Ambassador Magma - Full Episode 13 (Official & HQ Subtitles)

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Gam, Magma
Magma... How come this...
"How come"? What do you mean "how come"?
Magma's not invincible. He can also get hurt. Besides...
Besides, he can also die...
Magma... What did you think of us robots?
Have you just considered us a mere machine?
That's not...
That's not true.
I'm sorry. Sorry, Magma.
Even after watching you fight at the risk of your own life, I...
I... I...
You are a true earthling, Magma.
You are a true earthling, who tried to
protect the earth at the risk of your life.
Would you come with me, Gam? Gam?
The fight is not over yet.
In the end, I only thought about myself.
I considered Magma a mere power I received from Earth.
Now how do I have to fight?
Is earth really trying to destroy all mankind?
There's no way.
You are a grown-up already.
You know what you have to do.
I will come and meet you no matter what.
Are you going to go by yourself, Mamoru?
I think it would be better for you to ride me.
Earth, hold it for a second.
I will get rid of all that dirty mankind
who has nested in you.
You will find your original beauty again
and shine forever.
For me alone.
It hurts. Hey, are you all right?
Now it will be fine. Don't worry.
Don't push yourself too much, Sayaka.
Then, I will join the seniors. Um, well... Sayaka.
No, nothing.
Sekita Junya. Yeah?
Be careful. Okay.
Mom, Mom- Are you all right?
We were only able to run away to this place.
Kid, over here.
Goa, how far are you going to go?
Dang it, so we have no right to survive?
Earth, please answer me.
Run away, kid.
Run, run, run! And su
We can only survive on this planet.
Even though the earth rejects us...
Let's go, Mamoru, t
o defeat Goa.
Now it's over.
Mankind is destined to be destroyed.
Destiny isn't such a light thing to talk about.
Anyhow, we have no chance to win.
Don't be afraid of results. If you throw your beliefs away, th
en it's really over.
And that's what Goa wants.
When you said that the earth might have called Goa in,
I agreed with you. However...
even if mankind were to b
e destroyed by Goa,
we don't know for sure whether that was truly a will of the earth.
Everyone's fighting desperately,
to protect their one and only life.
That's right, Mamoru.
If you are with me here, I feel reassured more than anyone.
Gam. Shall we go, Gam?
Kill those sly men. Destroy the
human world.
Earth, my dear planet, be pat
ient for a while.
You will be able to recover your beauty. And that will be through my power.
Sir Goa, this... How prideful. Get rid of it.
Yes, sir.
Gam, I don't have a
ny power.
But Gam, no matter what happens, I'm with you.
Mamoru, I'm glad I could be with you. Huh?
Since you were here, I was able to be born.
People say both mom and child are precious.
I didn't understand that phrase, but now I do.
Magma's not here anymore, bu
t thank you
for teaching me such precious emotion, Mamoru.
Are you all right, Gam? Do you think you can go?
I'm going to go, Mamoru.
To protect the earth Magma, my dad, tried to protect.
Sir Earth,
Go, Moll.
Go help Gam and Mamoru.
Yes, sir.
Goa, how come do you not understand the will of the earth?
The merciful heart of the earth.
Foolish Goa.
Move away. Don't interrupt me.
Dang it... I can't even reach the place where Goa is.
As expected, can I not defeat Goa without my dad's help?
Is it impossible for us to do that?
Gam, leave this to me. You sh
ould go to Goa.
Mom. Mamoru, we will charge.
All right.
Little one, you've finally reached. I will give you a reward for that effort.