Cajon Lesson: Extended Fills

Uploaded by Rossco9992 on 06.09.2012

Hello once again drummers and percussionists. Welcome to another video on Ross Goes Drumming.
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And let's get to today's video. All right, today I wanted to talk a little bit
about filling over the bar line. So what that might mean is starting out a drum fill
or a cajon fill at beat 4 of a bar and then finishing it in beat 2
of the bar that follows it. I think it sounds really good so here's a video about it.
All right, so we're going to start this off with a 2 bar pattern. And it's just going to be a basic
groove. And on the second bar of this pattern, on beat 4, we'll start the fill
and it will go into beat 2
of the next bar. That fill itself for now will just be
16th note snare strokes. Okay, let's listen to how that sounds.

All right, so now we know where the fill is and how it feels in the groove.
How about we start making it sound a little bit more interesting
So on the last two strokes of that
*daga daga daga daga* we're gonna make two of those last strokes bass tones.

All right so that's pretty cool but I think we should play with the accents a little bit.
See what you think of this!

All right, let's step it up again.

So there's a few variations on that. Remember that you don't have to use that really
Stock standard groove on that. If you're feeling tricky you might like to make up your own
variations of both the groove and the fill.
All right, so now I'm going to have a bit of a play with that. I'll mix up some sub-divisions and see what I deals
I come up with
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