Satan's Tactic #1 - Keep 'em Busy

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They're starting to think about Jesus
and they're starting to think about freedom
so I'm going to do one of my favorite tactics
for keeping you enslaved
I'm gonna make you busy
I'm asking you to do the opposite, to carve out a little time.
You got a Bible? You're gonna need it
because here at Church180
I use the Bible all the time and I do that because I don't trust myself with just my own ideas.
We're in the book of Exodus and if you remember

Chapter. . .chapter 5 today
You say, also, if you don't have a Bible. Some of you may not have a Bible. If you don't
have a Bible, the bible that you're holding on to now,
i officially now give that Bible to you as your gift from me
and uh... the only thing i ask is that you don't sell it on Ebay or something
right? so. . .
we buy those. take it home and put your name in it and write on it.
and read it. Why would I want to read the Bible?
Let me tell you why you want to read the Bible.
The Bible
is called the Old and New Testament right?
um. Andy just passed away yesterday just to
you can give you an example of why this is
they weren't, I saw the daughters and they're looking for his will because they
wanted to know what his intentions were right? What are we gonna do with him?
and they knew he didn't want a memorial and they knew we didn't want
uh... he wanted to be cremated. They knew all this because his will was written down
in this document
we have this document right here
because this tells us what God's will is okay? This is God's will
You say, "Well there's an old one and a new one
so we just read the new one. NO. You read them both. Why? Well, let me explain it to you
this way
Let's say I have a will
and in my will I write
my wife gets everything except for my coin collection and my hot wheels which
go to my son Cooper
Cooper gets by hot wheels but everything else goes to Julie.
that's what i have in my
testament my last will and testament.
but then let's say thirty years go by and now Cooper has got a kid of his own. My
intention was always for the hot wheels
to go to the youngest
If I ever have
a grand-child
the grand-child gets the hot wheels, right?
The grand-child gets that. But there's no grand-child around now so i don't put
that in the will now.
But once my grand-child shows up I'd change the will
and it'll say now all my hot wheels go to
my grandson whatever his name is and I'll put his name in there
That's why there's an Old and New Testament.
The Old Testament is God's will
the New Testament is God's will. You gotta read the Old one because that
tells you really God's intentions. He clarifies a lot of stuff in the New one because
there were alot of people that weren't around during the Old one that now old one that now
they're related to. They gotta understand it. Does that make sense why we have to read
the Old and New Testament
They go together, right? God didn't change His mind. He just clarified some things and made it so that we can understand
now that Jesus has showed up, now we can really know what's going on.
that's how it works okay
so that's why you are realistic at home and you can understand what god's
intentions are what his will is for you
i love this book i read it all the time i actually
going to college to learn more about this book is great
so here's what's happened so far link in this case or on the same place on what's
happened after this
physically and there's a place on your on your front you can take notes if you
want on your
and whatever you like here's what's happened so far
noses gets called by god to deliver all of the is our lights from bondage now
they're going to a lot of detail why there are bonded why their slaves but
their slaves in a place called egypt
you'd you'd still there and their flights
and they're working like dogs they hate working there
it's hard labor and they've been crying out to god fearing god
let us go perhaps from this these people this is how this works with got good
long time
whatever god's people bissell bayan
what god does is tends to send something bad their way to get their attention
he sends another country n
together beat them up and take their lunch money in a sense and kinda wake
them up to see how we have been disobeying god and then they
well once again turn to god and then got a deliver them this is one of those
dot decides to deliver his people and so he challenges our dining moses
you're likely wiping tears moses because it was really holy
because uh...
says that he had good leadership skills
uh... now
i'll tell you what
you look at laws in this book and i can't find a single reason why he would
have picked moses
here's the history of moses if you can't tell you what you think will god would
never use me
that would never use me like moses he would never use me for anything
important you would never use meeda
lead a bunch of people to christ in my school he would never do that because
i'm too bad
i'm not a good guy
when we eat meat noses here he's eighty years old and he's been on the lamb for
forty years
hiding away could be committed
uh... first-degree murder in egypt
a murder on the lamb for forty years
trying to stay away from being found
because they're gonna kill em in egypt if he popped his head up peasant
murdered somebody in cold blood
god's chosen person for delivering people looking jet is a cold-blooded
murder on the lamb for forty years
andy's eighty years old
you know what you know what
yeah but i'm worse than that no you any
doing worse than that
u_s_ if you're not worse than essendon dahlia you guys look like saints
compared to this cat
any any set
and so god appears to me and says that jesus appears too because it says that
it was
dot angel of the lord whenever you read in here
angelo ordered dot angel the lord of its value to the lord is jesus it's
archangel lord is just to be some angel but seems a little more shows up
is a boyish
but this is not consume but he shows up we start talking about the same moses
this is what's gonna happen is what i want you to do
this is what's going to happen to deliver your people he's in all of the
desert he's eight years old and he doesn't want to do it at all as a matter
of fact he kinda
beats around the proverbial burning bush for about fifteen or twenty minutes
sanaie going nowhere i don't want to
i'm not a good speaker gives every excuse in filing dot gif nance is less
of had enough of this
you're gonna go and i'll let you take
aaron with fear which turned out to be a disaster
so anyway
that brings us to chapter five
does he meets with aaron and here we go
you're going to talk to the peril
says in chapter fibers one
afterwards moses and aaron went to fairly said this is what the lord but
dot of israel says let my people go so that they may hold a festival to me in
the desert already they disobeyed god
i'm reading this and saying moses and aaron went up there
dot specifically told them that the elders
and aaron and fair are supposed to go
all the elders they were supposed to be a group of ongoing affair
does obeys already you just just came in
ever go
and so they see a lot of people gold as well dot says farrell said who is the
but i should obey him and let israel go
i do not know the lord and i will not let israel go
then they said the god of the hebrews who met with us
uh... that it was has met with that is now let me upbringing journey into the
desert arbor sacrifices to laura dot or he may strike possibly plagues or with
the sword
but the committee gibson moses an airing why are you taking the people away from
their labor get back to work your uh... the pharaoh said look the people of the
land are nonetheless and you are stopping them from working
let's stop it with talk this through a little bit
now all these things really really did happen
they really was us leaves in egypt they really were i'd be really did go and
talk that feral other really did have all this whole question
all that's real
but it's also symbolic
it's also symbolic because it's also mentioned that actually happened to them
is meant to teach us about our relationship with jesus
so when you read abstinence
and you see the children of israel
i want you to also i want to see the people of israel but i also want you to
the children of god
or ship it yourself
that is not only talking about and it's also talking about you
it's the children of god it really happen but it's also talking about you
the children of god
when you see
it's talking about a real value moses but it's also referring expanded gonna
teach us
about another deliver his name is jesus
so we want to read this and we want a picture of her things to do
this has multiple meanings here
they're really happen but also has meaning about what's going to happen
with us dot will oftentimes refer back in the new testament the things that
uh... in the old testament to teach us about himself and about our relations
with him
gibber of god that's awesome picture that
that's pictures are deliver
jesus is the second moses he comes into rivers us
injection slavery what would that picture
week are
in bond is two cent
we are in this world this world is not our home
and we are held in bondage by the this world about a things of this world
so as you read this i want you to pick yourself
as israel jesus
is our deliver
and we are in bondage descent and we have crappy dot please deliver us
from our sent who would feral bee
that would be to dabble
he wants to keep you being
three but he said he wants you to stay in captivity he wants you to stay in
he does not want dot to be able to deliver you and for you he wants to hold
you back and they'll do whatever you can do it
okay so i uh... there's multiple meanings i want you to grab this and i
just think this is somebody to start
this is incredibly practical to you and i
versailles that
seemed a fairly gave disorder to this labor rivers
and four men in charge of the people so
there are represented or the double
this really happened and i say listen up
that represents the devil and he is mad because his people are wanting to be
the devils mad because you don't want to be in slavery anymore
he doesn't want you want to keep you so what will he do to keep you
slaves let's see how para decir
you are no longer disappoint people straw for making bricks let them go and
gather their own straw
but require them to make the same number of bricks as before
or the devil is a taskmaster
he's always given us jump to do is always
he's always burning us down with more than we really want
uh... he's always
uh... putting things opponents were white man
it goes on in says let them go gotta start insulting require them to make the
same number bricks for quota don't reduce the quarter they're lazy
that is why they're crying out let's go sacrifice or god make that make that
work harder for the men so that they can be working and pay no attention to lies
then the slave drivers and the foreman when out of the people this is what the
ferro says i would not give you any more stark
don't get your own straw
wherever you can find it but your work will not be reduced it also the people
scattered all over egypt
uh... stubble to use for stop
thus libraries
kept pressing them saying complete their work required viewing today justice when
you have stalled is rights uh... foreman appointed by perils same drivers were
being and were asked why did you meet your quote or bricks today
it yesterday as before then as right warm and wet and appealed the pharaoh
wired into your servants this will happen
your surveys are getting those tried that we are told
midwest u_s_ armored division being but i thought was on your own people
barrels that lazy
uh... that's what you are lazy
this is why you keep saying let us go worship your lord
now go to work you will not be given a strong yet you mustn't
establish a quota
the is right for men
realize they were in trouble when they were told you are not reduce the number
of reps require
of your need state
when they left their oh they found lausanne airs waiting to meet them and
they said may the lord look on new and judge view
you have made a suspense the pharaoh
and his officials
and i'll put a sword in their hand achilles
as well as to take a look at this and and
go a little deeper into what this means
so sterile
represent by the devil
is there
and you've got god's people may cry out to god god
god's delivers then he sends them to deliver his name is jesus
in here it's fair
i've been in here it's uh...
uh... and you're moses
he says listen
we want to be free
and so they can cry out
for deliverance
and the redeemer comes
and he
says hey let my people go
i mention that all the time jesus
seizes people in there in bondage he did anything everything he had to do to free
us from bondage jesus did
he said you know why
let my people go
you've got uh... you've got a folks over here that have drug addiction
in jesus commands and says you know why i'm telling you let my people go
you got the folks over here they got it bother kinds of addictions other kinds
of slavery that they're in let my people go that is his pride of them
and the people want to be free
they cry out to be free but the devil doesn't want a lot of l
the double doesn't wanna let you go some of you are in this room here like i have
bondage in my own life i'm addicted to this orion
in bonds to stand around and bodies for this
and jesus christ let my people go
let my people go
and the devil says i let nobody go
nobody's going at i do not recognize
the authority that is telling me to do that
as a matter of fact ezekiel chapter
uh... fifty three
heat is still filled with pride the devil is that he said i don't need you
anymore dot
he goes his own way
that's how he rejected he says i don't need dot i don't idon't acknowledge your
and so
i'm not gonna let it go
as a matter of fact what i'm gonna do is i'm going to keep them in bondage and
since they are starting to think about jesus and they're starting to think
about freedom under the deal one of my favorite package for keeping you
enslaved i'm gonna make you busy
i'm gonna make you really busy
i'm gonna work you like a dog
seek this is something i found i i was talking you folks couple weeks ago
about altar calls back in the day remember when people would give their
life of jesus it would it wasn't like a billy graham crusade today
where you go up in your meal down it he says if you come forward you'll be safe
never like that
people would spend days nearly in weeping
trying to work through their salvation
like it took time
to understand it really comprehend it took them time to do that
and to truly surrender everything to god it takes time for that you can't do that
just in three minutes in the car on the way to work
it takes time to nourish a relation with got it takes time
to get free
not because you have to do anything to be free dot is got everything on the
cost of rain thunder said
but takes time because
were so busy at work it takes me twenty minutes just to be able to play because
i got so much don't want to my head
i kneel down and all the sudden i got all about this going on about this this
house needs to be listed all the service coming up on all about this op-ed
somebody died i gotta work on it so it is always getting married are not
migraines won a million miles an hour ancestor always the dog and then i think
the dog did i get growth rate up and i i font i was like my wife think in in my
brain you know i'm planet did it all calm down takes me like twenty minutes
just to be able to break dot
deliver me
free my spirit
dot listen
tumi dot tell me what to do today it takes time for that
and this is one of the number one strategies the devil loves the using
doesn't write yours he says you know what
no problem
i need anne do weigh you down was stuff to do
the reason why it you are wanting to be free if you got time on your hands
spent thinking about dot meditating on god
are focusing on god
you have time for that
that's not good for the devil you know what
let's give you a bungee jump to do
let's not give colin all kinds of clients so we have to be working twenty
four hours a day let's make it so busy that you can even get to church on
then slot for work
lots of things
and what's interesting when it closes up
who've been at it
that outlaws ads
this happens i i've got you know you have you get free
black raise you up
dot that since i'm going to free you
i am going to deliver you and you like to spend the time right you get down
and as soon as you do things get worse
soon as you can make your life to christ in this issue so dot i will do whatever
you want and you really get serious about it
your brain and your heart and agreement you see i will do whatever you want on
i'm totally north and completely yours
and all the sudden
like everything that's bad
possibly happens to you
that's just the way it
you're in a battle
who know we usually one of wine
we usually blame dot
will go on
i mean everything you wanted me to do alright
ike surrendered my life blood of the harmonies
i repented of all i said i committed everything to you and not united bad
things happen to me
i suggest that what devil wanted me to do
that was nice seeing you
this is just a bit like this
it takes time to work through things
dot is delivering askin he's gonna it great
pecan forty years to deliver these people
isn't taking a long time
they don't leave dejected ready for havin
they don't leave inject wait for the promised land
they believed inject ubuntu really jack that israel lights
that need a whole lot of work
so many that are women you know about many it takes forty years to fix them
that's where there's no doubt it's gonna take him
thirty years to fix these people
there's a long time disease gotta work at piece-by-piece
it's a debate
it's a real pain
the doc is willing to do it he walks in through it and they are doing to do
but complainant belly ache
for forty years
and that's what we do
says right on to say that's what we do
we complain and we'd only
we should govern the
in your own
the alerts not good i like it
but god wants the for u_s_ he's going to liberty take some time
but the key is pressed to continue to follow him
the continued to could be steadfast with him
this passages about moses but it's allot about us very practical
for me the last time i get out of this
is i don't slow down
i got a slowdown
the devils main tactic here
blurred in them
with all kinds of already burton and was said
let's just make them busy busy busy busy busy busy
so they all had in kind
but think it will not be or at any time to focus on god bill had anytime any
could not have a relation with government that
it just does not work like that
i'd imagine if i tried ever elation my wife like that where i was never ever
i was never home with my son i was never home with my wife not just going bowling
going going on going and i would
three four five six days without even saying a word to him because i'm so busy
our relationship would have problem
little problem
he once she wants to talk to me every day
even when i'm watching t_v_ she was dr
even when i a m
my son
i get home and he says daddy down i'd spend all night rolled around the floor
allied war on the floor
but he wants to have time with me
and dot requires asap high with him
he wants to have time with us
so here's my challenge for you
this is our weekly challenge publicly challenges to picnic
and by commit high don't mean just make a decision then not do what i mean make
a decision then follow through with it
can make it
to some type of final with god
the double wants to basically people you've already done within he's in
february with is not sink and take away the break stay collect take away this
trial so they can take breaks
overburdened and with no work
more stuff that doesn't matter
uh... more t_v_ more football more there's more that
i'm gonna burn you with all kinds of stuff that you like
so i don't like it i think you busy so that you don't have time for god
i'm asking you to do the opposite
took are about a little time
get your scheduling
equal nights and crew carbon out
that time is nobody's but god's
every single day have a little bit of time
dot i'll spend some time with you
this relationship is more important ekeus bien
this relationship is more important
dot what is it driver drive-ins pippa dives or whatever my wife watches
diners drive ins and died
more important than the four weddings show i just latest up my wife watch
the important and that's that
it's more important than
it's it's it's vital we gotta spend time with him
can't guarantee you if you spend time with them
it won't take forty years to change it
no change faster
you'll be transformed quicker
let's play with clay and they will uh... will be dismissed dot thank you so much
for your goodness to us
thank you for that dot
that you want us to spend time with you that you are well your will is that we
spend time with you
and that you were a ball for us and that you can get this of sin that you change
s and make us people that are ready to enter the promised land
demonstrated you and i make that happen in our own heart
law and give you all the glory jesus