Healthy White Carbs?

Uploaded by OneMinuteSixPack on 14.08.2012

Hi I'm Nick and welcome to One Minute Six Pack Tips. Most health professionals recommend
avoiding all white carbs. While this advice is a good rule of thumb, today’s video will
be about several white foods that are actually healthy for you. The first one is cauliflower.
This white food has a high concentration of (1) vitamin C, (2) fiber, and (3) a wide variety
of other vitamins and minerals. Cauliflower also happens to be a cruciferous vegetable.
Cruciferous vegetables are some of the best foods for burning belly fat. This is because
they have healthy compounds that help destroy the estrogenic chemicals in our bodies that
come from our food supply and the environment.
The next healthy white carbohydrate is white mushrooms. White mushrooms are a good source
of protein, fiber, and antioxidants. They also have small amounts of a lot of nutrients,
such as: (1) Vitamin C, (2) Iron, (3) Folate, (4) Vitamin D, (5) etc. Next on the list is
White Onions. Onions are a good source of (1) Dietary fiber, (2) Vitamin C, (3) Vitamin
B6, and (4) Manganese. Onions also have rare trace minerals such as (1) Allicin, (2) Quercetin,
and (3) Chromium. Garlic, the next white food on the list, also has elements of these rare
trace minerals. Also, in addition to garlic’s vast array of medicinal properties, it’s
also high in (1) Vitamin C, (2) Calcium, (3) Vitamin B6, and (4) Manganese. It also has
a ton of other nutrients in smaller quantities.
The last of the healthy white carbs for today is White Potatoes. Just one large potato has
6g of dietary fiber, 6g of protein, and 21 different vitamins and minerals; 9 of which
make up more than 20% of your daily intake for that particular vitamin or mineral. Due
to this high concentration of nutrients, potatoes are an extremely healthy white food. However,
they do have a high glycemic index. Therefore, follow these steps to ensure maximum health:
(1) First, eat the entire potato, including the skins, (2) Second, don't deep fry them,
and (3) Third, eat them alongside (a) veggies, (b) healthy fats, & (c) some lean protein.
Mixing potatoes with these other types of foods helps to counterbalance their high glycemic
index. That's all for today's video. Take Care, and thanks for watching.