Interview with Eric Gales "About Jimi Hendrix and Me"

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Version of the Star Spangled Banner that I like to do a lot.
It's an incorporation of the clean and the Brute Drive here.
It also has an extra boost on it.
I'll showcase that just in a little bit.
But it's basically...

A kind of rendition that I took on my own, and... know, classical it... You know the word I'm trying to say.
"Classified" it up a little bit.
I kinda like this little homage that I pay tribute to a guy that...
...I've got a lot of comparisons to.
And when I'm asked that question, I just say...
"Man, to have my name in the same sentence with..."
"...somebody like Jimi Hendrix..."
" the highest compliment that I could ever get."

But I do like to stress the fact that once you actually hear me...
I mean, you have those that are totally dumb to the fact that...
...what a note is, is just their... I call them the average layman.
They just look invisibly from an average layman's standpoint.
"That guy's black and he's holding it like Hendrix."
You may get that too, but when you actually hear me...
I have my own style. I'm not a clone.
I'm not an imitator or nothing like that.
But I definitely don't neglect the fact that...
...he is definitely one of the pioneers...
...that influenced a whole hell of a lot of people...
...that I'm influenced by.
Such as Eric Johnson, Robin Trower, Frank Marino.
Stevie Ray Vaughn, all of the good guitar players of the day...
...what do they have in common? Good and bad ones.
Who were they influenced by? 9 times out of 10...
...they're gonna have J. Hendrix in their repertoire.
So you can't get around Jimi Hendrix.
And the people that Jimi Hendrix was influenced by.
I just so happened to wind up taking a lot of different guys that...
...I was influenced by, and just mixing them up... that big pot of gumbo.
And you've got like Robin Trower.

To various, you know... Stevie Ray.

That's a great tone, man.
Excuse my French, but that's a great fuckin' tone y'all.
It really is, man.

Caption: Yumi Adachi