Jackie Robinson in the Dugout

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in the dug outs of the nineteen thirties forties and fifties it was routine
to call people whatever name you could
to distract them
and if you called somebody a dumb pollock
that was distracting
you called them as they called a
allie reynolds wahoo or scalper or blanket butt %uh any name they could to insult them
to get their attention
they tried to do it
and why was that so important to break their concentration well baseball was a game where the people
realized that to hit the ball with the bat was not easy
or to be a pitcher and throw the ball where you wanted to throw it so the whole ethnic
of the dugout
was ride somebody when jackie robinson was in the negro leagues
he was the most ferocious bench jockey
he was considered a
real motor mouth
and what really killed him
when he came up to the major leagues and ricky said to him branch rickey said
you have to be silent for two years yeah that probably did more for his health
than anything else yeah so %uh jackie was a when jackie was released in forty nine
there was no martyr about jackie he didn't have a martyr's personality he came on
and went after everybody yeah
%uh in fact you believe as i understand it that
the enforced silence contributed to the diabetes and other health problems I mean this was so against
his nature he was a man who was so proud of his race
and would speak up on any occasion that he felt a slight
and ricky had told him you can't do it
and for two years
jackie robinson
had to sit there and take it so when he was finally released
it exploded he and durocher really learned to hate each other
when durocher went to the dodgers the giants
and cross the field
explosive explosions that came out between durocher
and jackie robinson robinson were legendary