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They call them­selves "bronies". They are adults, mostly men, who love the pastel‑colored My Little Ponies; which were popular in the 80's.
But now the ponies have made a come­back, perhaps thanks to a TV show called "Friend­ship is Magic".
It's been a massive revival. People around the world congregate online.
Andreas Spovfelt and André Dahlström. You love every­thing about the pony-world.
Yes. Absolutely.
I can see that you're even wearing My Little Pony T‑shirts.
What is a brony? Could you explain?
A brony is a man or woman outside of the target demo­graphic, that is, the group for whom it was origi­nally intended, young girls;
someone outside of that age group who likes the show My Little Pony: Friend­ship is Magic.    
How big is this pheno­menon?
It feels like it grows larger by the day. Not as much in Sweden, but it’s very big in the USA.
Recently they held a big conven­tion with 4000 partici­pants where they had all sorts of activi­ties.    
How did you get interested in My Little Pony? What happened?
Everyone has their own story.
Tell us.
I found out about it through YouTube videos which were basically animation clips from the show mixed with sound from video game trailers or music videos.
I thought they were funny and decided to check out the show; I got hooked almost immedi­ately.
What is the show about? I don't think I've seen it... maybe when I was a kid.
It’s about this one: Twilight Sparkle.
The purple one with a horn?
Yeah, that one. She is a unicorn. She was sent to a village called Ponyville by her mentor, the princess of the land, to study the magic of friend­ship.
These other ponies are her friends.
Reminds me a bit of Harry Potter; getting sent away to learn things.
Well, there are Harry Potter references within the community.
How do the people around you react? I’d call it safe to say that this is a fairly odd hobby.
I suppose it depends based on who you’re around.
Lots of bronies are also into other typically ‘nerdy’ things such as Anime or Manga.
So I guess it depends on what communities you were active in prior.
Some fans have come out of completely unrelated contexts, not being nerdy at all other­wise, and said they like ponies.
Those people get fairly ill‑treated. There are lots of people who think it's a childish hobby.
Have you been met with those reactions; been called weird?
Yeah. Definitely.
You can get that pretty much anywhere. More on the Internet than in real life though.
How did this whole thing happen? It used to be popular mostly with young girls.
I had loads of these in the 80's. I'd comb their manes...
It's mostly about the new show, My Little Pony: Friend­ship is Magic. Well, that's what it's all about.
That's the reason why we are fans. The show is incredibly well‑made.
The voice acting is very well executed; that alone could justify watching it.
It also feels very genuine. That's the most important part.
Is it mostly for kids or do they throw in references for grown‑ups too?
The show was made with parents in mind; for them to watch along with their kids.
So there are a lot of references thrown in; a few examples would be The Big Lebowsky and Star Wars.
There are references meant for older viewers as well.
There's one reference to I Love Lucy as well. I's a really old black‑and‑white TV show.
Are these the kinds of topics you discuss on forums? What do you talk about?
Just about anything. Much of it is pony‑related, but not all of it.
Bronies usually meet through a common interest for My Little Pony, and then discover that they share other interests as well.
– Do people have favorite ponies? – Most people do.
Which are yours? Did you bring them?
These are the full "mane 6", as they are called. The six main characters.
– My favorite is this one: Pinkie Pie. – Pinkie Pie? Why is that?
She's such a wonderful character. Always so full of energy. You never know what she's going to do next.
She says and does a lot of fun stuff.
I don't have a favorite within the mane 6. My favorite is this custom‑made one. It was on the show, but only for one episode. Her name is Trixie.
– Did you make it yourself? – No, a brony friend made it and gave it to me.
– How delightful. Maybe we should start watching this. – Well, I could at least give it a try.
I'm a horse person, so maybe this is some­thing for me.
– Thank you for coming here and telling us about it. – Thanks for having us.
– It's been exciting. We'll be back tomorrow with guests. – Yes we will.
Lotta Gray will be our summer guest tomorrow, and we'll also get gardening tips from Jan Rundgren.
We will also talk about kids with our resident psycho­logist Jenny Kleblom. If you have any questions for her, you'll be able to call in.
So... Thank you for today.
It's been nice. This was actually my morning‑news virginity.
We gonna pop all the cherries! In a three­some and every­thing!
We've gotta round this up, we can't go on like this...
See you tomorrow!
Subtitles by: Dennis Fluttershy Translated by: Filip Granberg and Joakim Åhlfeld�