110104 - Hyper Report

Uploaded by HyperReport on 04.01.2011

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for January 4th
of 2011.
Gold is currently trading at 1407.11 Silver is at 30.65
The Silver to Gold Ratio is 45.90 Oil is at 91.97
and the US Dollar is at 79.10
Iran, India Resolve Oil Trade Dispute
Despite White House calls, Iran said an oil trade dispute with India had been settled
by changing the currency for payments. Translation, India has dumped the dollar in
oil transactions with Iran. It is another step towards the U.S. dollar
beiing dumped as the worlds's reserve currency.
European Nations Begin Seizing Private Pensions
Hungary and Bulgaria are essentially giving their citizens an offer they cannot refuse...
Surrender their private pensions or lose the right to basic state pensions and still contribute
to it. In Poland, the government wants 1/3 of future
contributions. Expect seizurer of private pensions coming
by a government near you.
China Backs Spain To Emerge From Crisis
Spain, the 5th largest economy in the EU, had its public debt rise to 57.7 percent of
GDP at the end of September from 53.2 percent at the end of 2009.
With that said, it now appears China intends to back Spain's debt.
China supports the measures adopted by Spain for its economic and financial readjustment.
Now, China can start buying Spain's debt instead of U.S. Treasuries.
Bank Of America Has A Team Of 15 People Feverishly Preparing For The Wikileaks Torpedo
The next big Wikileaks doc drop is supposed to happen early this year.
It's supposed to "bring down a bank or two." The suspected bank is Bank of America.
Could the leak about Bank of America be about Fannie and Freddie?
I would love to know the true story of why BofA bought Countrywide.
National Debt Tops $14 Trillion
From June 1st, to December 31st, it took only seven months to go from 13 trillion to over
14 trillion dollars. Base on this rate, I believe we can be at
15 trillion in less than 4 months unless the new Congress votes to not increase
the debt ceiling.
1981 Movie Rollover Predicts Today's News
Many may not recall the movie Rollover from 1981; however, if one were to replace Arabs
with Chinese, the story will sound very familiar to today's
headlines. The consequences will be very much the same.
New Jersey Wants to Seize Your Unused Gift Cards
New Jersey lawmakers, in a desparate attempt to balance the state budget,
passed a law that would allow the state to seize $80 million from unused gift cards.
Of course, the lawmakers could have expanded it to other private property not being used.
Fortunately, a Fedearal Judge temporarily struck down the anti-business law.
Gold Drops as Equity Rally Erodes Investment Appeal of Metal
The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index headed for the biggest gain in a month after a report
showed U.S. manufacturing rose in December, a signal the economy is recovering.
Let's see, with the Fed being the largest holder of U.S. debt and other nations beginning
to walk way away from U.S. debt, everything is hunky-dori?
Yes, unfortunately suckers are falling for the bogus equities.
Finally, Please prepare now for the beginning of the
economic and social unrest. Good Day