Giving a Wedding Anniversary Speech : Wedding Anniversary Speeches: Cute Stories

Uploaded by expertvillage on 30.09.2008

Okay, at this point now that we have basically--you've introduced yourself and you've talked about
what a great inspiration the couple is--this is where we're going to take just a teeny
tiny short walk down memory lane. Now, traditionally you share one cute story. Now, if you've sat
down and there's two cute stories or maybe even three and you just, there all so darn
cute you can't decide between them, you can tell all of them. But you don't want this
part to go on and on and on. Really an anniversary speech should never be longer than five minutes,
but you really probably keep to around three or four. But you want to share a cute story
about the couple. For me, if it was my parents, I would probably talk about the time that
my mother got really sick and my father wouldn't leave her bedside while she was in the hospital.
It might be how they met, it might be he went off to war. Any kind of cute story that you
can think about you want to talk about it at this time. If you don't know any cute stories,
ask around. If you're not a direct family member--talk to the family members. Talk to
neighbors, talk to people in their church, talk to anyone and everyone who has known
the couple for a substantial amount of time to come up with this cute story. Ideally this
story will share the strength and beauty of this relationship that has lasted this long.