I came to look for my Master.
So you know each other.
That means we're all friends now!
Cosmos fellow, what do you think you're doing?
You're getting bolder
how dare you speak to me like that!
Don't forget,
you've been poisoned.
We're not afraid of dying in service of our Master!
I only want to play chess with my Elder Martial Brother.
What are you so worried about?
Who is it?
Amitabha! I'm Jiu Mo Zhee
I heard that Master Su was inviting people
to play chess with him.
I also am passionate about chess.
Therefore I came to learn from Master Su.
Young Master is here!
I'm Mu Rong Fu, how do you do, Master Su?
Master Su...
Young Master
be careful!
This chess is very strange.
It's as if it were enchanted.
Those who play it lose themselves in it.
She only has room in her heart for her cousin brother.
When she was with me the last time,
she still only missed her cousin brother.
Ah, it's Master Mu Rong,
I've admired you for a long time.
That's that Cosmos fellow.
Oh, it's Master Ding from the Cosmos Sect.
I, too, have long admired you.
Master Yun Nan
How do you do, Master Mu Rong?
Young Master, this is Master Duan of Dali
Master Duan, it's a pleasure to meet you.
Master Mu Rong, the pleasure's all mine.
It's your pleasure, but it isn't my pleasure.
Master Duan, you've come as well!
Miss Wang.
So you've finally noticed me.