Banned GoDaddy sexy commercial

Uploaded by CulturePub on 15.02.2010

No question of showing anything.
For those who don't know anything about sports : what's the Superbowl ?
It's the final game of the US National Football League
and it's THE annual hit for a broadcaster who gets to 100 million viewers, just in the USA.
With this kind of audience, it's a must for U.S. brands
which spend up to 100,000 dollars/seconds to have a slot on the world's most expensive advertising space.
But for few years, some wise-guy advertisers have benefited from the Superbowl without having to pay top dollar.
How? By creating scandalous and controversial ads, mad to be banned and to go viral on the web.
It's become so big a trick that it's our weekly event.
The Superbowl 2010 was an opportunity to make very expensive campaigns,
but not very creative...
Actually, we'll really remember the controversy around banned ads.
And the best brand for that is Internet domain registrar Go Daddy.
Targeting the male audience of the Superbowl,
it each year shows very sexy girls in order to be controversial.
This time, it has added a feminine-looking football player.
The advertiser likes to provoke and is every time banned.
But actually it's rather a good deal.
Because the banned ad is released on the web,
Internet users get excited, and Go Daddy gets free audiences.
For the brand, censorship has became a communication strategy.
And if Go Daddy does get censored, that's because puritan America keeps a watchful eye.
Any sexy or provocative scene is censored.
That's what happened to ManCrunch, an online gay dating site.
The ad was considered immoral by CBS and banned on TV.
But if gays can't be on Superbowl, promoters of traditional values have a slot of course.
This mother of a famous football player explains that family is very important.
In fact, she promoted an anti-abortion association.
An ad which was controversial in itself
But if you can see pro-lifers, you can't see pro-farters
This ad for Career Builder, or this one for a directory
were banned by the channel.
So even schoolboy jokes were censored.
It's probably why advertising was so boring during the Superbowl.
Except for a few commercials...