Google+ Community Highlights, Summer 2012

Uploaded by Google on 24.08.2012


JAMIE OLIVER: I can see all of you guys from all around the
world who are in the Hangout today.
I can't wait to talk to every single one of you.
ANDERSON COOPER: Another edition of
360 at 10:00 PM Eastern.
Thursday, we hope you'll watch the 360 Google+ Hangout.
MALE SPEAKER: Welcome to our first ever
AC360 Google+ Hangout.
It's basically like a low-budget version of the
situation room or something like that.
FEMALE SPEAKER: We have an abiding interest in democracy
and respect for human rights.
TIGER WOODS: I've never heard anything like I heard at the
2012 Bethpage with all the New York fans.
It felt like being at a Yankee game.
JAMES VALENTINE: We opened up for the Rolling Stones.
Mick was amazing.
He was-- really , that's why he's--
BAN KI MOON: New technologies are now
making things possible.
And thanks to everyone at Google, I'm able to be
connected with all the young leaders around the world.
JON CARSON:Hi, everyone.
Welcome to our White House Google Hangout.
So excited to have you all following us live today.
CLAY MATHEWS: What's up, everyone?
CLAY MATHEWS: I want to welcome everyone.
Thank you for coming.
MALE SPEAKER; By the way, beat the Cowboys.
ROBERT GRIFFIN III: There you go, baby.
MALE SPEAKER: We're thrilled that you're the new
quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts.
ANDREW LUCK: I'm so excited, man.
BETH NIELSON CHAPMAN: Do you want me to do the whole song?
DEEPAK CHOPRA: Oh, well, this is our Hangout.
We can do what we want.
MALE SPEAKER:We know that you have a reputation as an
eccentric sports owner and you're definitely a media--
MARK CUBAN: Seriously?
BOB SCHIEFFER: This week's "Face the Nation's" Google
Hangout was all about women voters.
Norah O'Donnell hosted.
NORAH O'DONNELL: Who can stimulate the economy?
ED LEE: This is a little new.
It's our first virtual town hall.
We want to bridge those gaps for everyone.
We want to get rid of the technological divide.
FAWN: Jay Manuel.
FAWN: You do makeup.
You do fashion.
You do photography.
You guys, he does everything.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Do you think Mount Everest differs from
other mountains?
FEMALE SPEAKER: This kind of of climbing, I think, is
definitely more of a team sport.
MALE SPEAKER: Oh, oh, my God, no.
Next song.
MALE SPEAKER: Can everybody put on their hair?
CONAN O'BRIEN: That's horrific.
You guys have the greatest technology at your fingertips.
You can put an orange mollusk on everyone's head.
JAMIE OLIVER: WIth technology like this, it's about bringing
the world closer together and trying to make a difference.