Max's Famous Green Drink Recipe - Green Smoothie

Uploaded by BigVisionShow on 26.12.2012

In this episode of The Big Vision Show I'm taking you inside my home.
Hey there, I'm Max Simon and welcome to The Big Vision Show. This is all about how
you can reach more people and thrive financially.
Now, in today's episode we're going to do something a little different. You see,
people always ask me what are my personal routines? What are the extra unique things
that I do in order to keep myself really healthy and vibrant and alive so that I can show up
fully in my business?
You see, so many people don't realize that one of the greatest strengths that they have
in their business is them. And so if you don't have the necessary levels of vibrancy, of
energy, of clarity, of ability to really show up powerfully it doesn't really matter how
smart or strategic you are -- none of it's going to really land impact-fully in the people
you're trying to serve.
Now if you're new to my world you'll know that one of my most famous secrets is my morning
green drink, my morning smoothie. And today I figured I would actually take you in my
kitchen and we would make one together. You ready? They're quite delicious and interesting.
So here we go.
The first thing that you need is, I like to use nut milks which are non-dairy forms of
milk. So this is an organic almond milk; you can use a rice milk, you can use a hemp milk,
even soy milk can work for you. So add about half of your cup of almond milk, and I like
to use the vanilla one just because it gives it a nice little flavor. And by the way, this
little contraption is called a NutriBullet. So it's like a blender but a little bit
smaller and it gives you individual cup sizes. And this little thing just kind of pops off
and screws on here.
So fill it half with almond milk. Then I put in a half a frozen banana. So these are fresh
bananas that I just throw in the freezer so that you don't have to use ice cubes. So
they're still pretty much fresh because they're really just from this week, but
they're frozen so that we don't have to use any ice cubes and that way you can just
use this frozen banana. It gives it a little bit of a sweeter texture. It is a little bit
of sugar but natural sugar.
Then we use hemp seeds which are from Nutiva. We like that brand the most. They're organic
and it's a good company. You can do about half a tablespoon of hemp seeds. These are
a great source of protein; they're also a good flavor. It gives it a kind of nutty,
rich flavor to it.
The protein that I use, and I have tested a lot of different proteins, is this Lifetime
Life's Basic Plant Protein, and the reason I use a plant protein is because I know it's
easy to digest and it also doesn't have a really weird, gritty flavor like a lot of
the rice proteins. It also is very easy for your body to absorb. So do a good full scoop
of this plant protein, and of course since it's a green drink it helps that it actually
is green.
And then we move into some of the more specialty ingredients. This is a vitamin mineral green
by HealthForce SuperFoods, and this is just all sorts of different green supplements and
powders and live foods blended together. So I think there's spirulina and kelp and chlorella
and gosh, there's so much stuff in this. This is probably the greatest source of energy,
meaning this will help you feel just more clear-minded, more focused, more alive and
it really does feel like you've just had a shot of an energy drink.
And then my favorite parts, which is some cacao nibs. These are raw cacao nibs, so you
know, what they make chocolate out of. This is the raw bean that they take and then they
basically dry it and then chop it up into these little nibs. It gives it good texture
and then also cacao is a great source of energy, and then I use some raw cacao powder. Let's
see, I use Navitas as the company and we just buy this on Amazon and they ship it right
to our door. And I'll do maybe a half a tablespoon of cacao powder as well.
Then you just fill it up the rest with water. And if you want to make it extra special,
and I didn't put it out here so I guess I'll leave it out of this recipe but do
like a little half a tablespoon of sunflower butter or almond butter or something like
that. It gives it a kind of heavier, meatier texture to it. So let's blend this baby
up, huh?
It's just about all you need. Now you've got a morning green drink and it actually
tastes amazing. I have one of these every morning. It's the perfect way to start your
day, giving you tremendous energy, a clear mind and an ability to really go for it and
play full out in your days. Oh, so good.
So I hope you enjoyed this episode, and two things for you today: one, if you have a morning
recipe or smoothie or juice that you make that's a favorite of yours, share it below.
I'd love to try it out and I'm sure everybody would love to see what it is that you do.
And secondly, if you want my recipe of my famous green drink go ahead and click the
link below, and because you're a loyal subscriber here I will give it to you as a gift.
And as always, if you loved this show share it with all your friends. Let's spread the
green drink love! Thanks so much for your time, I'll see you in the next episode.
Much love!