K-Town S2, EP 7 of 7: "Till Death Do Us Part"

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JOE: What have you helped out with?
What have you helped out with?
SCARLET: What have you--
obviously, you can throw clubs, go-go dancers all day
long, but it's your thing.
JOE: It's not about that.
That's the only thing that he has to do bartender.
STEVE: Stop fighting.
SCARLET: Then don't talk to me then.
STEVE: I'm not fighting you.
SCARLET: How could you leave him in charge of the cake?
JASMINE: He told me I can trust him.
Are you kidding me?
-Do you think that cake's going to feed everyone?
JOE: It's just for a visual.
I mean, who eats--
-No, you pass out.
JOE: --the cake?
STEVE: A visual?
JASMINE: Just put a smile on your face.

We're good.
-This wedding is falling apart.
JOE: Besides them all bitching about the cake, the wedding is
happening in 10 minutes.
So I just put my pride down and just let it go.
STEVE: The guests are here.
Everybody's here.
I prepared for the best man speech.
I'm so freakin' nervous.
Oh my god.
JOE: The wedding has to go perfectly.
Obviously, for Young and So Young's sake, but I got a
little surprise at the end.
So it'll have to good for me as well.
YOUNG: Even if I married So Young twice already, in Korea
and Guam, I'm still nervous, because I feel like I'm
marrying her again.

PK: Ladies and gentlemen, please rise.

YOUNG: As soon as the door open, it just reminded me
again that I fell in love with the most
beautiful girl in the world.
All my doubts about this whole marriage completely went out
of my mind.

Ah, so nervous.
Bam, let's do this.
PK: Can you put your hands up So Young?
And then just face Young.
And Young, could you put your hands on top of her hands,
both hands?
And I just want you to enjoy this feeling Young, because
today is the last time you're going to have the upper hand
in the relationship.

I, Young--
YOUNG: I, Young--
PK: Take you So Young--
YOUNG: Take you So Young--
PK: To be my wife.
YOUNG: To be my wife.
I love you.
Can I say that?
I love you.
PK: You can definitely say that.
wedding is so magical.
SO YOUNG: With this ring--
PK: This ring is a token of my love.
SO YOUNG: Is token of my love.
PK: And you cannot take it off--
SO YOUNG: And you cannot take it off--
PK: Even in Vegas.
SO YOUNG: Even in--
SO YOUNG: Love you.
YOUNG: I love you.

You guys can clap, though.

VIOLET: Young and So Young are perfect for each other.
It seems like they really, truly found love.
And it's so hard to find somebody these days.
And it makes me hopeful that maybe there's a
future for me and Blair.
YOUNG: So Young, I will love you for the rest of my life.
And I will protect you with these two arms.
I'll work on them more, OK?
JOE: I'll help you.

YOUNG: I will love you from this day on for the rest of my
life, with every single breath and every single cell in my
body for this life and the next life and the afterlife
after that.
I love you so much.
And don't cry.
It's OK.
I'm done.
PK: Thank you.

At this time, we're going to have Andrew Garcia sing.
And we're going to light the unity candle.

STEVE: It was such a beautiful moment, everybody was bawling.

YOUNG: I couldn't have a better wedding singer than
Andrew Garcia.
He just had a sexy voice.
PK: You may kiss your beautiful bride.

JASMINE: Don't mess up the hair.
I'll kill you.

PK: Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Young
and So Young Lee.
YOUNG: All right.
Thanks, guys, for coming to our wedding.
See you later.
STEVE: Nothing more better than Korean food, delectable,
smell the aroma, Korean food coma.
Got you knocked out like a bright supernova.
late night and [INAUDIBLE].
Rumbling stomach is calling out for more Korean food
There you go.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to get
ready to party right now.
And we're going to have a good time.
We're going to have a toast from our maid of honor.
And please, ladies and gentlemen, give a round of
applause for Scarlet.
SCARLET: Since I lost the bet to Christine during the hula
hoop contest, I have to wear this [KOREAN]
But I still look hot.
I met this couple, this beautiful
couple, two years ago.
And I'm just going to say one thing, Young is adorable.
And when I first asked So Young, you know, So Young,
you're so pretty, why Young?
You can have any guys you want, any foppy Korean guys
you want, whatever [KOREAN]
you want, you can have him.
Why Young?
And she said, he's dorky, but he's so cute.
And he's sweet.
And he loves me.
And that's all that matters.
And this is why we're here tonight, to celebrate this
beautiful love that they have for each other.
STEVE: That's right.
YOUNG: I was really worried about
Scarlet doing the speech.
But actually, I was really impressed.
She did a pretty good job.
SCARLET: So toast everybody to Young and So Young.
To a loving marriage.
And we love you.
And you guys look amazing and beautiful tonight.
SO YOUNG: I love you.
SCARLET: So next up we got the best man.
Give it up for Steve Kim.
STEVE: Honestly, Scar, I've never seen you
look like this ever.
SCARLET: I look like a boy.
STEVE: You do look like a Chinese boy right now.
You do.

Is anybody else nervous tonight?
I hate public speaking, first of all.
But it is Young.
Hold on.

For those of you guys who don't know me, my
name is Steve Kim.
And I am the best man, the bestest man there is.
And I do want to stress that.
This is Young and So Young's third wedding.
Who the--
I was told that a great best man speech, you
should never cuss.
But look around you right now.
Where is the moms?
There's nobody here.
But honestly I don't [BLEEP]
But what I'm trying to say is, we have no restrictions, no
And we can do whatever the [BLEEP]
we want tonight.
This is a wedding party, goddamn it!
It's his third wedding.
First, number one and two, if that was more traditional,
like with moms and family, today is a [BLEEP]
wedding party, goddamn it.
Let's do this.
But seriously, on this special note, this wedding is more
special than any other wedding that I've ever been to, and
all of you because, here it is, his name's Young and her
name is So Young.
STEVE: But anyways, let me get to the real shit right now.
-That was an intro?
STEVE: That was my intro.
And so when I first met Young--
YOUNG: Oh my god--
STEVE: Listen, I have to get into the body.
I'm done with the introduction right now.
Hold on, let me look at these [BLEEP].
-Come on Steve.
STEVE: To hell with that.
When I first met Young, I thought Young was
And then I found out later he thought the same way about me.
He thought I was [BLEEP]
retarded as well.
But you know what--
SCARLET: Everyone's looking at each other.
We're like, oh my god, it's so bad.
I'm like, I know it's so bad.
And so I'm looking around.
I'm like, oh my god Joe, do something.
STEVE: And then he eats so much unlimited amount of food.
He dances everywhere.
JOE: So Steve is [BLEEP]
up again and this time royally.
And everyone's was looking at me to save the situation.
STEVE: So Young and Young's marriage was like Korean
drama, except for nobody got leukemia and nobody got
brain cancer.
The thing is every time Young comes over--
every time Young is in LA, he comes over--
-Go stop it.
STEVE: --to my house and there's a little area I call
Young's area.
-No, no more.
STEVE: He never sleeps in my freakin' bed.
But he sleeps right next to my bed and the wall-- there's a
space right there.
And he always sleeps right there.
And then we have--
-Joe, just go.
STEVE: Serious conversation.
And Young said to me, he said, hey Steve--
JOE: Let him say this one thing.
STEVE: I want to marry So Young.
And I said to Young, I said, Young, I was
really planning on--
So Young, I'm so sorry--
I was really planning on talking him out of it.

STEVE: And then Young told me, hey, Steve--
-Take the mic.
Take the mic away.
Take the mic away from him.
STEVE: Go away.
-Take the mic away.
STEVE: He said, hey--
JOE: Just let him say this one last thing.
STEVE: Go away.
Why are you even here?
-You got a minute.
STEVE: This is when Young told me--
this is nothing like Korean drama because we're both
laying down.
I'm on my bed and this guy's on the [BLEEP]
So we're looking up at the [BLEEP]
And Young is telling me, after he made the announcement that
he's going to get married, he's going to propose to So
Young, he already did the proposal.
And I said, I was thinking about, hey, no way--
-OK, Steve, woo.
Great speech, Steve.
Good job.
JOE: Oh my god, Steve Kim, round of applause.
No more [INAUDIBLE].
Let me talk.
Let me talk.
STEVE: Sit down, all of you guys.
Both of you guys [BLEEP]
sit down.
JOE: Let me talk.
STEVE: Can I do the toast to my freakin' goddamn dude?
JOE: Do the toast.
STEVE: Anyways, you made the right decision.
And dude, cheers brother.
So Young, you guys look good together, man.
YOUNG: Thank you.
STEVE: I've never seen any weddings where somebody comes
up and stops the friggin' best man's speech.
What's your [BLEEP]
problem, bro?
I'm the best man, that's it.
JOE: I've been to a lot of weddings this past summer.
And at the last wedding that I actually went to the pastor
actually said, a marriage is not about two perfect people
coming together.
It's about two imperfect people getting together and
working out the problems.
So I'm glad that you guys found each other.
What you guys have is really precious.
And there's a lot of people out there that they can't find
a companion of their lives, so it's good that you guys found
each other.
But I've been doing a lot of thinking and--

I've been doing a lot of thinking and I've been the
most happiest in my life.
I've been the most happiest in my life lately.
STEVE: Dude, no--
JOE: And I just want--
STEVE: No more bachelor parties.
JOE: To know--
STEVE: Hey, no more bachelor parties.
JOE: Steve, just sit down.
I'm being real.
STEVE: Hey, no more [BLEEP]
bachelor parties man.
JOE: Sit down.
I'm being real.
STEVE: Oh my god, dude.
JOE: Come on, why are you ruining this moment
for me right now?
STEVE: Go, go.
JOE: Steve, just sit down.
-Steve, just come here.
YOUNG: Sit down Steve.
JOE: You freakin', ruined it.
STEVE: Like you ruined my [BLEEP]
speech, go.

JOE: Oh my god.

SCARLET: OK, go back to where you said you've been doing a
lot of thinking.
Go back to that.
I like that.
Go back to that part where you said, I've been thinking.
JOE: Can we start that over?
Can we start that over?
SCARLET: OK, start it over.
JOE: I just want to congratulate these two, to
Young Lee and to So Young Lee.
Happy marriage.
And what you guys have, honestly, is something that a
lot of people, like Steve [BLEEP]
Kim will never have.
And I feel sorry.
I feel sorry for him because what they have is truly
something that you would get once in
your lifetime a chance.
-Are you [BLEEP]
Just sit down.
SCARLET: Just sit down.
JOE: So I feel I shouldn't miss this opportunity in my
lifetime to miss out on the girl that I love and the girl
that I want to spend the rest of my life with.
And I know, right now, it's not the best time and place
probably to even say this.
But at least let me say give you a promissory ring.
A promise ring that you would wait for me until I ask
you to marry me.
So you could you take this, at least, Jessica?
-You kind of have to say yes.
-There's a lot of people looking at you.
JOE: So this is just a promissory ring, OK?

STEVE: You should never propose on
somebody else's wedding.
It's so stupid.
JOE: Steve, that's [BLEEP]
up, man.

Jesus Christ.

How the [BLEEP]
could you do that over again, man?
I'm being [BLEEP]
real right now.

PK: OK, at this time, we're going to do a cake cutting.
We're going to be moving this wedding along.
And then we're going to do the bouquet toss for all the
single ladies out there.
SCARLET: Are you OK?
JESSICA: No, I don't even know--
PK: And then we're going to party.
You guys ready for that?
JOWE: Joe, Joe, Joe.
embarrassed her, dude.
What the [BLEEP], dude?
JOWE: I know.
I know.
It's [BLEEP]
Steve, he's [BLEEP]
JOE: I need to leave right now.
I need to leave right now.
JOWE: No, just stay.
JOE: Stay for what?
embarrassed her.
He embarrassed me.
He embarrassed everyone.
He embarrassed himself.
He embarrassed the freakin' mom.
The moms heard that he's all swearing.
What the hell is that?
JOWE: It's Steve.
Did you expect the perfect man speech?
JOE: No, certainly not.
But I gave him the benefit--
-He walked up there with a soju.
JOE: I gave him the benefit of the doubt.
JOWE: He had soju in his pocket.
JOE: You know what?
He just ruined one of the most important questions.
How do I ask her for real now?
This is [BLEEP]
JASMINE: You don't know what happened?
STEVE: What?
JASMINE: You don't know what he was trying to do?
STEVE: I know.
But damn, dude, why is he getting all
crazy on me right now?
JASMINE: Why does it matter to you?
Is this your wedding?
You're drunk right now.
STEVE: No, I'm not.
Not yet, Jazzy.
JASMINE: Then why are you acting like an idiot?
JOWE: Don't leave your girlfriend behind.
JOE: I'm so [BLEEP]
embarrassed right now.
JOWE: You've got nothing to be embarrassed about.
JOE: I feel sorry for her.
JOWE: She's right here.
Talk to her, please.
Please, come on, just be there for her.
As long as [INAUDIBLE]
Joe is happy, I'm willing to put the differences aside with
me and Jess, whatever we had in the past, to make things
right for Joe.
JOE: I'm sorry about that.
JOE: Huh?
What are you sorry about?
JOE: What happened inside with Steve.
That was for real, what I asked you.
And I know it was embarrassing because of Steve.
JESSICA: Yeah, but, I mean, that's OK.
JOE: He just ruined that for me.
He ruined that for us.
STEVE: He ruined my speech first.
What are talking about?
JASMINE: What does it matter?
JOWE: That's his proposal.
STEVE: But if he's proposing and I am--
JASMINE: If I was going to propose--
STEVE: I didn't know he was proposing.
JASMINE: He just didn't get it.
It doesn't matter if you had a five-hour
speech, it doesn't matter.
You just ruined Joe's moment two times.
JOE: You didn't even answer my question.
You didn't answer my question.

JOE: You don't know what a promissory ring is?
JOE: You never heard of that?
Well, now I have.
JOE: Well, now you have.
JOWE: You know how much she means to Joe.
JASMINE: You should just say sorry.
STEVE: Damn, dude.
What was so wrong about the [BLEEP]
JASMINE: I don't know what's going on in his pea brain.
I really don't.
JOE: I don't know, I just felt the urge to come up to you and
have my moment.
I know we've been doing small talk.
But honestly, you're someone that I want to marry.
And, man--
JESSICA: It's too big on me.
JOE: I know, you could fit both your fingers on it.
JESSICA: It won't fit.
JOE: Just hold it.
JESSICA: OK, I'll just hold it.
You're mine.

STEVE: Let's bring them back in.
JOWE: Steve--
JASMINE: Steve--
JOWE: No, no, no, don't go to them, dude.
I'm doing the best I can to keep Steve away so Joe doesn't
tear Steve apart.
JASMINE: Come back inside.

JOWE: Steve, stop.
STEVE: I didn't know, man.
Joe's my date.
JASMINE: Steve, just chill out.
STEVE: I don't care.
Joe's my brother.
I didn't know Joe's was going to propo--
I didn't know what the [BLEEP]
he was doing.
What the [BLEEP]
is promissory ring?
I didn't know you were going to propose, dude.
JOE: I wasn't proposing.
It's just a promissory ring.
But the thing is, I was in that moment, you
know what I'm saying?
STEVE: That was something special for my brother still.
Even if I didn't like him at the immediate moment, that's
still my [BLEEP]
Dude, I'm [BLEEP]
sorry, dude.
JOE: I know.
And I accept your apology.
STEVE: I mean, you know how I am.
JOE: Just because we're brothers.
STEVE: I'm sorry.
JOE: I know.
It's not like I went up there to ruin your best man speech
and all that.
You were nervous, I understand that.
You were drinking.
So even though Steve messed things up, the most important
thing is Jessica said yes.
And it's time to move on.
And I think I have to clear things up with everyone
inside, because they just saw me storm out.
YOUNG: Congratulations, by the way.
I did not expect that.
Everything in the end went well.
And no matter how many times these guys fight, I'm going to
miss them so much when I go to Guam.
SCARLET: It's probably the most shocking and embarrassing
and crazy wedding I've ever been to.

JASMINE: I am so proud of my friends.
They never did a wedding before.
And they pulled it through.
And Young and So Young couldn't have been happier.

JOWE: Should I talked about how I banged four different
girls at that wedding?
JOWE: So what's all this talk about my royal penis?
I'm just going to answer everyone's question and shut
everybody up.
End of story, right here.

Bam, baby, royalty.
you, Scarlet.
Happy birthday, Merry Christmas,
and God Bless [BLEEP]