Tour of the Americas 2012 - part 3: Brazil

Uploaded by Antillectual on 23.11.2012

Sorry, I broke the snare!
Welcome to the jungle! That's how we were welcomed to Brazil
I'm pretty sure they were referring to the traffic situation
Nice! Antillectual tour 2012
- The usual question: where are we? - Sao Paulo?
- Yes Glen, we're in Sao Paulo. We've only been here a few hours
- Can you put these LP's somewhere in the back?
- No - There you go!
- Thanks Willem
- The red lobster!
- Where are we? - I have no idea! I can't see a thing
- Yeah, it's a little misty..
- Looking forward to the show? - Of course!
- Where are we now? - Vitoria
- Also known as? - I don't remember..
- What have you been doing today? - Sleeping, sleeping, some more sleeping..
Got on an airplane. Ready to play again!
- Jummy jummy jummy! This was made by these 2 friendly ladies here
- You have to wear them, right now - Glen, wait a minute. This needs to be explained
- This guy asked me if I would trade my shorts with him
- Trade them? For what? - Trade them? For what?
- My shorts for his shorts - And what do you get in return?
- Nothing, because I don't need his shorts. It's a weird request, but I'll do it because it's
the last day of tour. So I'll give him these shorts I've been wearing
for 6 days. They smell terrible..
[Portuguese] - I have no idea what you are saying!
- I have no idea what you are saying!
- Let's go? Sleep - Yeah, let's go!