Interview Robby Valentine Bij Radio Enkhuizen

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On the phone we now finally have: Robert! Hi Robert!
Hi Peter, how are you doing?
Yes I'm doing great. From what I've heard you're doing great too? You are going to do
pretty cool things, I think?
Yeah tomorrow I'll be perfoming on the Queen Convention, I think that's pretty cool, yeah.
And while we're at it... On that day you will also release your second Queen Tribute album,
right? Yes, that's true.
It's almost turning into a series.
Haha yes. -- Actually, it's because... last year, the head of the Dutch Queen Convention,
Hannie Roggeveen, asked me to perform 45 minutes. And I thought: If I do it, I want to do it
the best way I can. So I then had to record my own backingtracks as I didn't want to use
a Queen Karaoke CD and just sing to them. That would have been rather cheap... But it
was such an amount of work (making the backing tapes), and I thought it sounded awesome,
so I decided to turn it into a full CD. It would have been a shame just to use it as
backing tapes I would just sing, and play piano and guitar to.
And so this year, since last year turned out to be a real success, they asked me to perform
again, but this time instead of 45 minutes a two hour set. And I had so much fun doing
the show last year, so yeah... So I thought, it would be very cool... but I had to work
very hard yet again.
You had to add some music to it then, because two hours is quite some time...
Exactly, so I recorded 10 songs extra (11). So again I had to lock myself up in the studio.
Oh well...
Anyway, you do all your recording yourself... but of course it's not the case that we see
six 'Valentines' on the stage? There's still only one... Do you take some guest musicians?
Or will you do it with backingtracks again?
Yeah I'll do it with backingtracks again. At first my plan was to do it with at least
a drummer. But it's for just one or two shows hardly doable. Financially, but also to rehease.
I mean, it's not the easiest music for a band to master/do justice. And a band would spend
months rehearsing, that's just not doable.
So maybe you will expand the instruments you play in the show? Grand Piano, Synths AND
Well...I do it myself. Every now and then I take the guitar (for instance). But no guest
musicians. I do have a guest vocalist: Peter Strykes, van LA The voices.
Oh that's nice. -And my finance: Marlies, is coming to sing a couple of songs.
It will be show with a reasonable variety. Sounds like great fun. It's a shame I won't
be there... -You wont?! What a shame...
No No... That's not possible. Oh
Now you mention Peter Strykes, and LA the Voices... Through the grapevine I've heard
that you have written a sing for them? -No that's not true... Because eh...
Oh what a shame..
No, 'cause Peter had written a song, and a somebody else arranged that song for him but
Peter thought it was rubbish, the way it was done, so he asked me if I wanted to do it
for him, since the song had already been allected to appear on the album. So then I worked on
it, from AM to PM and made an arrangement too. But now I have heard through the grapevine
they didn't like my arrangement too.
Oh, yeah than it's no deal. Yeah then it's no deal, haha
That's sad but true. They're missing out on the chance to score an extra good song...
-Oh, I believe that song was selected anyway... and I cannot care less about it, I did it
for Peter, he wanted me to help him out, nah... okay, as a friend So I did. But if it got
chosen or not, did't matter to me at all. Because arranging a song... well.. is not
very interesting. If it would be a whole song (writing), it would be a different story...
That would be nice. -Yeah
Well maybe it will happen someday.... Ehmm.. you guys still do a lot together, I understand?
- No we don't, really.
I mean you and Peter? - No we don't
Gigs? - Oh GIGS? Yeah every now and then. Yeah,
that's true. But that's more of uhm... It's not the case that we... We recorded an album
together 5 years ago. We do a couple of those songs and I do a couple of my own songs, and
Queen songs. He does some Aria's. We always make it a very diverse music afternoon- or
Can we go and see that in the near future? - yes, in Moordrecht. Peter's hometown.
Is it sold out yet? - Well, yes. It's not a very big venue. It's
sold out easily. We mostly play 2.5 hours and the show is very versatile.
I've seen one of the shows held there once. Was a hard place to find.
- Yeah your navigation freaks out when you're trying to get to the place
Well, Queen is what you've been doing now, and that's the CD that will probably be for
sale tomorrow? - Yes, it's premiered tomorrow.
And your website was offline for a couple of days?
- True. The guy who maintains it for me doesn't want to do it anymore, so we're looking for
somebody to take over.
On I have a link to your temporary site.
- Oh thanks!
People who want to purchase the new album can order it through the website?
- Yes
Do you still do anything with Valentine? - Yes, I finished a new Valentine album last
year. But I became a father nine months ago. For the first time. And that changes your
whole life. I don' t think this is a very good time to release a new record, with promoting
it and such. And I hardly have time to do anything now. I'm still waiting for life to
take on it's normal pace again. It would be a shame to release it and hardly do anything
with it then.
Ok. So, yeah... Fatherhood is taking up most of your time ' cause Marlies is regularly
doing other jobs? -Yeah but lately she's more at home and we
can do more of it together. It's all wonderful and very new. But music can't hold a first
place now. So it would be a shame to release a record and just let it be like that.
Well forbearance is no acquittance... -No, Exactly
So we're looking at 2014/2013 here? -2013 I'd say. I'm planning on releasing it
in a month or three or so.
Okay! I'm sure we'll be hearing all about it on your website, Facebook etcetera. More
than enough means to spread the word! And finally, do you have something you wish
to share with us? - No. Absolutely nothing, haha
hahaaha, that' s good, do come to the Queen Convention tomorrow everybody. There are still
tickets? It's held in....? - Maassluis. past Rotterdam. I'll be playing
from 20.45 till 22.45. In the afternoon there's an acoustic Queen Tribute band. And there
are MANY things to do there. You can have a look on their website.
People will find the website for sure! Well, Robert, I have no further questions. Thank
you very much for this interview. - Any time, you're welcome.
Till next time! -Yeah and I might see you in Moordrecht, cause
you won't be attending tomorrow. Probably will!
See ya! Bye! Bye