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Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Loop, right here on Livestrong Woman. I'm
sure that most of you have had a little experimental experience in the kitchen trying to make some
products, you know, that you can use on your face. You know, like the good old -- they
say like the egg and egg yolk mixed with oatmeal creates something or other. Avocado is also
quite good to use on the face, apparently. And what about cucumber? I'm sure we've all
done the whole slice a bit of cucumber and stick it on our eyes. Or tea bags, for that
matter. It's supposed to help dark circles. Well, I'm about to meet a woman called Trece
who has created her own line of fragrances and skincare. Now the reason behind her creating
her own products, we are about to find out. It's very touching and moving. And she has
a good reason to do what she's doing. Now let's go find out what 1409 is all about.
Okay, so here I am with Trece, creator of 1409 fragrance and skincare. You are the founder,
creator of this wonderful line of fragrances and skincare. Tell me how it all began? In
2005, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Well, I should say, she's a zillion
percent great and healthy today. But when she was diagnosed, it just sent me into a
tailspin of what, how, why? I mean, you always hear about this horrific disease. Yeah. Taking
peoples' lives. So, it just sent me into a tailspin. And when I started doing research,
the first thing that really stuck out to me was, scientists really felt that it was always
coming back to commercial products that we use. When you put commercial products on your
skin, it goes into your bloodstream. Yeah, they say it's not what you eat necessarily,
it's also -- it's can also be what you put on your body. Absolutely. So one of the biggest
things that they felt could be a contributing factor was commercial-based deodorants. I've
heard that. That contain aluminum. So, I just went into the kitchen and started trying to
make natural deodorants. I was reading up about it, and reading up about how there's
natural things that you can use in your household. And I made a natural deodorant. And I just
went to my local health store where you can find essential oils of like lavender or tea
tree. And I would put them in the deodorant, but my mom is not a fan of lavender. So when
you say you put it in your deodorant, what do you mean? You put it in a base of some
kind? I did. So you found, what was it, a cream base, an oil base? What did you start
off with? Actually, my deodorant is a mist. It's actually combined of the most simple
things, which is distilled water, sea salt, and that's it. Simple. So at the time, when
I first made the solution, I was putting just essential oils of lavender and tea tree oil,
and my mother was not a fan. So it sparked me to try to come up with different things.
I was boiling lemon peels and everything, and I was just coming up with nothing. And
it sparked me to further research the process of making fragrance. And through steam distillation,
you can actually get a pure absolute of the essence of flowers. Oh, wow. And just herbs,
and you now, all types of things. And so when I first started, I was making things so horrific
I had to like just cover my face and take it out to the garbage. I mean, it was just
awful. But one day… It's trial and error, isn't it? It is. It is. You have to just give
it a go. It really is. It really is. And one day, I finally sent my mom a batch of deodorant,
and about a month later, she was saying "Trece, you know, the funniest thing happened. Someone
came up to me in the store. They were following me around in the store, and they kept asking
me what are you wearing?" "What are you wearing?" And she said that she just told them "I'm
just wearing deodorant." You know. "My daughter makes this deodorant for me." And so she says
"This isn't the first time it happened. I meant to tell you that." She said "What did
you put in that deodorant?" And was like "Seriously? That smells good to you?" And so, she said
"Whatever you put in the deodorant, send that to me." So that's how I started making fragrances
along with making natural deodorants as well. Okay. Well, that's great. So you've expanded
that from deodorant and… Deodorant, fragrances. I also do natural lotions which I call body
frosting. And again, very natural. It's olive oil, vitamin E, nut butters. I also do 100
percent natural soy candles, which is one of my favorite things because it has a double
duty. It's not just an amazing smelling, beautiful candle, but it's a massage candle. So as the
candle begins to be burn and the oil begins to pools, you can actually pour it on the
skin. 1409, where did you come up with the name? What does it mean? 1409 is the actual
address that I lived at when the company was born. Ah. I couldn't figure out what it was
gonna be called, and so why not 1409? And you work from home, so it's like… Yes. Here
we go. It makes sense. Yes, that's it. Now, hold on a second because I actually do have
a body frosting right here, and I'm gonna get to try some. Yes. Let's have a look. Oh,
is this a tester? Am I allowed to try this one? Oh sure, please. Here we go. Oops, okay.
Ooh, it smells nice. Very nice. A little bit of citrus. Do I smell a little bit of citrus?
You have a great noise. Oh, nice. And I can... Hold on. It's really nice. Thank you. She
says as she strips off and starts rubbing all over her body. Go for it. What I really
like about it is that it actually absorbs into the skin. Yes. It doesn't just sit on
top of the skin. That's important to me. So with the frosting, what have we got in here?
We've go a nut oil, a nut butter? That's right. I don't know what nut. I'm not that... Go
on, tell me. I can't sit here and guess all afternoon. What is it? We have, actually,
shea, and we have cocoa. Okay. Yes. Lovely. Butters. And I don't know -- I don't know
what the citrus is. Maybe I'll just go with lemon. That's very good. Actually, lemon is
the top note in the fragrance that's in this, and the heart note is blood orange, and the
base note is vanilla. Ooh. Once you're told the different fragrances that it's comprised
of, you begin to smell it. Yes, yes. So you can probably smell the vanilla now. Yes, definitely,
because it's got a nice slight, slight musk to it. Mainly citrus. Very nice. And it feels
great on the skin. See, it does get you thinking, it really does, about what, you know, what
you put on your skin and what products you use. And ultimately, I think we just wanna
take care of ourselves, don't we? Every little thing that you can do. And the things is,
you know, I always say we're not gonna give up all of our commercial conveniences, but
any little thing that you can do for yourself. It can make a world of difference. Absolutely.
Now, is 1409 something you dreamt of before? Did you see yourself, you know, when you was
a child growing up, you was gonna create a line of fragrances, or... I didn't. I have
to just say that it was handed to me, honestly. Because I had no idea. I always loved perfumes.
And you know, I mean, as women, we love our products. Yes, yes. And you know, so that
was always something that I loved, but I never ever thought that I would be into this. Okay,
so, you run your business from your home, don't you? Correct. And I have to say, it's
a lovely environment just to be in here. It's very warm and friendly, and it smells delicious.
It smells lovely. Thank you. And so if people wanna buy your product, you can purchase it
online at your website, correct? Yes, correct., wonderful. So as
someone who has started her own business. Yes. What would you say to any women out there
who, you know, is about to attempt it or wants to but is scared to make that step forward
into, you know, starting her own business? What would you say? I say do it. You have
to do it. You have to just do it. It's like a face the fear and do it anyway? Absolutely.
It is kind of scary, isn't it? Absolutely. Especially if you're, you know, you put certain
things on the line. You make certain sacrifices. You might even have to put some of your own
money into it to move forward. If you just take one step, you just find that it's so
much easier to take the second step. Yes. And you know, when you're able to create something
and share it with someone, it just -- it gives you that momentum. So just do it. Well, thank
you for sharing this information with us today. And I'm pleased to know that your mom is,
like you say, a 110 percent well. Yes, healthier than me with more energy than me. That's great.
Because that's another thing. T'hat's what life's about, isn't it? Ultimately it's family,
friends, love, connection, communication. It's everything. Wellness. That's right. Health,
right? That's right, that's right. And great body products. Absolutely. Well, thank you
once again. T'hank you. And thank you for watching. We'll see you all very, very soon
right here on The Loop on Livestrong Woman. Once again, thank you Trece for letting us
come into your wonderful, soothing, calm home. But ladies, for you viewers out there, Trece
has given us a massage candle to give away. So one of you lucky ladies is gonna be getting
one of these massage candles that, you know, burn. I don't know if you -- I wasn't even
aware of a massage candle. Basically, as you burn it, the oil, you know, melts down, and
then you can use the oil for massage. I think that's fantastic. So here's what you have
to do: In order to be a contender and win this fabulous prize, we would like you to
share your comments, and give us some of your feedback on some home remedies that you have
created yourself, and you have found that works for you. I'd love to hear about it,
and I'll be sharing the comments at a later date. So good luck. Comment away below this
video, right now. Okay, on that note, I think it's time for me to round this up. I think
I should just stop, okay? I look forward to seeing you all next week, ladies. Bye.