Boredom - Ep: 1

Uploaded by TheLydiaBennet on 13.07.2012

Lydia: This phone is my only connection to the outside world.
If you're receiving this communication, I may already be dead...
of boredom!
I can't believe my parents are making me stay with my weirdo relatives
in the middle of nowhere while our house gets remodeled.
Mary: I'm right here.
Lydia: That's Mary. She's my cousin who likes things like reading and darkness
and having no facial expressions.
I mean it's not even botox, she just comes that way.
As if creepy cousin wasn't bad enough, I also have no car and no wi-fi.
It is the worst! It's like my parents want me to kill myself!
Mary: I can't imagine anyone not wanting you around!
Lydia: Hey, I am a treasure.
So, I decided the best way to keep myself entertained is to start my own videos.
It'll be like Lizzie's except way more awesome. Everybody wins!
Mary: Hoh-hoh, not everybody.
Lydia: You're right. Poor Lizzie and Jane, they're not used to being without me,
it's probably really hard on them.
Mary: Why aren't you staying there?
Lydia: Jane probably wanted more alone time to play doctor.
[sings] Bow-chika-wow-wow...
Mary: But Lizzie's there.
Lydia: Stop interrogating me!
Anyway, sorry Mary's ruined my first video with her existence,
but any essence of Lydia is better than no Lydia!
Ooh, speaking of essence, I'm thinking of starting my own perfume line.
Mary: Yea, you could call it "Desperation."
Lydia: "Desperate for Lydia," I like that!
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Transcribed by: Sarah Frook Written by: Rachel Kiley