SAS - STEM Video Contest

Uploaded by ChangeTheEquation on 23.11.2010

-I'm lucky enough and fortunate enough to work with a leader in analytics.
-I couldn't imagine working for the number one company in the US.
-We're all trying to produce software so that people can use it to better the world in so
many different ways. -And it feels good to know that people all
over the world are benefitting from what we do.
-We've got banking and pharma, we've got scientists. -So right now, I'm working on a bank fraud
project. -I'm helping to keep bad guys off the streets.
-Yeah, sorta like Tom Cruise in Minority Report. We just don't have those cool, holographic
computer screens. -So I work on iPhone, Blackberry and iPad
development. -Tracking the climate and climate change.
-Educational technology. -Credit card fraud.
-Cancer research. -iPhone applications.
-An improved and sustained power grid in the US.
-And the software is going to help them do things that they haven't been able to do before.
-It's really gratifying to know that we're making a difference.
-Data is data. It tells you different things in different industries. But at the end of
the day you kinda have to get close to it to understand it. And that's how you can get
results out of it. -It's working on things that everyone uses
in every facet of their life. -Technology has become a part of what we all
are. -It's not going anywhere.
-There's always going to be jobs out there for people who have the skills to do things
that a lot of people can't. -So much of today's innovation relies on understanding
science, engineering, and mathematics. -Doing graphics for games is all linear algebra.
-So both your creative part of the brain gets satisfaction, but also your science side of
the brain. -I think women, young girls, should definitely
go into the STEM area. -I would recommend it to anyone. And especially
girls. -It's kinda nice being in the minority, because
all of the guys are going to fight over you because there are so few of you.
-Allow me where I wanted to go, exactly what I wanted to work in.
-The whole world is run on computers, phones. -More opportunities.
-And it pays good. -Higher pay.
-We're doing alright, you know. -Do it because it's cool.
-To me it's why would you not? -I graduated during one of the worst economic
times. It was pretty hard to find a job at that time that I had no trouble.
-Actually I had the job before I graduated. -A month.
-I actually got an offer before I finished school.
-Negative three years. -Talk about stress-free finals.
-There were tons of opportunities for me. -Boundless.
-I don't think there are really limits. -The sky's the limit.
-Yeah, sky's the limit. -Study STEM.
-Study STEM. -Study STEM.
-Study STEM. -You gotta study STEM.
-Study STEM. Sorry, that was probably weird with the finger.