Crackòvia - Nadal and Shakira [English subs]

Uploaded by karasumacrow on 10.03.2011

Are you prepared to record?
No, no, one moment, one moment. Listen, Shakira, people will see this in Manacor, right?
Well, of course, my love. This is a video clip, people everywhere will see this.
I can't do it. I'm sorry. Shakira, if you want I'll show you an ace or whatever you want, but I really can't stand close ups.
Oh, come on, Rafa.
Look, no, man, no! Don't say "but Rafa." Really, I liked "Whenever, Wherever" better.
Yes, woman, that thing from "Whenever, Wherever" that went . . .
You want me to do a sexy video
But I'm really more a tennis guy
And you hoped I would act like Clooney
But I couldn't control my penis
Maybe Federer could do it!
Don't fear, tennis player
I'm a specialist
This is a promo video clip
I'll make you an artist
Shakira, my darling
I could lose my life
If this arrives in the islands, look what Xisca would say