Great Little Aquaponics System 4

Uploaded by woodfirepower on 09.11.2012

Hi this is Ross at Woodfirepower,
and this is an update on the great
little aquaponic system
this system is a very simple, two barrel
payroll system one barrel cut in half to create
two grow beds, and another barrel above
cut differently to create a flood drain cycle.
In this system
everything you see growing is being fed by the
eleven koi fish
in the lower tank
including that huge marigold which we've
contemplated tearing out but it just keeps on creating great flowers so
it's still here
We're into November now
and we've had a lot of rains and cold snaps
for several weeks. Today happens to be sunny so it's a nice day to do filming
But what's interesting is how well this system is doing.
I don't know if we can see the fish in here or not. Maybe you can, maybe not
Here's a nice great big bok choy
These are some huge leaves being taken off (to eat), much larger than my hand
And that's been feeding the dinner table. Here's a Napa (Chinese) cabbage, all nice and big and full, some kale......
Back there is a broccoli head starting
Here are some beets.
And the onions are getting really huge.
This is as large as my thumb, and they'll get a lot larger.

and here's a nice
head of.......
cauliflower coming up,
along with some beets, and more beets over there.
So, the system is doing great and it's actually growing
the plants better than our larger new system which is not surprising because
this is a couple year old
aquaponics system so it has
acquired a lot of bacteria and microbes that
are helping it perform better
so there's an update and I think we are about
two months
after planting but we've had about three weeks of really cold
sunless weather, so it's pretty amazing that it's doing this
and it's even more amazing the Marigolds are blooming like this
most people's Marigolds are pretty much dead by now
That's your update for today on the Great Little Aquaponics System