Learn About High Frequency Trading With Sceeto 18th Jan 2013 Emini Futures

Uploaded by WinningMoreTrades on 18.01.2013

Welcome to the daily report , of the relevant order flow alerts surfaced by sceeto and Follow
the Bots for trading the S&P 500 e-mini futures and the Spyder ETF.
Today is Friday January 18th and you are looking at a 4 tick range bar chart in the forward
e-mini S&P 500 futures contract.
Today's market offered a great example of how strong WIND in the pre market can give
you an indication of which way price is going break from a trading range.
This morning WIND turned red around 8 a m eastern and price stayed in a very narrow
9 tick trading range for the next hour and a half.
As you can see here when price did break out shortly after the open of the day session,
it broke to the down side.
To Follow up on our Retail vs. Institutional order flow that we have been highlighting
this week let's review one of our primary rules of thumb for harvesting insights when
you are comparing Retail verus institutional order flow.
The rule of thumb is that if the market is going down and Retail trade is above Institutional
that infers that retail is more bullish than the institutional trade.
Our market philosophy is that retail is frequently wrong at the wrong place at the wrong time...thus,
we take advantage of this insight by trading against the bias of the retail trading population.
Conversely if the market is going up and retail trade is below insitutional that works too
as the inference here is that retail is more bearish in the upmove than the institutional
So you can see today in this down move there was a good short here where retail was above
and another one here.
Now in today's upmove retail was more below institional trade here which means that retail
was more bearish than institutional and they were wrong.
And also the same behavior occured here offering you another great long entry.
Today as usual you can see that the bulk of order flow and high frequency trading alerts
surfaced by sceeto's order flow monitor correlated quite nicely with price.
And finally our Spikes in MacDaddy were quite helpful in assisting with trading entries
I hope that you found these trading bot and order flow insights helpful.
Thanks for stopping by.
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